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I'm a Norwegian girl,born in April 1985. My favourite member is Mark, but I also have a thing for Nicky. I started liking Westlife when Swear it Again came on MTV one of the first times. I have been to both Sligo and Dublin,but never been the kind of fan to go hunting down the members families. I love writing,it is the biggest passion of mine.My dream is to write books and get to live off it,that's why I started writing fics.My stories will mostly be 18+, as I love the naughty stories and to me it's easier to write about those things. They relate to anything in my life,and I often write when I'm feeling really down.Therefore, the stories might seem a bit dark.But I love a happy ending,and hopefully my stories will have them as well. Music and writing are what makes me alive right now,and I thank Westlife so very much for making music that has helped me through my darkest times.

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