Are you a dreamer, just like us? Does your dreams include four HOT looking Irish males, named Mark, Nicky, Kian and Shane? Then welcome to our site!

We love Westlife and fan fiction written about them, and we want to share it with you. So start reading and keep dreaming!


Shirin & Christine

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The updates



February 12

Emily -Always Finding My Way Back To You(click here or find it under "Running stories")

Serial fic updated with chapter 1

February 11

Mehrnaz - Eurydice - Short Story (click here or find it under "Story archive")

February 9

Sorry for the late update girls,but here it finally is. Got so stressed out about losing my ready scripted version,so it took a bit longer time to work on it again. I'll be away for the weekend,got my daddy's birthday party and a "name celebration" for the newest nephew going on. Hope you enjoy the updates:) Chris

Erin - Nowhere to go but You Updated with Chapter 9 

January 27

Another update is here:) I've been working on the scripting since last update,so I hope I can update this story every friday. The other story we have here are currently on hold,and I'm working on scripting a third story as well. Chris:)

 Erin - Nowhere to go but You Updated with Chapter 8

January 18

There is finally an update here now,thanks to everyone who's waited patiently for this:) As promised there are 2 chapters up now:) Chris

 Erin - Nowhere to go but you Updated with Chapter 6-7

 Attention all readers!

Earlier this fall, we discovered our stories had been copied and put on Facebook without asking for permission or crediting the writers. We had a discussion about what we should do, and as a result of these actions we decided to put a blocker on the stories so they wouldn't be copied. This means that the only people who can publish the stories from now on is us here, and the authors writing them. 

We want to make it clear that it is NOT allright to post stories on other sites WITHOUT asking the author's permission AND crediting them when doing so. This is stealing, and is therefore a criminal act. We have talked to the person involved, and have told her how we feel about this situation. We made it clear that this not acceptable, and asked her to take down the stories we have permission to publish here. It's not a nice situation for us,and we feel we've let our writers down in this situation. So we are very sorry for this.

We will however not name this person here on this site, as we want to sort this out in peace and quiet. Hope you all will accept that.

Lots of love from

Shirin & Christine 

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