By Mehrnaz

The soft tickling sensation of a silky small hand woke him up, stirred and as his eyes adjusted to the sun’s warm rays he slowly opened his eyes, the soft touches of her warm hand on his bare chest made him aware of the situation he was in, smiling to himself rolled on his side just to meet the sleeping beauty in his arms.
His smile got bigger as he studied her face, the sun’s light shining on her face, giving him the perfect view of her long black eyelashes that softly caressed her delicate cheeks and her rosy lips were curved up beautifully in a slight smile. Her hands were on his chest and her legs were between his. The sun was shining brightly to her body, making it glisten and shine. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and he still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have her right in his arms.
A slow breeze blew and the curtains flew in the air, leaving more space for the sun to come in, letting it shining rays wander around the room and making the diamond ring on her left hand glisten beautifully. Remembering what day today was, made his heart warm with happiness. She’d be all his. , the girl of his dreams, the one he had gone through a lot to get to, would be all his now from today and it was the greatest thing that life has ever given him. took another look at her face, his gaze fell on her lips and the urge of kissing her overpowered him, slowly he leant in and brushed his lips on hers, he kissed her so softly taking in the beautiful scent of her. The slight shaking of her body made him pull away slowly, he looked as she stirred and opened her sparkly brown eyes.
"Morning gorgeous" his husky voice made her smile "Morning handsome" "Did you sleep well?" "Couldn’t ask for a better one" she winked and grinned naughtily, which made his heart flutter. He leant in again and planted a small kiss on the tip of her nose then let his lips travel down on her face to her luscious lips and started kissing her with all the passion he had for her. He could feel her smile against his lips before kissing him back. The two young lovers were so deep in their own world that they didn’t hear the door of the room getting open.
"Oh please" said not believing what she was seeing with her eyes, her voice made and turn to look at her.
"Oh hey" said cheery suddenly remembering why her best friend was here for. She slowly nudged to remind him the situation they were in, he chuckled and started to get dressed, "I can’t believe you!" said still annoyed, "Hey, take it easy " smirked still busy dressing, "You know you can’t be here! It’s not good to see her before…" "Hey have you seen ?"
interrupted her by popping in and asking his question "He’s right here" pointed toward the bed was still in annoyed "Oh there you are y! How did you run away and got here last night?" took a surprised glance at "They’ve locked you in?"
smirked "Yeah kind of!" "OMG you’re unbelievable!" "And that’s what you love the most about me, am I right?"
leaned in toward her and started kissing her lovingly. "Oh please! just take him out! We have lots to do!!!" turned and made her way to the bathroom. "See you love" kissed her quickly before he made his way to the door. He winked and then, closed the door. sighed happily and laid on her back, thinking of their moments, feeling so happy with the love she felt for him. Suddenly she felt someone pull the blanket from her, "Come on we have to get you ready!" took her hand and pulled her to the bathroom, "Ok ok, don’t kill me" giggled and stepped into the warm, steamy shower.

"Look who I found!" announced as he and entered his room, and stopped to look at them, "Where was he?" asked while drying his hair by a towel "Where do you think he was?" raised his eyebrow "I can’t believe you ! You couldn’t last a night without her! Man what are you? You’d have every night by her from today!" "I really can’t wait for that!" smiled while grabbing a towel and stepping into the bathroom. "You’re unbelievable !" The lads shook their heads and laughed.
took a look at the trees surrounding them, he could see the sun shining throw the leaves, letting its light to lighten as much space as possible. He looked at the line of the chairs and then to the big lovely altar, made of the white and red roses where he’d be marrying the love of his life in a few minutes. He smiled to himself, he couldn’t feel happier than he already was. A hand tapped softly on his shoulder and he turned to look at his father, his eyes gleaming with pride, he held him tightly,
"It’s time to go, she’s here"
smiled and walked to his place, his band mates followed him and took their place beside him. With a loving smile on his face he waited for his bride to step in. the music started playing and started walking to the isle with flowers in her hands, followed by 3 other bridesmaids, everyone stood up as appeared dressed beautifully in white with a bouquet of white and pink roses in her hand and taking her father’s hand. was stunned by her beauty and his eyes were glistening from the happy tears. From behind her veil made eye contact with him and smiled lovingly. She was so drowned to him that didn’t see a viper beside her step, suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her leg and her bright day turned dark.
It was like everything happened in slow motion, in front of ‘s shocked eyes, his beauty fell on the ground, everyone ran to her, shouting her name, he didn’t understand when his legs allowed him to run to her, he couldn’t hear peoples shouts and cries, he didn’t see calling for help, he didn’t know how he reached to her, fell behind her, he didn’t see her beautiful shining eyes open anymore…


couldn’t hear the cries beside him, he couldn’t hear anything at all, his eyes were unable to see everyone and everything but a coffin disappearing under the ground, he couldn’t feel his mum hugging him tightly, crying softly. He couldn’t feel the soft caress of the raindrops on his face. It was like his heart had stopped beating, it was like he was dead, it was like it was him in that coffin, disappearing under the ground. He looked at it, he still couldn’t believe his precious love was gone, he looked everywhere, looking for her, she must’ve been somewhere around here, she definitely was. His eyes searching everywhere, his heart craving for her, all of the parts of his body burning for her touch.
Where was she? Was she beside ? Yes, she must be there. Slowly he walked to , putting his hand on her shoulder, making her look at him. All he saw in her face was tears and pain, "Have you seen ?" He asked softly, looked at him with painful eyes and then hugged him tightly, "I’m sorry , she’s gone." She sobbed in his shoulders. looked at the coffin that was now covered with mud.
No she couldn’t be here, she was somewhere else he knew. He felt the slight shaking of ’s body against his, his heart ached as he looked around and didn’t find her but saw everyone crying. When his eyes fell on her parents hugging and softly crying, the aching got worse, no it couldn’t be her, she wasn’t gone, he still didn’t want to believe that but his mind cried out loud, the pain got worse. He felt his eyes burn and he closed them firmly, when he opened them again a warm teardrop fell on his cold cheek, following by the second and the third and…
For days and nights sat in his house, thinking, drinking and crying. He refused to let anyone stay with him, he didn’t answer the phone, and he didn’t leave the house. He wasn’t willing to live anymore, his life, his wishes, everything he had, had died and buried under the ground with her.
looked around the house, everything reminded him of her. He sniffed, her scent was still in the air, his gaze fell on the frames on the wall, all of them somehow showed them happy couple. Her smile was so real, felt so alive. felt fresh warm tears streaming down his cheeks. Why did she leave him alone?? Why couldn’t they stay that happy anymore? How he was going to live without her? His heart was aching badly. God he missed her so much. He needed her so much…
He made his way to the bedroom and fell on the bed, he cuddled her pillow, her scent was still fresh, like she had slept on it recently. It was like a dragger went through his heart, the pain got worse. No one was there to witness the broken man crying his heart out over his love, no one heard his sobs in her pillow in the middle of the dark night.
cried himself to sleep, as soon as his eyes closed his heart calmed down, he drowned in the endless world of dreams where he could be happy with his angel.


made his way through the graves till he reached his destination. He sat in front of fresh mud, laying his eyes on the stone that had her name craved on it. He looked at her grave, this was where her precious body was laying in, for good. put his hands on it, as soon as he started talking to her the tears streamed down. "Why did you go without me ? How am I supposed to live from now?"
He sobbed so hard. His heart ached. He couldn’t bear the life without her. His life was meaningless. The sun disappeared and the moon showed up. He was still there, thinking of her, crying for her. He didn’t want to leave, he wanted to stay there forever, he wanted to lay beside her forever….

The stars shown brightly on the lonely broken man sitting beside her love’s grave. Pouring his broken heart out for her. He had such a great voice and you could feel the pain he was going through with every word that came out of his mouth.
was deep in his world he didn’t notice someone come and stand beside him. When a hand rested on his shoulder, he startled and stopped singing. He turned to face the person beside him. An old lady smiled at him. felt a bit relaxed. Slowly she kneeled beside him. She looked deep in his appearance, she could see that he was in pain, her look fell upon the grave he had kneeled beside, " " she could read. "She was my bride" said sadly "Don’t be sad my son, we all go this way some day" took another look at the grave. "But she was too young to die" he softly said, the lump in his throat came back again. "Maybe this was meant to be" the old woman softly said. "It wasn’t. It was unfair. We were getting married…"
Slowly his voice drifted away, giving its place to his sobs. "I know my dear, I know…" She softly said caressing his hair. "Do you want her back?" ‘s head shot straight, what was she talking about? His confused look met her eyes, she smiled softly and repeated her question "Do you want her back? Do you wanna see her alive again?" "What do you mean?"
managed to say. "She can’t come back, can she" He looked at the grave disappointed, "Yes she can" her answer was firm.
felt a warm rushing through his body, Could she? Or was she joking? The cold feeling came back, there was no way she could come back alive again. Maybe this woman was crazy. looked at her, there was no sign of craziness on her face. She looked smart and serious. "Is this for real?" He asked softly, she just smiled and nodded.
"Do you want your love back?" "Yes" it softly came out of his mouth, "Then follow me" She slowly got up and started to walk, also got up and walked with her.
They passed the graves till they reached a space surrounded by trees, the moonlight shown brightly on their faces. was confused, he didn’t know what they were going to do now, still he was doubtful, never he had heard they can return dead people to life, none of it made sense but his heart was telling him other things, there was a small light shining in it, it was hopeful. The old woman turned to him and took his hands.
"Close your eyes" did as he was told "Listen to me my child, you have to convince them to give her back to you, do your best, I know you can do it'
' was confused with her words but as soon as he opened his mouth to ask questions a warm flew in his body and the air brushed to his skin, he felt light and like he was flying in the air, he didn’t know what was happening to him.
As quickly as the strange feeling started, it disappeared. There was silence and peace again. still stood there, his senses were back and he was waiting for her to speak. Suddenly he felt his hands free, she wasn’t holding them anymore. Slowly he opened his eyes and he saw no one in front of him.
"Lady?" he called out for her. There was no response, he looked at his left and right, there was no sign of her, he felt a bit scared, where was she?
looked around himself, the place looked the same, instead of… He saw a big gate in front of him, he was sure it wasn’t there when he and the old lady stepped there, he looked around for her again, she was nowhere to be seen. His heart was beating wildly, he felt alone and kind of scared. He looked at the big gate and felt the need to pass through it, his legs unwillingly walked him there.

As soon as he passed it, he met a foggy weather. He didn’t understand how much time passed as he walked through the place that looked like a park, he wasn’t feeling tired at all. All he wanted to do was walking, like an inner force was making him follow the path. After some good hours of walking his eyes spotted 3 rivers. Each of them streaming from a different direction but ending up all in one destination, the density of fog above them was a bit more, he could even see some clouds floating there.
Curious he went toward them but a pair of hands grabbed him. "You’re no dead." A husky voice stated.
"Pardon?" sounded confused.
"You’re alive"
"Yes I am" he was still confused.
"You’re not allowed to come here. Why a man with beating heart comes to the underworld?"
"Underworld?" asked, wondering that the word seemed familiar, he’d heard it somewhere.
"Yes underworld, the world of death, where the dead souls end up" was confused, why the old woman had brought him to the underworld? A light clicked. "I’m here to take back my wife" "You can’t" the man panicked. "I can, she said I can" "Who?" "The old lady" "I don’t know any old lady and you better come back before The King gets mad" "I have to see him, please let me" "NO" "Please.." the man looked into ‘s eyes, he could see the pain he was through and his heart ached, after all he was a human himself, he had feelings, he knew what love was, he’d fell in love and he had lost his love…
"Come with me son" he turned and started walking. followed him with no protest. He knew that this man will show him the way to his destination.
They walked through the path, following the rivers. The man didn’t let go near the rivers and he didn’t know why but soon he found his answer. The souls of dead people were floating in the rivers; he accidentally saw them. The scene looked a bit scary but soon he overcame his fear and wondered if ‘s soul were among them or not. "No, she’s passed the gate" Like the man had read his mind. looked at him shocked but he didn’t turn his head and kept on walking.
"I still don’t know why you’re this stubborn, Hades won’t let you take her. Never a dead person can come back alive" the man stated, looked up at him when his eyes also caught a big building, something like a palace. All Made of gray stones, totally matching the environment around him. He reckoned that it might be where Hades lives. "Lives" what a funny word in this place, the underworld, where all the dead souls end up to…
"You know, you’re the very first alive person who’s came here willingly" the voice scattered ‘s thoughts, snapping him back to reality, ‘Though it all didn’t seem real, more like Greek myths’ he thought to himself. "I just can’t give up on her" felt the tears well up in his eyes as he said the words. "She was my life, I can’t live without her" his heart ached, he missed her so much already.
"It’s too hard to convince Hades, but you can try to impress the Queen Persephone and maybe she could convince her husband" the man felt pity for the young heart broken man behind him. "How can I impress her?" asked eagerly. "She has this artistic sense, her favorite hobby’s the music…"
"Really?" couldn’t believe how lucky he was at this point. She enjoyed music and he was a singer, he could easily impress her, a warm feeling flooded all over his body and also made his heart warm. "Yes, here we are now, you should keep on all by yourself. I can’t help anymore, good luck son." The man patted his shoulder and as soon as he appeared, he vanished. took a look at this big palace in front of him and took a deep breath, he had to do it and he could do it.
He stepped closer and after he spotted the big doors, he went through them. He found himself in a very big and well-decorated lounge. His eyes desperately wandered around the room, trying to find any other living soul carrying the name king or queen, he failed, the lounge seemed endless.
"Where are you?" he heard his desperate voice saying the words. "I’m right here, come closer" his legs started to move and he stepped forward, he walked for what seems like half an hour and stopped when he found a big salon and at the end of it there was a man and woman sitting on big …….., they looked like they were expecting him. "So, , tell us what has brought you here to the depth of the death world" the man asked his voice was firm and his face was expressionless like a stone. swallowed hard, his heart was beating so fast in his chest, this man knew his name, how come? The woman smiled softly giving him a knowing glance, couldn’t help but think that she looked pretty, her cheeks were rosy and her dress didn’t match the environment surrounding them, she didn’t look like belonging in this world.
"We’re the king and queen of this world, this is my husband Hades and I’m Persephone" she said that like she’d just read his mind, Persephone, that sounded familiar, couldn’t believe the fact that the Greek Gods truly existed.
"So, care to tell us what has brought you to the world you don’t belong to?" Persephone asked him, "My fiancé" the words uncontrollably left his mouth, "I’m here to take her back with me…" "You know that’s impossible" Hades stated coolly, "I know but the fact is, I can’t bear to live without her. I’m here to beg you to make an exception and give her back to me. I’d do whatever it takes" The words left his mouth in a desperate tone.
Persephone felt the pain this young handsome man was through. She looked at her husband in the eye, trying to persuade him to give this man a chance. Hades’ face was expressionless, his jaw seemed tighten up a bit and his eyes still had the same cold look. She smiled hopelessly at him and hung her head to one side. Unable to resist his wife anymore, he nodded his head and opened his mouth to speak. "Sure you can take her back, but you first need to impress us, showing us something enjoyable"
felt a bit of hope entering his heart but he was also confused and didn’t know what the God of Underworld meant. Again like Persephone had read his mind, she smiled at him kindly. "Do you have any art, son?" "Yes, yes, I can sing" said without any hesitation, like he said, willing to do whatever it takes to have his love back in life.
"Good, Queen Persephone here seems to have a thing for music" Hades looked at his wife. "Go on and show us what you’ve got."
With a blink of an eye, a big piano appeared a few feet away from . He took a look at it, a bit confused at first, but remembering what he needed to do, he went on and sat beside it. Earning a nod from the Goddess, his hands started to move on the piano. He closed his eyes just so the beautiful face of came to his mind and with a heart full of pain and love for his one that got away, he started to sing his heart out. The angelic and warm voice of the young man, melted the Goddess’s heart. Never in her life she had heard someone sing like this. With every word she could feel the pain he was through, like it was her own. And the love he felt for the dead girl seemed to spread around in the air, warming and melting every heart, even icy stony ones like the one Hades owned. He as well was mesmerised by the young man’s singing. It didn’t seem like it belonged to a simple human, it was more like angels singing. One little song and had the two Gods’ heart captured in his hands.

After he finished, darted his teary eyes to the King and Queen, desperately trying to read their expressions and her their answers. Persephone looked at his husband and when she received a nod from him, she got up and went to the young man. She slowly put her hands on his shoulder and made him get up. Looking in his deep blue eyes, she smiled at him warmly and nodded.
"You can have her back" She said softly. couldn’t believe what he heard with his eyes, the joy filled him completely and he felt like he could fly, he opened his mouth to thank them when suddenly Hades cut in "On one condition though" the scary God made him look at him. "You’re not allowed to look at her until you exit the gates of this world and enter your own world."
He smiled bitterly much to ‘s displease, but who was he to disobey the God? He himself said he’d do whatever he needed to do to take her back. So some more waiting to lay eyes on her beautiful face wouldn’t be killing him. If he made it, he had forever to look at her and admire her. He simply nodded with a sincere smile on his lips and all shown in his eyes as well. Hades nodded and clapped his hands. After some seconds a young man appeared, looking like the scary God. guessed that he should be his son or something like that. "Take him to the lake son"
was right. The young man nodded and signaled for to join him. He took a last look at the King and Queen and bowed "Thank you, your majesty’s"
"Remember, no looking" Hades said and nodded at him, signaling him he could leave now. Persephone flashed a warm smile and nodded as well.
After half an hour of walking, they reached their destination. All this time none of them exchanged a word or even a simple glance. didn’t feel like trusting this man, he could feel it with his instincts, but he had no other choice. So he just followed him till they reached the lake. The man asked to turn his back to the lake, which he obeyed instantly, and then turned his attention to the lake, waiting for the young woman’s soul. He called out her name and suddenly the water seemed to start boiling. The bubbles started to form a woman’s figure eventually and she slowly stepped out of the lake.
The prince looked at her beautiful but emotionless face and signaled for her to come closer. She obeyed and started walking slowly, her long white dress and her dark locks started dancing with a small breeze, giving the image of a sad angel. After she reached him, he tied a scarf to her left hand and tied the other part to ‘s right hand. suddenly started to feel another presence behind him and wanted to turn around but Hades’ words flood into his mind and he remained motionless. Just reached out for the small soft hand and took it in his.
The young man turned to "If you follow this path, you’ll reach the gates" And he disappeared just like the way he appeared in the big salon earlier. took a look at the sky and the faint rays of sun caressed his face. He sighed trying to control himself and not turning back to her and look at her. Sensing that it would get dark in a couple of hours, he started to walk and pulled his girl with him.
They kept on walking. The silence was annoying . Every once in a while he said something, declared his love and happiness for her just to be responded by pure silence. It all made him sad. Wasn’t she going to talk to him ever again? There was a sick feeling at the pit of his stomach since the very first moment he had met the young prince and with every passing second, it bothered him more and more. He was finding it hard to trust that man, his heart was screaming it, and with being silent behind him, not responding to any loving word, any song he sang to her was just making the feeling worse. There was some annoying voice in his head that kept screaming, "She’s not her, he’s fooled you!" No matter how hard tried to control it, the voice started to get stronger more and more.
He tried again, tried to imagine her smile on her perfect lips, yeh she surely was smiling in his response. Maybe if they passed the gate, she’d be fully alive, maybe when he was allowed to lock her lips in a passionate kiss, like one in fairy tales, she’d be able to have her voice back, his would return to him, just like the way she used to be…
His heart warmed up at the thoughts, but the sick feeling didn’t leave him.
looked and saw the gate on his way. He knew once he left there he might never be able to come back ever again as an alive person. He could feel it, and knew it was true. The voice kept annoying him more and more. What if it really wasn’t her? If he exited and brought her with him, and she wasn’t his , what could he do? The fear also started to bother him. He desperately tried to give himself hope. He reached out and touched her hand in his, caressed with love, but nothing special happened. His would always respond to his touches, he could always feel goosebumps on her skin. But this hand was cold, like its owner. He looked forward. He was inches away from the gate. The fear started to bother him again, together with the voice and that sick feeling.
lost himself; he couldn’t fight them anymore. He had to find out, the sooner, the better. He had to make sure it was her. He turned around shaking with closed eyes. Still with all the doubts in his head, he couldn’t bring himself up and lose it. What if it really was her? Then he would lose her forever. But he had to make sure. Slowly he opened his eyes just to meet the big brown eyes on the face of the beauty he knew too well. As soon as their gazes met, a look of horror formed in her eyes, tears started to fill her eyes and she shook her head. ‘s heart started to beat fast. It was really her, they didn’t deceive him.
He turned his head and saw he had passed the gate but…
With teary eyes started to pull her hand away from his grip. started to panic. No he couldn’t lose her, not when they were this close. No, he held onto her tighter, but she seemed strong. Like some forces helped her. couldn’t give up, he took her with both of his hands, but no matter how hard he tried, she seemed to be stronger. His gaze locked on her tear-stained face. He could read her helpless look. She didn’t need words to talk to her, one look and he knew he had lost her all over again. His tears came down as the tiny hand left his strong ones. She looked at him one last time "I love you" she mouthed and then started running back to the dark world.

couldn’t stand there and just look. He wanted to run after her, hold her tight and bring her back with him. But there seemed to be some forces that didn’t let him pass the gate once again. No matter how hard to tried. It was like an invisible wall had appeared on the gate and didn’t let him in anymore.
punched, kicked, shouted, but none of it seemed to help. When he got tired, he stood there and gazed the empty space where she just disappeared. His tears fell freely down his cheeks. He had lost her for sure this time. There was no way back. "Why? Why God?" he cried and kept shouting till he wasn’t able to anymore…

When stepped into his empty house, he felt the hole in his heart getting bigger with a horrible pain. He couldn’t bring himself into looking at the walls, her pictures, her things, the signs of her in the house. He sighed. He wasn’t able to live without her no more. He so badly wanted to be with her. Life was meaningless to him now…

took one last look at his surroundings. He put down the letter he had in his hands and grabbed another thing from the table. Taking a deep breath, turned around the dagger he had in his hand, so now it was pointed to his heart.
He closed his eyes and let a teardrop fall down. His hold around the dagger tightened. "I love you " and with a quick movement he pushed it in his heart. A horrible pain filled his body, it was so painful to breathe. A warm liquid fell on his hand. slowly opened his eyes. His gaze fell on her. She was smiling at him with all her heart and held out her hands for him.
reached out his hands with his last bit of strength. The red liquid poured from his hands. "I love you " the last thing he saw was her stepping closer and then everything went black…

A bright light made him stir. "" a voice called out his name. He found it so hard to open his eyes. "Leave me alone" he mumbled.
", come on, you need to wake up" a hand reached out for him "No" "!!!" someone screamed his name. "Yes?" got up quickly.
"Where am I?" took a confusing look around. He didn’t know where he was. Another look and he found out he was in a room; the room seemed familiar. It looked like his hotel room, where he stayed before his wedding day. But he didn’t know how he had ended up there. "" the reality hit her. He had killed himself to be with her. Was he dead now? Was it how the life seemed to be after death? Where was ? "" he called out again but got no answer.
"Geez, you’ll see her in a couple of hours mate!" turned his head to where the voice was coming from and found a slightly annoyed at the bathroom door. "?" he asked confused. "What are you doing here? Where am I?" he asked confused.
"Are you ok ? You are where you are supposed to be!" couldn’t figure out what he meant. Wasn’t he dead? He was sure he had pushed the dragger straight through his heart. He must’ve been dead! At least if he wasn’t, he had to be in a hospital or a place like that. Why was he in a hotel room instead?
"I must be dead" The words left his mouth softly. pulled a face. "What are you talking about ? You’re making no sense!" he came to . didn’t say a word but looked at him in total confusion.
pulled him up. "Come on , how much you drank last night? You need to take a shower! Can’t have you on your wedding day like this!" Wedding day? Did he just say Wedding day? "My wedding day?" was still confused. "Geez , you’re acting strange. "Come on, get into shower and please stop acting like that. may run away at the altar!"
"What? ? But wasn’t she dead?" asked.
"Oh my God , what are you talking about? Of course she’s alive and is gonna marry you today! Forgot?" shook his head. There were lots of questions in his mind. "I told you, you shouldn’t have drunken so much last night!"
stated and reached out to run the shower. The cold water hit ‘s skin immediately and startled him. "You’ll thank me later for that! Be quick!" he said and left.
looked around. It didn’t look like a world after death, it looked like the current world where he belonged to. So he wasn’t dead and nor did . His heart filled with warmth when he thought of her alive and ready to marry him.
shook his head. It was just a dream, the whole thing was a dream! He was about to marry her today and share a life full of love and happiness together. Suddenly he wanted to fly. He was so happy, he couldn’t be happier! The sadness and confusion washed away as the water ran all over his body and started to prepare himself for the big happy day.

"You’re sure you’re ok?" mumbled softly when they took their places at the altar.
"Yes I am!" answered softly and he caught and giving him weird looks. He looked at annoyed and wanted to ask him why he hadn’t kept his big mouth shut when the music suddenly started to play.
After the three bridesmaids made their way to the their supposed places, and her father appeared hand in hand. was unable to breathe as soon as his eyes caught her. She looked so stunning. ‘s eyes caught his and she smiled softly. Even though the veil was in front of her face, could see the pink blush forming on her cheeks and he felt his heart skipped a bit. He looked how her father pulled up her veil and placed a small kiss on her cheek and then handed her to .
and kept their gazes locked at each other the whole time the priest was talking. With every word said his heart was filling with more and more joy.
He was the happiest man in the world and he wasn’t going to let anyone and anything take his happiness from him. Another look in her eyes before leaning in and kissing his bride for the first time as a married couple promised himself to never ever let her go.

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