Always Finding My Way Back To You
By Emily

Chapter 1

Nine o’clock came early this morning. After the night I had, I needed another six hours of sleep. I reached for the alarm clock on my night stand and shut it off. After laying in bed for another few minutes, I got up and started my shower. I was meeting at the gym around ten o’clock for our Saturday morning workout as usual., even though I would have liked to sleep in. I slipped my t-shirt off and then my panties and stepped into the hot shower. The water felt good running over my body. I stood there a minute or so, letting the water relax me and wake me up.

Once I finished rinsing my hair and body, I shut the water off and grabbed the towel that I had hung up on the rack. I dried myself off and then wrapped my hair up in it and made my way to my closet. I pulled a pair of my bikini panties out of my dresser and slipped them on along with a matching bra then walked on in to the back of the closet where all of my gym clothes were. I grabbed a pair of black yoga pants with a bright pink waist band and my matching tank top to go with it. After I finished getting dressed, I put on my tennis shoes and then brushed my hair out and pulled it up in a ponytail. I checked myself in the mirror before going downstairs for some coffee. God knows I needed it right now and maybe a couple aspirin as well.
I walked into the kitchen and started the coffee. As I was waiting on it to finish, I took two aspirin. My phone rang a few minutes later. “ Hello?” I said as I took my coffee mug out of the kitchen cabinet.
“You awake?” said. “ I thought you would have over slept” I laughed.
“ I go to the gym with you every Saturday morning, . Why would I quit now?” I asked.
“I don’t know. But I will be over there in ten minutes to ride with you. I talked to after you left the club last night and she had a great idea. I think you would seriously like it.”
“ Oh great, is she on her Hula dancing kick again? I swear I will never go back there again, . I mean it.” I said completely serious. I didn’t have any fun with being bumped from both sides by the girls hips in that class. It was embarrassing. began laughing.
“I will see you in ten,
“Okay bye” We hung up and I grabbed my gym bag from the hall closet and put some bottles of water in there along with a towel and my ipod. Exactly ten minutes later walked through my front door. “ Want some coffee?” I asked. She shook her head no.
“So, ’s idea involved a week in Barbados and then skiing in New Zealand for a week. After that she wants..” paused and took a deep breath. “ she wants to go back to Ireland for a few days” she finished in a rush. I stopped pouring my coffee and looked at her.
“Are you fucking serious?” I snapped. “ I will go to New Zealand, Italy, Barbados, Australia, anywhere before going on tour but I WILL NOT GO BACK TO IRELAND” I said and dropped the coffee pot into the sink and leaned against the counter.
“Seriously ? You have been in LA for five years. You haven’t been home one time since you left.” I looked at her.
“Obviously you forgot. I was sent here by my mother because of what happened when I was sixteen. Something I have felt guilty and have regretted for the past five years because my MOTHER took control and made the decision for me. I can never go back there again. My life was hell after that and I won’t go to the place that holds those memories”
“Alright but at least think about it” she said. “ Come on lets get our asses to the gym” I didn’t say anything just grabbed my gym bag and keys and followed out to the car locking the door of the house behind me.
During the two hours at the gym, I worked my ass off trying to get the memory of that time out of my head. But it seemed the more I tried to push it away the more I remembered. Finally I just gave up and let it fill my mind…
! How could you?!” My mom screamed. I looked over at the guy I loved standing beside me and trying to keep his cool. He squeezed my hand. I took a deep breath.
“Mom I…” before I could say anymore she interrupted.
“ You are sixteen years old. This is not going to happen. You have a life ahead of you and I am not going to let you ruin it for yourself” With that said she walked away leaving us standing there.
! !” said and shook me, “are you alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine, sorry. Are you finished?” I got up off the bike and wiped my face off with my towel.
“Yeah lets get out of here” We walked into the locker room and I gathered up my things and put them in my gym bag and then we made our way to the car. “ Soo, have you decided or even thought about the trips?” she asked when we were pulling out of the parking lot.
“Nope, neither” I answered. She just nodded not even bothering to push the subject. I was kind of relieved she didn’t.



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