Mark-New bigining
A new beginning
by Christine

Chapter 1

“I can’t do this anymore, I feel like us buying this house together and having this baby is killing us. This is not what I want at all, and I feel like I’ve been lured in a trap. I simply don’t love you anymore, and I want to move on with my life!” ’s eyes were full of tears, as she broke the heart of the man she once loved.

She met him while she was in uni, and had believed that they were destined to be together. But now, almost five years down the line, she had had enough. She was pregnant with their first child, but that only made her feel more stuck in the relationship. She wanted nothing more than to get away from this stupid place, and move to her country of desire. As a native , she didn’t feel like belonging in her home country. She had always felt a deep connection to the green island in the west, Ireland. And after travelling there a few times, she finally decided she wanted to move there. As a trained journalist, she knew she could always find something to do. Even though she was going to be a single mum, in a country her parents didn’t live in.

“Listen to me baby; you can’t just leave me here. What about our house, and our baby? I love you , don’t do this to me or to us.” The words coming from her boyfriend, Jonathan’s, mouth, was just words she wouldn’t listen to.
“I can leave you whenever I want. My life isn’t with you anymore; I can’t breathe whenever you are around.” She answered shortly.
“I’m sorry for acting so controlling baby, but we can work it out. I’ll go to therapy, I’ll stop smoking and drinking; I’ll do ANYTHING to keep you in my life. I LOVE you, baby! PLEASE!?” He was begging her, but she had had it. She packed her belongings in her car, and drove to her parents’ house. Soon she would be living in Dublin and working as a spokesperson for, what she thought, was going to be an upcoming new management. Little did she know that she would be working closely with Louis Walsh and his biggest band, Westlife

A few weeks after the argument, found herself outside a nice, big flat a little outside Dublin. The flat belonged to the management, and she knew she would be happy here. The management had also given her a nice car, a Sky-blue Honda CR-V, to get her and her unborn baby safely around the city. The flat was nicely decorated, with colours she would have picked herself. A blue coloured bathroom, green and pink in the bedroom a huge and warm yellow coloured kitchen. After walking through the house a couple of times, knew she would love it there. Raising her baby boy and working for a new and exciting company, this was looking like a good year for her. As she started unpacking her belongings, she put her favourite band on singing along like a mad woman. She was a huge Green Day fan, and knew their music by heart. She was in fact an all-round music lover, which was why she said yes to her new job when the offer came. One thing she hated though was the boyband music. She could stretch to liking Take That, because of Robbie Williams, but that was as far as she went. She got annoyed by all of them looking and sounding the same, and she felt like being sick when she heard them on the radio. And even though she knew she might have to work closely with some of them, some of Ireland’s most famous bands were boybands; she still couldn’t get herself to like their music.

Chapter 2
stopped unpacking when she realised the time was nearly 1 in the morning. She would have to be up in 5 hours, and needed some sleep. Crawling into bed, she smiled and soon fell asleep feeling ready for the brand new start she was getting. Waking up at 6.00am, she quickly headed to the shower and washed her long blond hair. She was scared and stressed that morning, almost burning her head when trying to straighten her hair. Instead she decided to blow-dry it, as it was the easiest thing at the moment. Thankful for putting her work clothes ready the night before, she put on her black skirt and soft pink blouse quickly. She put on the little makeup she needed, mostly around her eyes to complement their green colour. Gathering her belongings into her new handbag and putting on her suite jacket, she rushed out to the car to try and reach Starbucks before work. She really needed that White chocolate Mocha right now and also something to eat, as she realised she left home without eating first. She decided to go for a Subway meal first, then for the coffee.

Standing in Starbucks, she checked the time and realised she had over 30 min left before she would have to be at work. Still she ordered her coffee to go, and got to her car heading straight to work. She liked being early, so that she got to know the office and the building before the madness started. Finding her parking lot, she parked her car and went up to the reception. She got her I.D. out, and got her very own key card for the whole building in return. “This is it”, she thought to herself as she stepped into the elevator. Reaching the top floor of the building, she quickly got out and went straight to the room turning out to be her office.

Soon, the office was buzzing with people. Everyone popped their heads in to welcome her, and felt happy for the first time in months. There was even a few of her male co-workers that she could secretly study, when feeling bored. Suddenly everyone went quiet, as her new boss entered the floor. She realised who he was, as she had been watching The X Factor on TV whilst studying in the UK. Louis Walsh, the weirdest but yet cutest guy she had ever seen. And now he was walking towards her to let her know more about her job.
started to feel a bit star strucked, but then she caught the sexiest pair of eyes staring at her. And they were also coming closer to her. She felt her whole face burning up, but yet she managed to smile with her eyes. She loved men with eyes, they turned her on. And the fact that this guy was looking like her dream guy scared her, but she also wanted to know more about him. She loved his hair, the sexy bottom lip, his cute dimples and that loving nose. Yes, she had a thing for noses. She had turned down several men through the years, because their noses didn’t meet her wishes and her standard.

“Miss ? Hi, my name is Louis Walsh, and this is . You are going to be working very closely with him and his band mates, as they will run this business more than I am. I have another management, and this is the Westlife boys’ project.”
could barely keep up with all the information she got. The minute had kissed her cheeks and whispered her welcome in her ear; her mind had started drifting away. It was fighting a battle between getting all the useful information she needed, and picturing her and exploring each other. Seeing her face, Louis asked whether she was ok or not. Sitting down, gave a nod.
“I guess this new situation is stressing me a bit more than I thought it would. A new job in a new country, being far away from my family and friends and being 3 months pregnant is difficult. But I’m gonna try my hardest, I’m not gonna be a quitter.” She answered confident to the question, feeling a bit better when she again caught ’s eyes and his wonderful smile.
”Good”, Louis said as he also told her how she shouldn’t hesitate to call if she needed something. Whether that call would be to him or one of the four boys, they would always be there to help her. Louis soon left her office, but stayed on to give her all the information she needed and to help her get started on her work.


Chapter 3

“So, you like Dublin and Ireland so far?” She smiled and nodded to ’s question.
“I’ve been here on holidays quite a few times, so I knew I would love it here straight away.” answered the question, hoping he wouldn’t hear the trembling in her voice. She was nervous, but wasn’t about to let him know that. Being stuck with him alone in her office, she felt like a stupid teenager again.
“Have you now, where abouts in Ireland have you been then?” Looking at him, she thought she saw a little teasing smile. It was just as he’d read her mind and knew what she was thinking and feeling.
“Out and about, been to a few places really. Dublin, Belfast, Sligo, Cork, Port Laois. Nothing special really.” Trying to sound cool and casual, she gave him a confident smile and kept on looking through the papers he handed her.
“Really, what did you think of Sligo then? Did it satisfy your needs as a place to live?” Looking up from the papers again, she just sat there looking like a question mark. What was he playing at?
“Yeah, it was ok I guess. Seemed like a nice place to be, but I’m more like a big city girl. I kinda like being invisible to everyone else and just getting on with my life, and Dublin is a great place to be doing that.” Smiling, she knew she was giving him just enough amount of information to keep him wondering about her. His smile had already fainted a bit, but he seemed to be more and more interested in what she was like. It was like he needed to get to know her every detail, like he was addicted.
“So, when’s your boyfriend or husband or whatever joining you then?” He said, sounding a bit jealous.
“What you mean?” She asked back.
“I mean, you are pregnant and unless you are the Virgin Mary there should be a living father of your baby.”
“Oh, yeah. Yeah, there is.” She smiled, hiding her laugh.
“And?” was really showing his jealous side, even though he probably didn’t mean to.
“And him and I are no longer a couple. I took this job because I wanted and needed to get away from him. So I’m going to be a single mum, after ending a five years relationship with a man who I didn’t recognise at the end of it.” She saw him sigh, and suddenly he mumbled “Not gonna be single for long then, if I have my way!” And the small laugh she was trying to hide now burst out loudly. He looked at her, realising that he said his words a bit too loud and turned all pink.
“Do you always cross interrogate everyone starting to work here?” She asked, with a warm smile. She noticed him relaxing a bit again, and the pinkness had started to disappear.
“Only the ones that is so beautiful that I can’t concentrate on my work.” Now it was ’s time to change colour, only she turned a dark shade of red.
“Mhm” was all was able to get out of her mouth, due to the circumstance.

She had been working closely together with for a month now, not seeing any sight of the rest of the band. Figuring they were busy with their own stuff, she kept working hard and loving her work. helped her a lot during work, but also in getting settled and known around the city. They had already been exploring the areas surrounding Dublin, and he had showed himself the perfect gentleman giving her a helping hand when she needed. The two of them got on really well, but everyone could see that was falling head-over-heals in love with . He was acting like a lovesick puppy, following her everywhere. But still wasn’t ready to give another man a try, even though was acting like her Prince Charming helping her with whatever she needed help with. He even joined her for her doctor’s appointments, making sure everything was ok with the little one as well.
The two of them were really happy around each other, and had proven herself the perfect press officer for the company. Smiling and laughing, they had just gotten out of a long strategic meeting. Sitting down in her office, they were ready to work around the subjects discussed earlier. Suddenly felt herself losing all her colour, and she got this weird feeling in her chest and stomach. She saw ’s lips move, but she couldn’t catch his words. The panic feeling started to kick in her, and she lifted herself off the chair so she could hurry out to get some fresh air. But her legs wouldn’t move, and she felt her body falling only to have two strong arms around her. Waking up, she was now lying on a sofa looking straight up into those gorgeous eyes that now was filled with concern.

“Just stay here, a doctor is coming up here he soon.” His voice was soft and it calmed her down. All she wanted to do right now, was to kiss those lips and show him she was ok. And she could see that he was battling the same feelings. She tried to lift her hand, but it wasn’t moving. When trying to tell him, she realised that her voice was gone and she couldn’t talk. All this was proving too much, and tears were now falling fast down her face. had gotten company by Louis again, and his band mates had also showed up. started panicking again, and all she hoped for was that her baby was ok. She struggled with herself, but ended up fainting again.


Chapter 4

The next time she woke up, she found herself in a hospital. She could see her parents being there, and also her ex-boyfriend Jonathan. What was he doing there, why couldn’t he just leave her alone? And where was those eyes she needed to see right now. She tried to speak, but soon found out she had some tubes down her throat. She started coughing, and everyone turned to face her. Her mum and Jonathan ran to her bedside, both holding her hands. She tried to free her hand from Jonathan’s, but he was too strong for her right now. Her mum started crying again, and her dad had finally come up to see her. The doctors came in and removed the tubes, and she screamed for water when they were out. After drinking the water, she suddenly noticed everyone looking sad. She knew her body so well, that she knew she had lost the baby. Jonathan’s hand started wondering down her hair, but she told him to stop. He looked at her, and she knew that there had to be a reason for him being there.

“We have been talking, and we believe that this move to Dublin is doing you harm.” Her mother said. “Jonathan have been talking to your boss’, and they understand fully that you are leaving them and moving back home with us. You need to be with family and friends now, and you and Jonathan can go back to where you were before this little mistake happened.” started to feel the panic creeping up on her again.
“Nooooooo!” She screamed. “You have no rights to interfere with MY life, I AM NOT MOVING TO AGAIN! Just get out of my room, and don’t bother coming back. And if you come back here trying to get me to go back with you, I will call the police for protection. I love my new life, and will never ever go back to that bloody control freak of a man. I am staying in Dublin!” She told them, tears falling down her face. She pushed her mother and Jonathan away from her, and saw the tears falling from her dad’s face. She knew instantly that this was something planned without him.

She gave her father a long hug, and found her phone ready to call . She needed him to be here right now, she needed his lips to kiss her, and she needed his eyes to save her. “Wait a minute, what are you doing to yourself?” She asked herself, knowing that those thoughts about were highly inappropriate to have about your boss. She found his number and started the call, waiting for him reply. After what seemed like an eternity, she heard his sleepy voice on the other side of the phone.

“Yeah, here!”
?! It’s , I need some help. But I can call you back later in the morning, just get your beauty sleep now.” She felt bad for waking him, not realising how late in the night it was.
“No babes tell me what it is. You want me to come over to the hospital?” Babes, she thought, he had just called her babes. Oh my god, and how sexy didn’t he sound when he was tired.
“Uhm, yeah. Can you bring the other three guys as well? We need to have decent chat, the five of us.” She knew she wanted him there alone, but she felt she needed to talk to all four them at this moment.

An hour after the phone call, four Irish men showed up tired in her room. “Listen guys, I’m sorry for bringing you in at this hour.” She felt the need to apologise.

“This better be good, I’m pretty tired here.” One of them said.
“First, let me introduce myself, I’m and I’m pretty tired myself.” She gave them all a warm smile.
“I’m , nice to meet you!” Smiled the other man with hair. His eyes were smiling at her, and she smiled back.
“I’m , nice to meet you and I’m sorry for your loss.” smiled a thank you, and the haired man squished her hand a little harder to know he was genuine.
“And I’m , and I’m really sorry for being so hard back there. I just hate being woken up whilst a sleep.” gave out a little laugh and smiled at him.
“I know how that feels.” She told him. “Now, I know you might have heard from my ex- boyfriend earlier. My mum and him think they know what’s best for me, and they want me to move back to and back to him. But I have made it very clear to them how I feel, and I just want to tell you guys that I am not leaving this country and your management. But I need some help to make him stay away from me. ‘Cause this is not gonna be the last time he tries to get me back with him, he is not known as a person who gives up without having it his way. That was one of the reasons I moved here in the first place, and got pretty upset finding him next to my bed when I woke up from whatever happened.” Breathing a bit heavier, she saw their sympathetic smiles towards her.
“So, you need our help to find a way to stop him from contacting you?” asked.
“Yes, I don’t care how it’s done. Call the Police if you have to, or even if you have to kill him it’s fine by me. As long as I don’t have to bump in to him ever again, I’ll be happy. I just don’t feel safe when I know he can just show up around me anytime he wants. He has a history of being violent, both towards me and others. But somehow he has managed to hide that from my mum. She thinks the best of him, and she won’t listen to my side of the story. I know that my dad believes me, but right now it’s him who has to follow my mums lead. And I can’t fight this battle alone; I need someone on my side. And I really love this city and this country, so it’s not an option for me to leave.” She felt her cheeks getting wet, and knew that the tears were falling freely from her eyes. She looked around, searching for those blue eyes she needed to see and saw the concerns he had for her.
“If you guys can help me with finding a solution to this, I’ll be forever grateful. I need a new beginning, and I feel that this is the best place to get it.” Was all she could say, before breaking down crying. The guys excused themselves for a little while, as they needed to discuss what they were to do. A few minutes later, came in alone.

“The other guys left, as they have started planning how to do this. We all feel that this is something we need to do, we all thought you were the only good candidate for the job as well. It would be a shame to lose you when you haven’t even started yet.”
“Thanks.” She looked at him, and gave him a weak smile. “I’m still scared though, scared of what he might do to get me back.” She had to confess to someone, and seemed to be the one she had to open up to. He gave her a hug, and it calmed her down.
Suddenly he started singing for her, and she immediately knew she was hooked. She knew there was no way she could just work with this guy, she needed to have all of him. And boy did she know she was wrong, and it was going to be hard. But it was better to be battling these emotions, rather than being stuck in with a man she hated.
“Don’t leave me here alone!” She surprisingly whispered, leaving both of them shocked.
“I’m not leaving, I’m gonna stay here and protect you.” whispered, just as surprisingly, back to her.

They both knew there was no turning back, within minutes, they both had let a few words slip that let the other one know their feelings were returned. They looked in each other’s eyes, feeling their lips touching softly. Not knowing that someone was watching their little secret, they smiled and soon both fell asleep.


Chapter 5

Waking up the following morning, realised that was no longer lying next to her. She moved around in bed a bit, and found him sitting in the chair next to her. He was still sleeping, and he looked so sexy with his hair a mess and those snoring sounds. She called on the nurse and asked for something to drink, and just when the nurse was about to leave the three final members of Westlife entered the room.

“Wake up boy!” laughed at him.
“What time is it?” asked with his sleepy voice.
“It’s almost 10 in the morning.” told him.
“Shoot! Have I been sleeping that long?” Everyone laughed.
“I’ve only just woken up myself.” told him. She found him very handsome when he was that sleepy, and wished they were alone in her flat right now.
“Well, this brown envelope just came to the office for you.” said whilst handing it to .
“Hmm, wonder what it could be. It looks rather personal.” She said whilst opening to check what was inside. Seeing the picture in it and the little note following, she started crying again.
“OMG, that guy is unbelievable. Why can’t he just leave me alone?” She let out a small cry. took the pictures out of her hands, and saw images secretly taken of them whilst kissing and hugging last night.
“Oh no, this is not good. Not at all.”
“I know, I just don’t know why he has to do this to me.” looked at her with a confused look.
“How do you know it’s him?” he asked her carefully.
“Because of the note that followed. It was written in Norwegian, and I know his handwriting.” She answered whilst giving him a scared look.
“What did the note say?” asked her.
“It said; I can see your making the most of your short stay here in Dublin. Be careful, because soon everything will be gone. I forgive you for that little betray, but when we get back to , you will be all mine and you will not be seen with any other man at any time.” Her hands were shaking, and she felt holding her close.
“We will not let that happen.” He told her calmly. “We have a plan, but it’s obvious that we need a safer place to talk about that. If you can write yourself out today, we know of a perfect place to discuss everything.” Everyone smiled warmly at her, and she nodded her head in return.

The minute the lads left the room, she hurried and got changed before letting the nurse know she was leaving. Both the nurse and the doctor wanted to keep her one more night, but knew she had to get away from the hospital. She needed a place where she knew she was safe. picked her up from the hospital 30 minutes later, and drove her to her flat where she packed some of her belongings. Soon they were on the road again, but had no idea where they were headed.

She felt nervous, and shifted around in her seat. sensed her tenseness, took her hand in his and squished it a little bit. She calmed down, and laid herself back to try and rest. The silence between them scared her even more, but she didn’t know how to break it. As if he read her mind, put the radio on and started humming along to the music. She looked at him and smiled, thankful for having him to help her out. Looking in the outside mirror, she saw a car following them. Suddenly the driver started to flash the headlights, trying to make them pull over. grabbed ’s hand and squished it hard, feeling her heart beat like mad.

“I think that car is following us, what shall we do?” She asked with a scared voice.
“Don’t worry babes, I will handle this. Just hold on to your seat, because this drive might turn out to be a bumpy one.” She knew was trying to be strong for her, but she also knew he must be as scared as her. Silently, both of them were thanking higher powers for being in an SUV.
“As long as you’re the one taking care of me, I’ll be ok.” gave a faint smile, before he suddenly turned the steering wheel and they started their off-road journey.

Chapter 6

Immediately after taking off the road, knew it was a bad idea. But seeing as the car behind didn’t follow, she knew she didn’t need to worry about that now.

“Jesus Christ!” She suddenly heard scream, and felt the car stopping abruptly. Looking in front of her, she saw smoke coming from the car. Without knowing, she started screaming intensely and tears poured down her face.
“Babes, are you ok?” asked her.
“Oh My God, we are going to die!” She screamed at him, feeling the panic well up in her.
“No we are not; we are going to be just fine.”
“Look at the car , how are we going to get to where we are meant to be going? We are really going to die down here. Where are we? I hate you for doing this; this is not what I had in mind when asking for your help!” The fear and panic had now been replaced by anger, and she started hitting at .
“Stop baby, please stop.” pleaded with her. “Listen to me, I am going to take care of you and make sure you’re ok. I am not gonna let anyone hurt you again. You are too valuable for that to happen, I care too much for you. Just get out of the car, grab your belongings and together we will find a way out of this mess.”
felt embarrassed about her behaviour, and silently followed his instructions. Once both was out and had gotten away from the car, Mark took hold of her and hugged her real tight.
“I promise to take care of you, if it’s the last thing I’ll end up doing I’ll be happy to do so. I have such strong feelings for you, and I’d go crazy if I lost you.” He whispered in her ear, not showing how scared he was himself.

Soon they started walking, and , being a real gentleman, carried her bag as they tried to find a way out. The sky was turning darker, and it was starting to get colder as well
“So much for a new beginning!” said to herself, not knowing that had heard her. She soon started to get tired, and realised that she also needed to eat. put his arm around her, giving her new courage to walk further. Suddenly they both realised that they needed to let the others know about what happened, and both instantly reached for their phones.

“No signal here.” >document.write(" " + Mark) told her.
“I know, there’s no signal on my phone either.” She whispered back. “Maybe we should just stay close to the car for now, it’s getting darker and I don’t want to get lost here right now. Let’s just find an ok place to relax, and when the morning comes we can start our journey.”
“Yeah babes, that sounds like a good plan. I brought some blankets from my car, let’s just find a place where we can be sheltered if it’s starting to rain. You never know in this country.” laughed at ’s comment.
“At least it’s not snowing and -30 degrees here.” She answered, earning a small laugh back.

They soon found a small cave, which was perfect for their little un-planned camping trip. took the blankets away from , and laid them nicely on the ground. Sitting down, they both realised they were hungry and remembering the sandwiches they bought earlier in the day.
“I’m so happy that we remembered to buy these, as I’m really hungry. I’m sure I could eat it all in one go.” Feeling embarrassed by her comment, smiled shyly.
“We’re gonna need some food in the morning again, so be sure to save some of it for then.” She wondered how was doing this, staying this calm and helping her out. And how lucky wasn’t she, having him around her in a situation like this.

Feeling tired and cold, she surprised herself by starting to snuggle in to . She felt his arms strongly around her, and his kisses on the top of her head. Soon, those kisses were placed along her face and ended up on her lips. She loved his lips; she would have loved to live the rest of her life being kissed by them. And his touches, his hands burning on her body. She started to moan softly, feeling a rush of excitement in her head. Noticing that was also enjoying it, she let her hands run free on his body. He laid her carefully down, gently touching her every curve but not yet wanting to push her in to things. All she longed for was to feel every inch of him, but she knew it would be too early. They had to wait until it was safe, until all this madness was gone. And as they laid there in the cave, kissing and caressing each other, the rain started coming down. First it was small, silent drops. Then it became heavier, and it turned out to be a large thunderstorm. The sky was ripped open by the light, and the thunder just rolled around making an incredible sound.
“Are you scared babes?” asked her.
“I have you here, why should I be scared? Get some sleep now handsome, we will need all the good energy tomorrow.” He kissed her softly on the lips, and soon they both fell asleep all cuddled up in each other’s arms.

In Sligo, three men waited nervously as there were no sign of the two people they were expecting. They couldn’t get through on their phones, and there had been no messages from them either. They became more scared with every hour passing by, hoping their friends would be safe from danger. They sat up all night, waiting and praying for them to arrive. Feeling helpless, they decided to go looking for their friends. They knew the route was meant to be driving, hoping that they wouldn’t find them dead. Little did they know that her former boyfriend and her mum were also out looking for them. Only they knew where they could be, and wanted to get there before anyone else.


Chapter 7

In the middle of the night, suddenly woke up. She thought she heard something or someone moving outside the cave, and moved closer to . She tried not wake him, but failed that mission. Noticing her fear, and hearing the sounds himself, he kissed her lips so they both would be quiet. The sound soon went away, but the two of them still laid there kissing. They could both feel their hunger for each other, and soon they lost all control and rational thinking.

“Make me yours , make me yours in every way you can!” she whispered in his ear, displaying the lust in her voice.
“I’m gonna make you mine, in a way no one has ever made you theirs before. I want you so bad that it hurts, and I can’t hold this back any longer.” He whispered back to her.
“Don’t hold back handsome, let it all out. Show me how it’s supposed to be.” Those words were the invite he needed, and soon they were making the greatest love either of them had ever made. Afterwards, they just laid there, holding each other closely and listening to the silence around them.
“I know we’ve only known each other for a short time, but I have fallen so hard for you. You have made your way deep inside my heart, and I’m gonna be a broken man if you ever leave me.” heard the love in his voice, as whispered in her ear. How was it possible, that such a nice guy had fallen for someone like her? She was nothing special, just an average kind of woman. And in such a short time, was it possible to feel like this in this short period of time? Confused, she turned her back to whilst trying to take in all the things that had happened. She needed to think things over, not knowing that was already in tears believing she didn’t feel the same. He thought she liked him at first, but now he was scared that she had only used him as a tool to get away from her old life. He turned to face the cave walls, crying himself back to sleep.
Hearing him cry, knew she was to blame. She tried to talk to him, but he was already asleep. Instead, she crawled nearer to him and cuddled him. Turning him to face her, she made sure he would know her feelings the moment he woke up. What was this man doing to her? She could feel herself going mad, she knew there were no life to live if wasn’t gonna be in it. She couldn’t sleep for the rest of night, so she therefore sat and held in her arms.

Two hours later, the sun started appearing outside. started kissing , and he soon woke up returning her kisses. She smiled at him, letting him know that everything was ok. He smiled back, enjoying having her arms around him.
“Maybe we should get up and find our way back to the real world?” Breaking the silence, regretted her words straight away. There was nothing more she wanted than to stay here with , but she knew it couldn’t happen.
“Are you sure you want to do that? You know, we can just stay here and let the world believe we are gone forever. Just you and I, that’s all we need to survive here.” smiled at her, knowing they had to return to the real world soon.
“Well, I don’t know about you handsome, but I haven’t packed winter clothes with me. So staying here forever, no matter how tempting it sounds, is not an option for me right now. But maybe we can plan a trip like this later, I would love to be just us alone in a place like this.” She started getting dressed, wearing the biggest smile she had ever had. quickly followed her, not wanting her to go outside the cave alone. Once finished, they took each other’s hands and walked out of in to the sunlight.


Chapter 8

Driving from Sligo, there was a scared silence between the three men searching for their friends. They were joined by their wives, whose tears were falling from their eyes. All of them were scared of what they would find, hoping for the best but fearing the worst.
“STOP!” suddenly screamed. stopped the car immediately, looking at .
“What is it?” asked.
“Look over there.” answered, pointing to the other side of the road. They all turned their heads to where was pointing.
“It looks like someone has driven out of the road. Maybe we should check it out, it could be them.” They parked the car, and soon everyone hurried across the road.
“Look, isn’t that ’s car down there?” ’s wife asked.
“Oh no, it is.” said, fighting back the tears forming in his eyes.
, ARE YOU THERE?” started shouting, panic clearly showing in his voice. Soon, he started running down the hill towards the car.
, what are you doing?” His wife sobbed.
, , ARE YOU THERE??” still shouting, now had reached the car. Checking it twice, he shouted to his friends. “THEY’RE NOT HERE, THEY MUST HAVE GONE TO FIND HELP. COME DOWN HERE AND HELP ME OUT SEARCHING FOR THEM!” Soon he was followed by his friends, earning a slap on his cheek from his wife.
“Don’t you ever do that to me again!” She told him angrily.
“Let’s try and find them” said, and soon they were divided into three pairs and started looking. and were the ones discovering the cave, and noticed that it had been used recently.
“Maybe they stayed here last night, it was a terrible weather and they would have needed some shelter for the night.”
“Yeah hun, I think I recognise those blankets as ’s. He’s had them in his car for ages, thank God they came to use this time.” held his wife closely, burying his head in her soft hair.

Whilst searching for one of his best mates, noticed someone following them. He turned and faced a man, probably in his late 20’s, and a woman at around 60.
“Who the hagglin treck are you two??” He asked, not sure he wanted to know the answer.
“We are here looking for my beloved daughter, she was taken away by a dark haired man yesterday and the car he drove is the one found over there.” The woman said and pointed towards ’s car.
“And I’m her boyfriend and was meant to be the father of the baby she’s just lost. Will you help us looking, we are really worried about her.” The guy smirked at him and , before holding his arms around the woman.
“Actually, we are here to find my best mate and a woman he is protecting. And come to think about it, she’s running from two people looking mistakenly just like you two.” Smiling sarcastically back at the two people in front of him, he shouted at the others to join him. Once they were there, he told them what he found.
“Guys, this is the not so loving mother and EX-, I REPEAT EX-, boyfriend of . They were searching for her as well, and I’m guessing they knew about this place because they were here yesterday. I have this feeling that they may have caused to drive his car down here in the first place. And you guys know , once he is out on a mission, he will never back down.” laughed.
“That’s probably why we found some blankets in a cave over there, and it looks like someone have been doing something else than sleeping on them.” He winked back to , knowing him and his mind he knew he would get it straight away. And he was right, as burst out laughing.
“Ha ha, that’s my . I knew he had it in him somewhere, he’s just let his inner self come out.”
“So, what do we do with these two over here?” asked, as they all calmed down after minutes of laughing.
“We should just tie them up to a tree and go searching for the others again.” said.
“Oh wifey, that kinda turned me on. You being all bad ass and stuff, maybe we should test the cave of love to?” gave his lovely wife a little squish on her bum, who in return gave out a small laugh.
“Dream on , I’m not that kinda girl.”
“What kinda girl is that?” They all turned as they heard the familiar male voice.
, where the hootch have you been? We have been worried sick about you two; you’ve really scared us this time!” ran over to his mate and hugged him really tight, feeling relief rushing through his body.
“Thanks so much for searching and worrying over us guys, you have no idea how happy we are to see you. But you didn’t answer my question , what kinda girl did you talk about?”
“Ehm, nothing really.” suddenly became all red, and tried to smile her way out of the situation.
“Come on, I know you . This is not a nothing thing, what kinda girl did you talk about?” pushed on her, but it was who slipped his tongue first.
“She told that she wasn’t the kind of girl to sleep with a man, outside in a cave on a blanket from his car.” He suddenly blurted, earning looks from everyone in the group.
“Unlike some then, who doesn’t really care where it is as long as it’s done.” answered sarcastically, with a sad look in her eyes.
“It wasn’t like that at all.” excused. “I actually think it’s kinda cool that you dared doing it, if I weren’t as fussy as I am I would have loved to try something out. But I just don’t like the idea of having grass and leafs everywhere, I don’t even like camping and sleeping in a sleeping bag. So a big high five to you, for trying different things out.” She gave a hug, to let her know she was worried about her as well as about .
“Thanks, I hate camping as well you know. And I have a phobia against sleeping bags. But when you’re in this kind of situation, you just have deal with what you’ve got and make it as cosy as you can.” Nicky burst out laughing again, having only one thought in his head.
“Yeah, and you two made it really cosy didn’t you? Sounds like you used this time to really get to know each other.” and looked at each other, laughing slightly.

Chapter 9

Hearing a small cough, they all turned to face the two people left out of the conversation.
“Oh hello mother, how not so lovely to see you again. What is it you want this time?” said, looking coldly at her mum.
“I just want you to see some sense and come back to your old life in . You and Jonathan are so good together, and it’s a shame to throw such a good thing away.”
“Oh, you mean we are so good together when I obey his demands, and when he tries to beat my life out of me? Tell me mother, is that really what you want for your only daughter? Do you really want to see me unhappy and beaten, feeling trapped and having no one to talk to except the guy beating me?” Shouting at her mother felt good, and she felt ’s arm stroking her back.
“Aren’t you exaggerating a little bit now honey? You know Jonathan isn’t the kind of man to do such horrible things.” The anger now took control over ; she’d had it with her mum not listening to her.
“Listen to me now mother, ‘cause this is the last time I’ll ever try to explain this to you. And if you don’t believe me this time, you can get the hekkle out of my life. Because I have just about enough had it with your blindness towards the man you’re standing next to. He has been beating me several times, once I even ended up in hospital. And even though I told everyone that he did it, you manage to persuade them into believing that I was wrong and I had done it by falling. What kind of mother are you, not believing your daughter’s words? Trying to force her to live with a psychopath. Yes mother, that’s what he is. A stone cold psychopath, willing to kill me to get his way. The day I lost the baby, was the day I was free from his spell. I am happy that I’m not pregnant, I couldn’t have asked for a better miracle. I won’t have a little kid, reminding me of a man I hate with all my guts. And if you can’t see that I’m as happy as I can ever be, then I don’t want you in my life. So now it’s really up to you mother, do you really want to stand by a man you don’t know anything about or do you want to have a relationship with your only daughter? I know what dad choose, and I can see the hurt you are causing him. He is better off without you, if you keep acting like this.”
The tears were falling freely from ’s eyes, wanting so badly to have a relationship with her mum but not at any cost. If her mum didn’t believe her, it would break her heart in to pieces. She tried to prepare for the worst, but she knew it would be extremely tough dealing with a loss like this.

“If what you say is true, why didn’t you come to us earlier? Why did you stay with him for so long?”
“Because I was afraid, I was afraid he might follow me and kill me. Or worst, he would kill my family for keeping me away from him. I tried to give you clues, and I think dad saw them and wanted to help. But Jonathan has always had a way of manipulating you in to believing in him.”
“Oh honey pie; it all makes sense to me now. The late night conversations with your dad, where he mentioned how fragile and scared you looked. How you had been saying that you were better off dead, rather than living the life you were living. I’m so sorry for being blinded, I guess I just didn’t want to see him as the person he really is. In my eyes, he was the perfect son in law. He was everything I wanted my daughter to have; he was charming and well spoken. And I just fell in his trap; I guess I didn’t want that perfect image of you two to disappear in front of me. Oh darling, forgive me for not realising it until now. I can see how happy you are now; you have gained weight and are smiling more. I just don’t want to lose you; I’m missing you like crazy when you are living here.” ran to her mother and hugged her, sobbing loudly and holding on tightly to the woman in front of her.


Chapter 10

“So when will this madness end, and we can all go back to where we were? I need to bring you home with me honey; I need to show people that you still respect my decisions, and trust me to know what’s good for you.” Jonathan earned a slap from ’s mother, and a punch in the stomach from .
“Oh my God , are you ok? Did you hurt your hand? Why did you do that?” was filled with concern for ’s well-being, running over to take a closer look.
“I’m fine babes; I’ve just wanted to do that since you told me the whole story. Jayzeez, it does hurt a bit though. But it was worth it, defending your honour.” He gave her a smile, and she kissed him intensely on his lips.
“Oh thank you, my great knight in shining armour.” laughed at him, earning a wink in return.
“How come you are more concerned over his well-being, when I’m the victim in all this? He’s turned you against me, and he probably did something to make you lose the baby as well.” It was now ’s turn to punch Jonathan, this time hitting his face.
“Don’t you ever say that again, ‘cause it was probably my body throwing all the trash out that did this. This way, it knew that all the poisonous left-overs from you got out.” She screamed at him. “Now leave me alone, I don’t want to know you exist anymore. I really don’t care whether you die or live, I’m done with everything involving you. Come on people, let’s get out of here.”
Grabbing her bag in one hand, and ’s hand in the other, she started walking towards the cave and the car. Thinking back to last night, a smile appeared on her face. She had her mother back, and she had a man that wanted to protect her from every danger in the world. It felt wonderful, and she felt free for the first time in many years. This was truly her new beginning, and boy was she to make the best of it. Squishing ’s hand, she secretly told him how happy she was having him in her life. Feeling letting go of her hand and putting his arm around her, she nuzzled in to him giving him a soft kiss on his neck.
“I’m falling for you as well , fast and heavily.” She whispered in his ear, ready to start a new life with him.

2 years later

“Daddy, are you sure I look ok? Do you think he will like the dress?” Seeing his daughter this nervous, took her hands in his trying to calm her down.
, honey, is gonna love everything. He loves you, and that’s all you need to know. And you look like a million dollar honey, I couldn’t be more proud to walk you down the aisle as I am right now. My baby girl finally getting married, and what a fine man you have chosen.” kissed her father on the cheek.
“Ok daddy, I’m ready. Let’s do this, let’s go to get me married.”
She picked up her bouquet, linked her arm with her father, and started the journey that led to her marrying the greatest man she knew. Her soul mate, the love of her life and her everything. She would be his wife, standing by him through thick and thin, just like he had done to her two years ago. Seeing her soon to be husband standing there waiting for her, and her mother crying tears of happiness, she smiled broadly and felt her body dance its way up.
were, of course, ’s best man, and had chosen a very heavily pregnant as her maid of honour.

smiled at the woman coming towards him, as of today she would be his to care for and to support. They would become one, loving each other and keeping each other safe. She was his soul mate, his absolute everything in this world. Without her, he wouldn’t exist at all. He loved her, truly madly deeply, with every bone in his body. This was it; this was where his new life began. A new beginning for both of them, and a day to celebrate love.
Noticing the little bump on his soon to be wife’s dress, felt his eyes going wet. Giving her a kiss on the cheek, he touched the bump secretly.
“Hello daddy!” She whispered in his ear, smiling softly at him. He mouthed a ‘Thank you’ towards her, drying his eyes and concentrating on the ceremony. Wanting everything this woman could give him, he prayed that everything would go smoothly.
An hour after it began, the ceremony ended and and had now become Mr and Mrs . They celebrated the day in style, as always done by their families and friends. And everyone cried happy tears during the groom's speech, as he told them all that they would be parents very soon. Five months after their special day, they became the proud parents of little Ryan Alexander and Abigail Josephine .Filling the wonderful couple with happiness and making their family joy complete for now.

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