Back to where it began
by Christine

Driving away from the record studio, Nicky felt the tears wanting to escape his eyes. This day had turned out to be a disaster, and he couldn’t wait for it to finish. It was his birthday, he was turning 33 today, but it seemed like no one remembered. The lads had acted like it was any other day, and this morning his girlfriend wasn’t even awake when he left. He felt hurt, and just hoped had done something at home to surprise him. , the love of his life, had been his girlfriend for seven years now. They met at a pub in Dublin; she was over for a holiday with a friend, but had decided to stay a bit longer when she met Nicky. He was seven years older than her, but to them it didn’t matter at all. They had hit it off, and found out they shared the same interests and had the same goals in life. Of course it helped that she was equally devoted to Manchester United as him, and they would spend many weekends in Manchester watching their favourite team. He wasn’t sure what it was, but lately had been in her own little world. He would come home from the studio, and she would either not be at home or she would be in the office working on her book. He was beginning to believe she had found another man; they weren’t that intimate anymore and she were always on her computer or her mobile. God how he missed the old days, when she would go weak in her knees just by knowing he was looking at her. Nicky wanted that passion back, he wanted the girl he fell in love with back. He was even hoping to marry her soon, having picked up a ring he knew would fit perfect for her. Nothing to fancy, she wasn’t the kind of girl who went for fancy. And that was what Nicky really loved about her; how she looked sexier in his tracksuits and t-shirts, and without any makeup.

*Flashback* “Do we have to go to this premiere thing tonight Nico, I just want to stay at home with you?!” tried to seduce him into not going out tonight, and he felt his body almost giving in to her. But he knew they had to be there tonight, it was the launch of one of Louis’ new bands and Westlife had to be there.

“You know we have to be there, Westlife need to show the support for Louis and I can’t show up without my sexy girlfriend. Just put on that dress you bought last week, that blue one, and you will take everyone’s breath away. I’ll be next to you, and everything will be fine.” He kissed his lover softly on her mouth, and held her close to his body. He loved how she smelled of coconuts and berries, and he also loved how she sniffed in his scent and seemed to enjoy it.

“Ok then!” She sighed. ”I’m just heading upstairs to change; I’ll be down here in 20 minutes baby.” And twenty minutes after, she was ready to go. They headed out to the car waiting for them, and drove to the premiere.

“You look amazing tonight babe, you’re taking my breath away.” He whispered in her ear, right before they walked out of the car towards the waiting press. *End of flashback*
Driving up to their house, he noticed the lights were out again tonight. He sighed deeply, turned off his car and started the walk to the door. Inside, he took off his jacket and threw it on the floor. Kicking off his trainers, he was about to run upstairs when he heard the sound of soft music coming from the living room. He opened the door to the room, and noticed candles being lit around. He saw the shadow of a person lying on the sofa, and went over to check if it was .

, babe? Is that you?” He whispered carefully, walking up to the person on the sofa. He saw her hair and noticed that she was sleeping softly. Stirring from the feeling of him stroking her hair, she woke up a bit confused.

“Is that you Nico?”

“Yes babe, just go back to sleep again. I’m sorry for waking you up, you just looked so gorgeous.” He kissed her lips softly, still not noticing the rest of her body.

“No, it’s ok. I wasn’t supposed to be sleeping, but I guess I’m just feeling really tired these days. Happy birthday baby, I’ve made a reservation for us at the Arlington Irish night tonight.”

“Thank you darling, I’ll just go upstairs and get ready then.”

“Wait a second mister; you haven’t opened your birthday gift yet.” And with that, she lifted herself up from the sofa and walked in front of him. Nicky felt his eyes were about to pop out, as his girl was only covered in a huge red bow. He felt his body react to the sight in front of him, and soon his hands had removed the bow and pulled a naked close.

“I love my gift baby, it has been such a long time since I’ve had the chance to see and touch you like this. I’ve missed you baby, and I’ve missed us.”

“I know Nico, and I know it’s all my fault. But I’ve been working really hard on my book, so that I would be done with it before everything’s changing.”

“What do you mean with that, what is changing?” smiled at him, took his hands and guided them towards her belly. He could feel the small bump that had started to form, and tears fell from his eyes. He knew she would be more than 12 weeks pregnant, due to the three times she had miscarried earlier.

“How far are you baby?” “I’ve just passed 18 weeks, so we are well inside the safety period.” She smiled softly at him; he now knew why she had been so busy. She wanted to finish her book and be a full on mum, and he loved her for what she had done.

“So, when do I get to read this new book of yours then? Is it any good?” “It’s already on your bedside table, and I really like this book. It’s a book I’m gonna be really proud of!”

“As long as you are happy and proud, I’m happy and proud as well. I love you babe, I love you more than I’m able to tell you.”

“I love you to Nico, and I’m sorry for not being a good enough girlfriend. But I will make it up you now; the book won’t be out until after the baby is born.” Smiling at her, Nicky lifted his girlfriend up and carried her upstairs to their bedroom. There, he carefully made love to her showing her how much he loved her.

Laying there next her, he didn’t feel like going out tonight. He just wanted to stay in bed, holding her and stroking her tummy.

“Why don’t we just drop the night out, and stay here in bed the rest of the evening? I’ve missed this so much, and we know we won’t have time for this when the baby comes.”

“Aw Nico, I’d love to. But I have already booked it, and this was the only day we could fit in. And I don’t want to go there when I’m showing; I don’t want the attention to be on my tummy when we go there. We can snuggle up again when we get home.”

“Ok then babe, let’s get dressed. I have a feeling you are hiding something, but I’m letting it go for now.” They got out of bed and got dressed quickly. Nicky was wearing an outfit had bought him that day, a pair of smart trousers a blue shirt and a nice leather jacket. Seeing struggle with what to wear, he rushed in to her walk in closet and found a blue dress matching his shirt. Putting on a pair of black leather heels and a black leather jacket, she was ready to go out and celebrate her man. Hoping that he would be surprised by seeing the other’s when they arrived, she smiled as they headed for the car. had rented a car and a driver; she wanted to show Nicky she would do anything for him and this was one of the things she knew he liked. He wasn’t too keen on taking a taxi when he was drinking, the drivers usually wanted to talk about his career and make him sign gifts for their families and friends. As a known writer, she knew that feeling too much. And she loved being able to have a driver, it made her feel important.

Arriving outside the Arlington, Nicky really felt something was going on. There didn’t seem to be any person inside the bar, and the basement was all dark.

“Babe, are you sure we are booked in for tonight? It kinda looks deserted in here.”

“Yeah, I’m certain I said it was tonight.” She pretended to be confused, and knew Nicky wasn’t able to see the big smile on her face.

“Hello?” She shouted. “Anybody here?”

Suddenly, the lights went on and the room was filled with all their friends and family.

“Surprise Nicky, Happy Birthday!”

Turning around, Nicky looked at her in shock. This was the best birthday party he could wish for, and he was so shocked that she had managed to plan this without him knowing. He kissed her softly on the lips, before he went around talking to his guests. The other lads were there as well, hugging him and laughing.

“Ye didn’t think we’d missed yer birthday did ye?” Mark laughed.

“I though ye did yeah! Yous never said anything in the studio today, so I was disappointed when I was driving home. I didn’t think anyone remembered.”

“We couldn’t talk about it earlier today, as we would have given up the surprise. We helped planning it as well.”

“I bet ye did lads, as ’s been busy with getting her book finished.”

“Aye, I can’t wait to read it. She always writes such great books, you should be really proud of her.” Shane told him.

“Trust me, I am. “ Nick looked over at his pregnant girlfriend, now in a conversation with his mum. He smiled when he saw them laughing and smiling together, knowing that she was accepted by his mum and that she loved spending time with his family as well. He really loved her; more than he ever knew was possible.

The show was about to start, and Nicky hurried himself next to . He was looking forward to this, as a proud Irishman he loved to have the chance of hearing the old Irish songs and seeing some traditional dancing. He wrapped his arm around , and pulled her close to his chest.

“Thank you for doing this for me babe; you don’t know how much I appreciate this.”

“I can see it in your eyes and smile baby, and that is good enough for me. I wanted to do this so you could have a special birthday, and also for us to come closer to each other again. I love you so much Nico, with every bone in my body!”

“I love you to babe, and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Kissing her lips softly, Nicky enjoyed the feeling he had in his body. He knew everything was ok, and he couldn’t wait to become a dad.

As the music started, he looked happily around at his guests and enjoyed the atmosphere of his party. It was a great gift from and the lads, but his best birthday gift was definitely the news of him becoming a dad. He couldn’t believe she had managed to keep this a secret from him, but he was glad she did. He was always a mess before those three months had gone, and now he could be the supportive one to help her through the pregnancy. Smiling to himself, he looked forward to decorating the baby room, and watching her belly grow. Feeling her hand softly guiding his to her tummy, he looked lovingly at her and kissed her head softly. In five months, their life would be complete. They would have the family they always wanted, and he knew deep inside she would already be his fiancé.

They were back, back to where it began.

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