The best Birthday ever

Mark woke up, watching his lovely and heavily pregnant wife sleeping next to him. It was his 31st birthday today, and his wife was due in three days. was the love of his life; he met her while she was on a holiday in Sligo seven years ago.
It was love at first sight for him, but he had to work to get her. She wasn’t the one who wanted to date celebrities, and was therefore unsure whether to accept a date or not. He had gotten her number, and they started out as friends in the beginning.
He even got his band mates to go with him to to serenate her, and a year later they were dating. had moved to Liverpool, to study journalism, and he had been visiting her as much as he could. She came to all the concerts in the north of England, and their relationship only became stronger.
A smile crept on Mark’s face, when he remembered how he had surprised her by proposing on her 25th birthday.
Everyone was there, at their favourite restaurant in Dublin. loved going to Flanagan’s, and Mark had managed to get a private room for them to celebrate her.

‘Come on hunny, we’re gonna be late. I booked the table for 8pm, and we have to get there as well.’ Mark called after his girlfriend, who still wasn’t ready to go.
‘I know Markyboy; I’ll be down in a minute. Just want to look good enough for you to take me out.’ She was always this insecure, even though Mark always told her she was the only woman he wanted. She was his soul mate, and nothing could ever change the love and admiration he had for her.
‘You always look good enough for going out with me, and you know that. Sometimes I wonder what you are doing dating me, you can have any man you want and still you stay with me. I know Cristiano Ronaldo still wants you, and you turned him down for an oldie like me. You are the amazing one in this relationship hunny, and I love you with every bone in my body.’
‘I’m ready baby, thank you for all the nice words. You know I love YOU with every bone in my body as well. You know I love my man to be a MAN, not some guy who wears make-up whilst playing football.
I love how you come home smelling of sweat, after a day full of dance practice. Or how you love getting dirty whilst working in the garden. That’s what turns me on, and you know that. Now, let’s get going.’ squished his arse and walked towards the door.
10 minutes later and they were outside the restaurant, quickly heading in to find their table. Walking in the door to the room rented, they found the light was turned off. The waiter excused himself, and went to turn the light on.
‘SURPRISEEEEE!!!!’ Everyone was there, both of their families and all their friends.
was crying of happiness, turning towards him whilst smiling her beautiful smile. ‘Thank you’ she mouthed to him, and turned around to give her parents a hug. They all had a great evening, eating and laughing. And just as dessert was served, Mark had asked for everyone’s attention.
‘I think everyone here knows how much I love , and some of you have had to keep up with my constant moaning about her. Mostly because I’ve been away from her so much, but also before I managed to get her on a date.
, from the first moment I saw you, eating that Whopper Menu at Burger King in Sligo, I knew you were the woman for me. You are the kind of woman who doesn’t care if people see you being all greasy and sweaty. You love to feel alive, and try things you’ve never done before. Like that time you managed to persuade the Manchester United board to let you be Fred the Red for a game, or when you decided that Westlife and you girls should dress up as bananas whilst playing football in the park. This is what makes you special, and I feel grateful that I get to share those experiences with you.
Today, when you told me you had to look good enough to go out to eat with me, I felt bad. It isn’t you who should worry how you look beside me; I am the one who should worry how to look great next to you. You have had your offers from other men, some of them the hottest bachelors of this world.
And I wonder how I am still blessed to have you as my girl, soon 30 and with the grey hair approaching quickly. We have been through many ups and downs, in the six years together. But we are still going strong as a couple, and the last few years have been the best years of my life. Therefore, , will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?’

There was a short gasp amongst those who didn’t know about this and ’s tears were flowing freely. This was the biggest surprise he had managed to pull on her, and he was amazed at how he had pulled it off.
‘Yes Markyboy, I would be honoured to become your wife. More than anything in this whole world and I promise to make you even happier than you’ve been so far.’
He slipped the small, but very beautiful, diamond ring on her finger. He knew she wasn’t in to having the biggest or most fancy stone;she wasn’t that kind of woman.
*End of flashback*

And here they are, married and soon to become parents.
Mark felt stirring next to him; smiling to himself he put his arm around her warm body.
‘Morning beautiful, how are you feeling today?’
‘Morning my oh so handsome husband! I’m feeling a bit weird today, but I’m sure it’ll be okay in a minute.’ She smiled weakly at him, but he could see that something was going on.
‘Happy birthday my dear hubby, what do you want to do today?’ He gave out a small laugh. ‘As long as I’m with you, I don’t care what I do.’
‘Well, I need the toilet right now but I’ll be back quite soon.’ And then she hurried off to the toilet, as fast as a heavily pregnant woman could move.
Mark pulled the duvet over his body, and smiled thinking of how happy and lucky he was. But he was soon brought back by a small scream.
‘Marky, help me!’ He ran to the bathroom and found his wife in pain, sitting on the toilet.
‘Babe, what’s going on?’ ‘I think it’s time Marky, I think I can feel the head already.’ ‘How long have you been feeling like this?’ ‘It started when I woke up, but I didn’t know that it was this. Just thought it was the baby kicking a bit more than usual.’ ‘Ok, I’m gonna get my clothes on and call the hospital. You just sit put here for the moment, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.’ ‘It’s not like I’m going anywhere is it?’
Mark then hurried and put on the first clean enough clothes he found, and called the hospital at the same time.
They only lived a five minutes’ drive away from the hospital, but he was already stressing around. Luckily, they had already packed two hospital bags. One for his car and one for hers. He hurried back to the bathroom, and guided his wife out to his car.
He had already put down some towels in the seat, and ran back to the house to make sure the alarm was on and the door was locked. Once everything was ok, they rushed to the hospital to welcome their first born. Mark managed to call his parents, and told them to let the rest of the family know.
’s parents were already in Sligo, staying at his parents place. He knew the hospital soon would be filled with loads of relatives wanting to congratulate them.
The delivery went quickly, and Mark was amazed by how his wife managed to get through this. He could tell she was in pain, but she managed to smile and be happy that everything was ok.
‘It’s a boy Marky, you’re a daddy now. Happy Birthday!’
‘A little boy hun, our own little prince. Welcome to the world Benjamin Alexander Feehily! This is the greatest birthday gift I have ever gotten, and this is the best birthday ever. I love you, my brave and beautiful wife!’
‘I love you too Hubby, and I love our little family!’



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