Sorry, my heart has always been beating for you
by Christine

entered the club with her three girlfriends, wanting to have a great time. She wanted to forget all about the fact that she had caught her boyfriend of the last 3 years, Jonathan, in bed with another man. It was the worst surprise she had ever gotten, and it made her feel unattractive and stupid.
She had called her best friends and begged them to go out with her, to make her feel better. The girls weren’t keen on going out at once, as they had just gotten their men home from tour. They were dating ¾ of the members of Westlife, and as used to be the band’s PA she knew them quite well. She did feel guilty for taking them away from the guys, but she needed her girls to lighten up her mood. They had already started the drinking at her place, and had moaned about the whole time. and hadn’t been quiet about and either, but they respected ’s wishes for a great night. She knew the girls had told the husbands about her discovery, and soon she expected the last band member to call her and laugh down the phone.
had always been her week spot, but he had never felt the same. Never once had he said something nice to her, and he was always grumpy when she was around. One time he even called her a fat slag, that didn’t deserve the company of him and his mates. So when Jonathan had entered her life, and an offer to work alongside Take That as their PA, she had grabbed it with both hands and left the Westlife world behind. Well, it was only she fully left behind. As , and still loved talking to her and have her around.
Finding a table, went to the bar and bought the first round of drinks. and were already quite tipsy, and wished she could get to the drunken state soon. Downing a double VodkaRedbull before getting another one and heading to the girls, she smiled at herself. Never in her life had she wanted to get drunk this badly, and now she was desperate. Turning around she noticed that , and had arrived at the club as well.
“Great, now I’m the only single in the group again. Gee, what a loser I am gonna look like.” She said to herself, put on a fake smile and headed to the couples.
“Hey there sweetie, how’s it going?” flashed her a sweet smile.
“As good as girl can be, when she discover her boyfriend in bed with another man. If it’d only been another woman, I would be ok I guess. But let’s not dwell upon this now, let’s get drunk and have a good time!” she smiled back at everyone, and downed her drink again. Quickly she headed back to the bar, and decided that she’d buy herself a pitcher of her favourite drink this time.
“Well well, look what the cat dragged in. The ugly cow herself, haven’t we gotten rid of you yet?” turned and noticed sitting next to her with a young girl, probably not older than 18. She smiled at him and turned to the bartender to order her drink, ignoring the man desperate to have a laugh at her behalf.
“I heard you even managed to turn your man gay, no wonder looking at you tonight. Any guy would turn gay in your company.”
“You should watch out for your band mates then, as they soon will try and hit on you.” She answered with a laugh, carrying her pitcher back to the table where her friends sat.
“Did say anything stupid?”
hunny, always says something stupid when I’m around. But don’t worry, I told him off for it.” smiled and poured some drink in her glass.
“What did he say then?” was curious, as he knew ’s true feelings towards his friend.
“Ah, well. He told me that I’m an ugly cow, turning any man in my company gay.” and spat their drinks out in shock.
“He said what??” They almost screamed out.
“I just told him to watch out for you guys then, as you might turn to him when turning gay.” They all laughed, and continued to drink.
After a while, felt herself being really drunk. She looked at the three couples in her company, and decided to get on the dance floor to enjoy herself. She finished the pitcher and told the others she could be found on the dance floor if they wanted something. She then made her way to the middle, and started dancing with some of the people she knew from previous nights out. She got the attention of most of the men in the club, wearing a short blue dress and black heels. Her hair curled and floating around her face, the bright red lipstick and her eyes shining from the alcohol, made her look like a million dollar babe.
sat there with his barely legal date feeling all jealous at the men touching ’s body. She was hot, he had always wanted her. But she had been their PA, and was with Jonathan when she quit working for them. And he knew he never could have her, as he had already ruined any chance of even a friendship by being so rude to her. He watched a good looking guy touching her and kissing her neck, and knocked his drink down as he couldn’t stand seeing her like this. He brushed his date off, when she tried to get contact with him. Soon after, she stormed off and left him alone, only to be replaced by and .
“Whatcha think yer doing mate? Hurting her like that and still get jealous when she’s enjoying herself, you have nothing to be jealous about. She’s not yours to have, never has and never will be. Let her be mate, don’t break her down again.”
“I can’t help it, she’s so freaking hot and I want her badly. God, I wish I knew why I act like the biggest knobhead when she’s around.” got up and headed towards , wanting to apologize for being the jerk he was.
“I don’t like this ; he’s hurt her so much in the past.” told her husband.
“I don’t like it either hunny, but maybe this is their chance to actually get along with each other. Maybe this is the new beginning they both need.” looked at his mate, before turning around and following his wife back to their friends.
“Mind if I take over here mate?” looked up and stared into ’s eyes, feeling herself becoming angry at him for ruining her night out.
“What ye want ? Come here to have a laugh at me again have ye?”
“Nah, I actually came here to apologies for my shit behaviour over the past years. Can we go somewhere to talk?” gave her the sweet and innocent treatment, and she felt sick at this behaviour.
“You can talk to me right here, I really don’t want to go anywhere alone with you right now.” She could see the disappointment in his eyes, and felt his hands around her body.
“God, can’t you give me a chance here, I’m trying to be friendly and to show you how sorry I am for being the biggest idiot on earth.”
“Isn’t it a little late for that now ?” She tried to get his hands away from her body, but he just pulled her closer to him.
“Is it too late ? ‘Cause I don’t think it ever becomes too late for us to really get to know each other. For our friends sake at least, so that they won’t have to hear us moaning about each other.”
“Ok, let’s talk then. But do not, under any circumstance, try it on me. I’m only doing this for our friends, nothing else.” smiled, and led her through the crowd and out the door. They went to a small pub around the corner from the club, and sat down for that talk.
couldn’t take his eyes off , she was looking better than she ever had. And he felt himself becoming harder each second he spent near her, he knew he had to release himself soon. They sat and talked for hours, getting to know each other better than they thought they would.
“Hey !? I am so sorry for saying what I said earlier tonight, it’s not your fault that Jonathan turned gay. He’s crazy to suddenly shag guys after three years with you; you are a very special woman you know.”
“Thanx , it really means a lot to hear. It was the biggest shock to get, as I thought we were going to move in with each other soon. I really thought he was the one I was gonna be with, but I guess everything happens for a reason.” She suddenly felt her old feelings towards coming back, and being as drunk as she was, she couldn’t be bothered with them right now. Even if it was only going to be a one night stand and nothing else, she wanted it to happen. She started touching ’s arms, and he pulled her closer to his body. They looked at each other, and soon their lips met in a soft kiss. looked at her carefully, and she nodded whilst giving him a shy smile. He leant back in, and this time the kiss was more demanding. draped her hands around ’s neck, and started caressing his sexy hair. now had his right hand on ’s thigh, whilst his left caressed her face.
“Your place or mine hun?” was the first one to ask the question they both were thinking of.
“I don’t care, as long as I’m with you.”
“Mine it is then, as it’s closer to where we are. God, I gotta have ye babe. So sexy, turning me on like that.” They got up and left, rushing over to ’s penthouse apartment. Once inside the door, started to unbutton his shirt. Touching his chest, making him moan with pleasure. pulled down the straps of her dress, letting her matching blue bra and hipster out.
“You’re so sexy baby, I want ye so badly.” He grabbed her arse and pulled her closer to himself, making her gasp from feeling his hard cock pushing against her.
“Make me yours , take me hard and wild!”
“That’s what I’m planning to do sexy, God you’re so hot!” Taking off their shoes, unbuckled ’s belt and pulled his jeans down. Both standing in their underwear, enjoying the view of each other.
started to lead towards his bedroom, kissing her neck and touching her body. Pushing her softly on to his king size bed, he started kissing her lips and touching her body. Finding the spots she loved to be touched at, he caressed her slender body and loving each second he was with her. Slowly, he unclasped her bra and started licking and sucking at her breasts. Her nipples erected straight away, and she moaned with pleasure at the treatment she got from . One of her hands caressed the back of his head, whilst the other found its way down to his boxers. Moaning with pleasure, moved one hand down to the place she longed to be touched. He slipped it underneath her hipster, and started massaging her clitoris. Making his way further down, he kissed and licked every part of her irresistible body. Sliding down her now wet hipster, he took in the sweet smell of her womanhood. Pushing a finger inside her, he watched how her sexy body reacted to his touch. Playing with her, he slowly pushed two more fingers inside her. Hearing her moan, he felt how his cock made his boxers feel tighter. Finding her g-spot, continued to finger her. But the need to taste her took over, and soon his tongue found its way licking her wetness slowly. grabbed his hair, moaning loudly with pleasure.
, stop. I wanna taste you before coming; I want your full length cock in my mouth.” looked up on the beautiful woman in his bed, and he found himself more in love with her than ever. She rolled him on his back, and quickly removed his boxers. Gripping his erected cock, she slowly started to move them up and down. She licked the head, and heard moaning and begging for more. She took her time, slipping his long hard cock in her mouth a bit at the time. He surely was too big for her mouth, but she didn’t care. She wanted to taste all of him, and she wanted to do it now.
“Baby, don’t make me wait too long. I’m close to bursting here, do your magic .” It was all she needed, and soon she had all of him inside her mouth. She could taste his pre-cum as it dropped down her throat, and she liked the taste of it.
wanted her now, his cock was begging to fuck her and he couldn’t control himself anymore. He pushed her on her back, spread her legs and nudged his tip towards her hot and wet entrance. All of a sudden, he pushed himself hard and fast inside her. He felt her walls tighten a bit, but he kept on going. Hard and fast, just the way this sexy goddess wanted it. Hearing her moaning his name made his balls feel heavier, and he could feel how close he was to cumming. Two pushes after, he poured all his sperm inside her just as her walls tightened enough for her to get to paradise.
“I love you so much , I have loved you since your first day as PA for us. But we couldn’t be together, and I was a total jerk with you for too long. I am so sorry Babygirl, but I can’t stand being apart from you anymore.”
“I love you too and you are forgiven. I can’t stand being mad at you anymore, when all I want is to be shagged senseless by you.”
They fell asleep in each other’s arms, smiling and being slightly more sober after having sex.
Waking up the next morning, felt slightly panicked when she didn’t remember where she was. She felt two strong arms around her, and turned around to find smiling back at her. Smiling at him, she relived the night before and felt the butterflies in her stomach.
“Morning beautiful, slept well?”
“Yeah, haven’t slept this good in ages. Thank you for last night, it was really nice.”
“Oh baby, it was more than nice. I want you to know that I meant everything that happened here last night, I love you so much and I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to let you know. I’m sorry for being such a knobhead towards you, when all I’ve ever wanted was to have you close and show you my love for you. Will you ever forgive me for all of the shit I’ve put you through, will you let us start a new and see if it could lead us to a relationship or at least a friendship?”
“I really meant everything last night as well , and I really don’t regret any of it. And I love you as well; have done since we first met each other. But I need time to figure how to go on from here; it is a big step to start a relationship again after just finding the man I thought loved me in bed with another man. I forgive you for everything you’ve said and done, but I need for us to take it slow. Let’s start with getting used to being friends, maybe even friends with benefits. There is nothing more that I want than to have a future with you. But I need to work on my own emotions before we start dating each other. I love you with all of my heart; I just need to be sure about myself before going into a relationship again. I don’t want to hurt you, by finding out I wasn’t ready and then leave you.”
She noticed the sadness in his eyes, as he put on a brave smile for her. She stroked his cheek, and closed the gap between them.
“I’m gonna save myself for you , I don’t want another man’s hands on my body when I’m forever gonna know how yours felt. We will be together soon enough, just give it a little time and I’ll be ready for it.”
Kissing his lips, she smiled when she felt him returning the kisses. He slipped his arm around her waist again, and felt how his dick stiffened by her presents. He started caressing her body, letting his hand find the one spot he knew she longed to be touched. Hearing her soft moaning, saying his name, he felt his dick ready to explode. He licked her breasts, and soon found his way down to her soaking wet womanhood. His tongue started to lick her entrance, and he noticed how it turned her whole body on. He got turned on himself, watching her like this. And he knew right there and then that there would never be another woman than in his life, no one could ever turn him on and make him feel like this other than her. She was his drug; he was addicted to her already. He knew it would be hard to just be her friend in the beginning, but he would do anything in his power to make her realise that they belonged together.
knew it was gonna be difficult to just be friends with , now that she knew how great he was in bed and how he love her. But she was determined to make a go of the friendship first, as she wasn’t going to lose him one more time. But she also knew that they would be using the benefits part a lot, as the drunken nights out with their friends would make both of them horny as hell.

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