Before it’s too late
by Christine

Chapter 1

“Heeeeeyyyy , meet my sexy new girlfriend!”
, my best friend and the biggest ladies’ man I’ve ever met, called me over.
, this is my . , this is my best mate, and band mate, . ”
I shook her hand and smiled. “Hia, nice to finally meet you. has been talking about you non-stop, and we were beginning to wonder if you were real!”
“Well,” she said. “I can assure you that I am as real as it gets, but thanks for the concern!” She smiled and soon she and were busy with each other.
It was the same story as always, the other guys had their girls and I was left alone. I did try a few times to find a decent girl, but they always ended up either falling for one of the others or find someone else.
That someone else usually was a sports jerk, being that tall, dark and handsome guy seemed to bore them in the end. And the beer belly I’ve started getting is so not helping me out, it only makes things worse now.
No one wants to date me, unless they are huge Westlife fans. I really don’t know what’s wrong in dating me, is it really that bad for a guy wanting a calm and quiet family life?
Oh God, here comes and his girlfriend as well.
is a lovely girl, probably my best friend of the girlfriends. It’s only her and who really knows what’s going in my head, and I can tell that she and haven’t talked about it. I know I can trust the two of them with my life; at least I have some amazingly great friends and band mates.
Band mates and Westlife you say, I totally forgot to tell you who I am.
My name is , and I’m known as the single member of Westlife.
I started it with , and some other friends back home, but before we got famous some of the others were kicked out and we got and Bryan instead.
Bryan left the group a few years into the life of fame, not the way Robbie left Take That though. , , and I continued after that, and I must have to admit we are more successful now as a group of four. I love my life as a pop star, but as you now know it can be lonely.
“Guys, I need you to do me a favour.” suddenly brought me back from my daydream.
“Sure, what’s up!?” I asked her.
“Well, this old friend of mine from University is coming over, she just broke it off with her fiancé and I need your help in cheering her up. She’s moving over here now, because she’s missing her old life here in England. isn’t good enough for her anymore I guess. Can you all help me?” She gave everyone a pleading look.
“Sure, when is she coming?” asked.
“She arrives here tomorrow, I only found out today as well. But she has already got an apartment, as her new job fixed her up. But she needs to get all her stuff in, and I guess she just needs to feel welcome.”
“Who is she working for?” ’s girlfriend asked.
“She’s a journalist, working for Four Four Two. She’s a massive football fan, and supports Manchester United as well.”
“WOW, you’re telling me we get a sports journalist in the group? I’m sure I’m gonna like her straight away!”
Everybody had to laugh at ’s comment; even he joined in after a while. “So, me and are picking her tomorrow morning. On our way out of the airport I will give you all a ring, and you will all meet us at this place.”
We all got handed a note with an address, and soon we were talking about the latest album. I looked around, and became a bit sad when I saw all the others holding their arms around their girls. I wished I had a girl to share the joy of the new album with, why was it so hard.
“You okay ?” looked at me and smiled.
“Yeah, it’s just the same old usual you know.”
“Ok, but don’t hesitate to call me if you need to talk. You know where to find me.” She winked at me and we both started to laugh.
“What are you two laughing about?” a curious was probably wondering if I was making a move on his girl.
“It was just something stupid I did, which got us both remembering an incident we had a few years back.” shrugged ’s jealousy off with a smile.
“Oh, okay then. As long as you two don’t go running off in to the sunset together, I’m fine. I’m happy that you two are such close friends, it makes me proud to be together with such an amazing girl and in a band with such a great friend.”
Everyone now struggled to keep their eyes dry, as this speech from was as unexpected as it could be. It was great being with this group, and tomorrow it would get a new member.
I was just praying that she would get along with everyone else.

Chapter 2
As the plane touched down on the runway, I saw the sun was welcoming me back to England.
This was my fresh start, after my fiancé cheated on me two months before the wedding. It’s ok though; I just closed all my accounts in Norway and sent him all the bills for what should have been the most special day of our life. Now I was going to be reunited with , my good friend from University. I knew she was dating from Westlife, but I didn’t mind. I loved their music, but I wasn’t that teenager in love with them anymore. They were now ‘just’ another group on my iPod. Ok then, maybe not just another. It was mainly their songs on it, but I could just as easily put Green Day on as I could Westlife.
I was really looking forward to this new life, being back in England felt like coming home. Of course I really wanted to live in Manchester, but I was needed in London for my job. My dream job, working for a magazine. And also a football magazine, what could be better? Maybe finding love again? It had been three months already, but I knew it had to take someone really special to help me regain my trust in men. Even though I loved men, I had mostly male friends. But as they were just friends, they couldn’t help me the way I wanted to be helped.
“Miss, excuse me. You have to leave this plane; we are soon to take on board new passengers.” Oh my god, how embarrassing. “Sorry, guess I was lost in my own thoughts here. I apologies for the inconvenience I brought you.” “It’s all right miss; we helped you by bringing you overhead luggage down.” The flight attendance smiled softly at me, and guided me out of the plane. “Thank you for a nice flight and some lovely service.” I smiled back at her, and hurried to get the rest of my luggage.
Collecting all my stuff, I flew through customs and started to search for . We made a joke yesterday, that she would hold up a sign for me to let me know where she was. Just in case was being harassed by the fans. But there was no need, as I saw her the minute I turned my head around.
We started walking towards another, and getting a hug from her I started crying. Damn it, crying in front of everyone like this is embarrassing. “God how I missed you girlie!” I told her through the tears. “I’ve missed you too, let’s get you settled now and then we do a night out like we’re in uni again.” “Ok missy, I want a bucket of VodkaRedbull then. And I am not sharing at all, this is my time to drown my sorrows and celebrate the joy of being single again.”
We laughed together, and I only noticed when he coughed loudly next to us. Poor guy was waiting to be introduced, and we were standing there like two teenage girls being reunited. “So, you are the famous new sports journalist then?” he asked me.
“Yes, watch out footballers, you don’t know what’s gonna hit you when I’m arriving!” I laughed at him.
“I’m , ’s boyfriend.” He said, shaking my hand and giving me a warm hug. “I do know that, as you are quite famous over in as well.
I’m , the crazy chick from .” “Yeah, I kinda figured that out already.” He cheekily answered. “Cheeky cheeky!” I told him in a faked annoyed way.
“But you love us guys a bit naughty and cheeky. Don’t you?!” He teased me. “I am not that kind of girl to like those kinds of things. My mother raised me to be a perfect angel, and that’s the way I am going to stay.” I put on my ‘pretending to be quite posh’ accent, and all three of us were laughing all the way to the car.
We got all my stuff quickly in the car, as there now were a few fans following us and trying to rip ’s clothes off. Soon, we were on our way to my new place. I was excited, and couldn’t wait to start this new life.
“I’m just gonna call the others and tell them we are on our way, I gave them your address yesterday, and they are coming helping us getting you settled.” told me and smiled. “Oh thank you all so much, you are all angels you know that. I’m gonna pay you back somehow.” “How about making us a great meal sometime this weekend?” smiled at me whilst driving.
“Sure, I love cooking. I’ll just make something we usually eat in , and we can have a feast happening. Drinking beer and eating all the candy I sneaked through customs.” I smiled back.
“Yum, that sounds lovely.” “What does?” suddenly asked. “ is making us a meal this weekend, and we are now planning a feast. But don’t tell the others, this will be our surprise to them.”
“Cool. The others are on their way, even was up and about already. And he even sounded like he is in a good mood today; maybe this day is a day for wonders.”
laughed at this, mostly because he was happy that had a good day today. Maybe it was a good thing came here; her and would be perfect for each other.
She didn’t seem like she was in to all the fame stuff, he could see her as the more settling down and having a quiet family life kind of girl. Of course she seemed to be in to her job, but not more than any normal kind of person.
Chapter 3

I don’t know what it was, but something inside me told me to wake up early today.
And so I did, I got up and took a hot shower before getting some clothes on and eating my breakfast. Suddenly I got an idea; I knew all the others loved my sandwiches, so why not bring some over for lunch?
I could drop in to the shop on my way over and get some crisps and drinks as well, and make it a really nice welcoming. I just felt the need to impress this girl, like she was going to become important to me and my happiness.
I started making the food, putting all kinds of stuff on it. I made some with plain ham and cheese, just in case she wasn’t in to all the sauces I put on. I then packed them in nicely, and put them in my cooling bag.
Remembering that I forgot to put some nice smell on, I found some Jean Paul-Le Male in the downstairs bathroom. I sprayed lots on, got the food and hurried out to the car. Stopping at my local shop, I hurried inside and got all that I needed. Crisps, soda, some beer and some other sweets, and I were ready to go.
Turning on the radio, I started singing when I heard the great tune that just came on. I loved the voice of Bruno Mars, and ‘The way you are’ was my favourite song by him. I was smiling, like I haven’t done in ages. Today was going to be my day, and no one could stop me.
As I got to the address scribbled down, I realised I was the first one there. . and hadn’t even showed up yet, so I waited in my car.
I didn’t have to wait long though, as ’s car soon parked next to me. I got out and greeted the others, earning a concerned look from .
“Are you okay mate?” He asked me, looking all worried. “I’m fantastic today , I even made us some sandwiches for later. And I bought some crisps and drinks on the way over.” I smiled confidently at him.
“Okay, you’re scaring me now. Either you are on drugs, or you hit your head hard on something. Which one is it?”
“None , I just had a great night sleep and felt fresh when I woke up. Can’t I have a good day now; do I always have to look sad and unhappy?”
“Guys, stop it. You are embarrassing me in front of my friend here.”
“Sorry babes and I’m sorry mate. It’s just so weird seeing you like this, I’m just happy if you are happy. Now, let’s introduce you two.”
y, this is my great friend ! , this is our .”
Oh God, the air was knocked out of me as her beauty hit me right down to the ground. She was really like an angel, and for a second I thought I was dead and in heaven. She reached out her hand for me, and I quickly grabbed it.
“Nice to meet you , I hope we can all hep you feel welcome here and that we can get to know each other better.”
“Nice to meet you to , I feel welcome already. Can’t wait to get to know you all better, this is going to be awesome.” She hugged me. “And I do have a soft spot for guys with eyes you know.”
She whispered naughty in my ear as we broke the hug. She then winked at me and we smiled at each other.
“Let’s start getting all this stuff up then, no need to wait for the others is it?” started organising the moving of the stuff.
“Let’s bring the food in first, so that we can put it straight in the fridge. And then we can take the things for the bed and the bathroom as well.” said. I went to my car and got all the food out of it, when took them out of my hands.
“Go and show us your muscles , so I can have something to enjoy watching!” She gave me that wink again, and I was really happy about the fact that no one else had heard this comment.
“Only if I can get something nice to watch afterwards!” I winked and teased her back.
Licking her lips, she gave me one last naughty look and turned around walking towards the door. Shaking her stuff a bit obvious, she started humming to a catchy tune.
I quickly grabbed some stuff and followed her inside, wanting to get some time alone with her. We went in to the flat, and the minute I put her stuff around I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me. I wanted to show her what she was doing to me, as I felt my trousers getting tighter and tighter. She bit her lip, and put her hand outside my hardness to show me she knew. And from the look in her eyes, I knew she liked it as well. “Looks like someone else is eager to meet me as well.” She whispered naughtily in my ear, as she was stroking me softly.
I couldn’t help but moan a ‘yes’, and I knew I had to have this woman. She was different from all the others; I could feel it right there and then. She was the one who was going to help me, and I knew I was going to be the guy helping her to love again.
From that moment on, I was addicted to her. And she showed me that she was feeling it to.
Chapter 4

“There you are, we wondered where you went.” Hearing ’s voice brought me back to life.
I was disappointed that they had to interrupt us, as I wanted to be all alone with . “Yes, here we are hun. Just put all the boxes wherever you like, and I will start sorting everything out.”
I saw her leaving the flat again, and it was only me and left inside. I rushed over and he opened his arms for me, and soon our lips were all over each other. Hands were running across our bodies, and both of us knew what the other one wanted. It was hard, but I had to break it off before getting caught doing something we shouldn’t be doing.
“We should get back to working, just in case the others are coming in again. But we can continue when we are alone tonight, after all the others are gone.” I smiled at him, and although he seemed a bit shocked I saw that he didn’t want anything else.
went back out to help the others, and I started unpacking my stuff. Or at least placed the boxes where they should be. Some of my stuff was already in the flat, as it was sent over before I came. I opened the fridge to put the lunch in, but quickly realised that it was filled with loads of food. Still, ’s food was what we were eating today. He made this great effort in to making us lunch, and I am a great believer that anything made out of love will taste better than anything just put together.
Soon, I had started putting away all the cooking equipment I brought with me. And I tried to get the kitchen finished first, after that I headed for the love shack. “The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together. Love Shack baby……” I was dancing and singing my way to the bedroom, when I heard someone coughing behind me. I screamed a bit, mostly because I was embarrassed over my dancing and the lyrics in the song. I turned around, stood there with the largest grin ever.
“The love shack, huh?! Is that what this place will be named?” I was blushing like crazy; I knew I had to come up with a lame excuse for all this. “Nah, it was just a song that suddenly popped into my head and I kinda felt the urge to sing and dance a bit. You know, just for a laugh.” Phew, that was close. I thought that was a really good excuse, hoping he bought it straight away. “Whatever you say honey, just don’t expect me joining you in whatever you are planning. What kinda guys do you want running down this place then, I might know a few?!”
He winked back at me, and started whistling the melody to the song I just sang. We so need some music in here, I thought and started searching for my iPod and my speakers. When I found them, I hurried and put some music on.
“I don’t know what’s happening to the others, but it seems it’s only us four who’s actually gonna get some work done here today.” stressed inside, with closely following behind her.
“This is the final piece of luggage; everything is now inside the flat.” He declared loudly, and smiled.
“Great! We should just start opening up the stuff and place them wherever we can in this flat. And then we can see if I need anything else, and go shopping for some it afterwards.”
“Cool, I think me and need to go and phone the others, to check out where they are. Come on babes, we need to hurry.” , gave me a wink again, and started whistling the same melody whilst rushing down to his car.
“So, where should we start?” asked me carefully.
“Well, I’ve done the kitchen already, and was planning on starting on the bedroom.” I smiled at him.
And then we both silently went to the bedroom and started opening boxes and putting the stuff away. Suddenly stopped, and walked over to me, taking what I had in my hands and put them down. I looked at him, wondering what he was up to. He cupped my face, and soon our lips met softly. I kissed him back, teasing his lips with my tongue and gaining access to his mouth. I started caressing his hair, and he pushed me towards the bed. His hand travelled underneath my top, and a small moan left his mouth. We lay on my bed, touching and kissing each other. I could feel him getting harder with each minute passing, and I liked what I felt. I knew I was addicted, and I knew that he would help me in any way possible to get over the tragedy I’d just experienced. Soon, we heard lots of voices coming in to the flat. We quickly stopped what we were doing, and started putting things away again. Almost caught again, thank god we had our clothes on.

Chapter 5

, where are you??” ’s voice was cutting above everyone else’s..
“In here and you don’t have to scream that loudly.” I made a ‘he’s just crazy’ sign to , and we both started laughing.
“Hey man, so this is where you two are hiding. We brought some food with us as well, for lunch I mean.” Man, why did they have to screw up by bringing lunch? I didn’t want us to eat their lunch; I wanted to like MY food.
“Oh, thank you. But has already brought us some lunch as well, and I’m kinda craving for some sandwiches today. It brings back old memories from uni life, and they just looked so tasteful.” smiled at us, and looked just as shocked as I was.
“You’re telling me that this lazy git has already managed to be here on time, and made his famous sandwich?”
“I don’t know how famous they are, but he was here even before we arrived. And he has been the perfect company, so now I hope you guys will be just as great in helping us out.”
“S-s-s-u-u-u-r-r-r-e-e-e.” was all could say, and I had to hide the laugh I was building up. This woman was amazing; she was an out of this world kind of woman.
“I forgot to introduce myself by the way, I’m . And don’t worry; I’m just having a laugh here. I’m in a very good mood, and you just became the perfect victim for my jokes.”
“Oh, ok then. I’m , very nice to meet you. We are looking forward to getting a new person in our group, and it’s great having a sports fanatic girl here as well.”
“I’ve been raised very well you know, and I knew I could become whatever I wanted to be. I’m used to spending the weekends in front of the TV, getting all the latest sports results. And football is one of the biggest passions of mine, next to writing and music it is the love of my life.”
“So, you love music as well then?! What kind of music do you listen to then?”
“I love anything from Josh Groban to Linkin Park actually.” She was so perfect, smiling at and answering his questions perfectly. Its official, I’m in love with her. Love at first sight, and I know that the others soon will find out. I get this expression in my face, letting everyone know I’m in love. Damn it, I wished we were alone right now. We were both glowing, and I knew I wasn’t the only one in trouble. I saw her struggling to keep the contact with , and secretly she searched for something to grab hold of. I quickly, and just as secretly, gave her my hand to hold. She squished it as a thank you, and I did the same to let her know it was ok.
“Maybe we should head out in the living room, I don’t think this bedroom is big enough for us all to be having some meeting in.” She laughed towards both of us, and let go of my hand.
She left the bedroom, and and I stood there a bit shocked.
“So, you and her huh?”
“Oh shut it , I just met her. I’m trying to be polite and help her feeling welcome.” I tried so hard to make him believe this, but the truth was I was way too deep in to her. I had to have her to myself all the time.
“Stop wearing that expression on your face then, I can see that she’s got you mad about her. And from what it looked like, you have her mad about you as well. You will be together in no time, I can promise that right here and now.”
But the truth is that was wrong.
It was now five months since came in to our lives, and I was still madly in love with her. I knew she had feelings for me as well, because every time we were alone we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. But that was it; we just seemed to be at this stage all the time. And it wasn’t like we were dating anyone else; it was as if she was scared of getting in to a new relationship. I decided to talk to her about it, and try to help her finding new love again. Hopefully that new love would be me; my heart was aching for her. And I hated seeing her sad and upset.
I knew that many of the footballers were mad about her to, but she just laughed it off and said she didn’t like mixing business and pleasure. She needed someone who she wouldn’t run the risk of interviewing, and she knew she was going to do sports journalism the rest of her career. It was her passion, and it was clear that she was the favourite reporter to the players and the clubs. She was asked for so many times, when her magazine was doing an interview with someone from one of the clubs. I was really proud of her, and I knew the others were as well. Our group had become even closer when arrived, she was the final piece missing and it was so good having her there. I know that and were hoping me and would become a couple soon, but knew it was hard for her to trust a man the way she used to. He told me about the phone calls was receiving, with being heartbroken and crying. And it broke my heart as well, hearing these stories.
Chapter 6

I noticed that ’s mood had changed lately, and I was scared that he had found someone else. God, why did I have to be such a loser when it came to giving this guy a chance? He wasn’t like my ex at all; he was just everything that I needed. I mean, we still had our moments when we kissed. We could just get lost in each other and kiss and touch. But I was scared when it came to taking the next step, I didn’t want to be hurt again. But then again I didn’t want to lose him, and I just knew we were slipping away from each other.
“Babe, we need to talk.” This was it; this is the moment he tells me he’s found someone else to love. He’s not going to wait for me any longer, and I really can’t blame him. Oh no, I can feel the tears running down my face. Just say it, tell me that I have lost your love so I can get rid of this pain. God how I love him, I loved him from the moment our eyes met. Those sexy eyes, connecting with my ones. The way I shivered when our hands met, the way I made him hard. His kisses, the way he makes me feel like I’m the only girl that matters in this world.
“Sure.” Is the only thing I manage to say. I feel him looking at me, then I feel his arms around me and I just can’t control myself. I burst out crying, sobbing on his chest. And he stands there, stroking my hair and kissing my head.
“Shh babes, it’s going to be okay. I’m here; you don’t have to be sad anymore.” I can feel how his breath sends me shivers, and I look up at him to see his face closely. He looks down at me, and I can’t hold back anymore. I need to show him how I feel, before it’s too late. I kiss him, in such a way to tell him I’m not letting him go. And he kisses me back, in a way he’s never done before. I know I’m gonna have him, I want him to make love to me. I need to feel his hands on my body, I need to feel him becoming one with me.
“Make me yours , make me yours!” And so he does. He lifts me up and carries me to my bed, slowly taking my clothes off. I’m almost ripping his off. He sees the lust in my eyes, and I can see it in his. Maybe it’s not too late after all, maybe he still loves me?! And then we become one, taking it slow in the beginning. But the speed is turned up quickly, and I can see that enjoys it. I feel my walls tightening, and by the look in ’s eyes he’s close to burst. We continue until both of us reach our climaxes, drops down beside me in bed and starts stroking my body. Suddenly he starts singing to me, something he usually never does. Not that I mind him singing, but we just like to spend our time together away from our work.
All things come to those who wait
Sometimes they just come too late
And if we never speak again
I don't wanna make that mistake
We never seem to find
The place or time
To say what's on our minds so
Tell me everything now
Don't leave anything out
I'll tell you all my fears
My mistakes
Before it's too late
I don't wanna wake up one day
Wondering if I shied away
From something that once seemed so hard
One thing that's so simple to say
Why do you always hide
Your tears when you cry?
Isn't it time you try to
Tell me everything now
Don't leave anything out
I'll tell you all my fears
My mistakes
Before it's too late
Before it's too late
Before it's too late
Tell me everything now
Don't leave anything out
I'll tell you all my fears
My mistakes
Before it's too late
Before it's too late
Before it's too late

And I know it, I know he feels the same as I do. This is real love, I am never gonna be alone anymore. I have to share the ups and the downs with, and I know it will perfect.
“I love you , I’ve loved you since the first day we met.”
“I love you too , since the day you walked in to my life. I just had to tell you today, I had to let you know I’m always gonna be here for you. It’s you and me forever now, you don’t have to be scared anymore.” Stroking my hair, he lay down next to me and held me close. We soon fell asleep in each other’s arms, both smiling from ear to ear.

Chapter 7

She loves me, SHE LOVES ME! I am the luckiest man on this planet, I have the most perfect angel loving me. And god how I love her as well, I love her with every bone in my body. She my soul mate and my perfect match, I don’t have to search anymore. I have found her, and I am never letting her go.
Smiling from ear to ear, I hear my phone ringing. And suddenly ’s phone is ringing as well. We both look at each other, who can it be?
“Yeah, here!”
““,, where are you my man?”
, are ye pissed or something?”
“Yeah, you were supposed to meet us at the Coach & Horses two bloody hours ago. And we can’t get through to either, you know where she is?”
“Yeah, I’m at her place now. We just had a talk, and I guess we fell asleep. God, we’ll be down there as soon as possible.”
“Great, give me the full details then. I have a feeling that this is juicy stuff. I’ll let everyone know you’re safe then. See ya in a bit, enjoy the Love Shack!” And with that he hung up. I stared at the phone for a bit, what did he mean with ‘The Love Shack’?
Hearing that was still talking to whoever phoned her, I turned around and started kissing her neck. She used her free hand to stroke my hair, and I knew I couldn’t keep my hands off her. So I started caressing her body carefully, checking which places she loved being touched. Feeling her fingers grasping my hair when hitting the right spots, I start to pleasure her.
“I’ll see you soon , don’t be worried. is taking very good care of me, everything is good here.” And she hung up, letting a soft moan leave her lips when putting her phone away. I wonder if knows how good I am at taking care of her, pleasuring her in every way I know how to.
, you sure know how to make a girl happy. I can do this all day if I have to; just being here alone with you is all I need.”
“God, you’re so gorgeous baby. I love you so much , say you’re mine forever.”
“I love you to ; I’m yours until the end. Nothing is going to change my feelings for you; I just need to feel your love all the time.” We made love twice, before we decided to join the others.
We quickly showered and got dressed, and I watched as applied her makeup; not that she needed any, she was beautiful no matter what. She got up and grabbed my hand, and together we went to face the questions our friends surely would ask us. And I was proud to tell them, that this beautiful and smart girl was mine. And everybody was happy for us, they saw us both really happy for the first time in ages. And the group was completed; we were now four couples having a good time together.
Two years after we got together, I married my dream girl. In front of all our family and friends, we celebrated our love. I had her, the love of my life. And together with our little 15 months old boy, Benjamin, we would be the perfect family.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a little announcement to make.” I looked at my wife, what was it she wanted to share with us now. She looked at me, and I immediately knew it. We were having another baby; I was going to be a dad again. I smiled at her, showing her I knew it.
“I am pregnant again, so little Benji will have a baby sister to play with soon.” She was glowing; it was like she was walking around on clouds. Everyone applauded us, and I jumped up hugging and kissing her.
“I love you so much , you are my perfect angel!”
Five months later, we became the proud parents to Abigail Marie . Our family was complete, and we moved back to to live the quiet family life we both wanted.

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