Ella - Sunset 

squeezed her eyes closed as a gust of wind whorled around her petite body.
She had intended on using her summer holiday to Barbados as an excuse to relax with her friends but instead she was tenser than ever.
Once again she ran the conversation through in her mind. I’m such an idiot she though, reliving the event form that morning.
was the only man had ever truly loved. He supported her through some of the most difficult times in her life and became her closest friend but after all they had been through together, wanted more.
However after the biggest argument of their relationship she feared that she had just ruined her friendship and destroyed any hope of becoming a couple. She gazed blankly into the distance as a stray tear trickled from her crystal eyes.
The sun was just beginning to set into the horizon leaving the sky with orange and yellow streaks that stretched across the heavens. The suns golden beams reflecting in the ocean water. The pier, which stretched from the harbour to the rocky hills on the opposite side of the island, was decorated with lanterns that hung high above the ground, illuminating the elegant shoreline.
ran her fingers through her silky brunette locks, tears cascading down her pale cheeks. The roaring waves crashing against the rugged rocks below filled her ears, the fresh salty order tickling her nostrils. Slowly she wandered down the path towards the beach, not leaving her mind for a second.
She wished things could be different, she wished she had the courage to confess her love to him. Inches away from the beaches golden sands she stood still on the hard pebble path. For a few seconds she watched the sun sink further into the horizon before once again closing her eyes. She imagined was standing behind her, his strong body pressed against hers. She thought about his warm hands wandering over her slim body, his lips caressing the curve of her soft neck.
Without opening her eyes, she thoughtlessly stepped out onto the beach. Her heals sank into the soft sand, small grains working their way between her perfectly pedicured toes. She widened her fingers making a gap were ’s would fit perfectly as she continued to stroll down the seafront. Her long white dress glided elegantly around her legs in the evening breeze, her hair tumbling through the air.
Suddenly she was disturbed from her thoughts by the sound of her name being called in the distance. She instantly recognised the voice from the soft Irish accent that never failed to send shivers down her spine.
She spun around, shocked to see the love of her life sprinting down the grassy embankment towards her.
?” she asked her eyes wide.
I’m sorry” he announced, stopping a few meters away from her.
gazed at , pleading with her for forgiveness.
Her long brown locks tumbled down in a mass of glossy waves, perfectly framing her delicate face. could tell she was upset from the glistening of her distant eyes.
“Sorry? You have nothing to be sorry for .” She lied, tears resting on her eyelids, threatening to stream down her face. She could feel her heart thundering against her chest, her head spinning from admiration and confusion.
“Yes, I do.” corrected her.
Slowly, he stepped closer to her until his body was only inches away from hers. Carefully he slipped his hand in hers, their fingers entwining. “I should I have known better” he shook his head remembering the horrible argument. “I really wish I had acted differently.”
could feel a bolt of energy shooting up her arm, his soft skin on hers sending shivers up her spine.
“Then why didn’t you?” she asked suddenly feeling anger bubbling up inside her. She quickly pulled her hand away, unsure of her feelings. She knew she was upset with but she also knew she loved him, too much to hate him.
“You have no idea how hard it was for me to watch you and that girl together, ” she muttered through her uncontrollable sobs. Brushing her tears away with the palm of her feminine hand, she turned to face the ocean. “You broke my heart” she whispered not sure if would hear. Part of her wanted him to know how hurt she felt, the other part wanted to run and hide from embarrassment.
“I’m sorry” said softly after a moment’s pause. “But that girl, I know nothing about her, it was just fun, I swear.”
spun around, a confused expression washed over her face. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying nothing was going to happen between me and that girl.” sighed exasperatedly “.....because I love you”
gasped loudly. Her hand shot to her mouth, her eyes wide from shock. “You Love me?” she stuttered, tears of joy and anticipation filling her eyes.
didn’t reply, instead he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. She could feel his soft lips caress her own, his hands gently gripping her arms. She groaned quietly as his warm tongue traced the outline of her mouth. Reluctantly they pulled apart, her face tingling where his lips had been only moments ago. Leaning forward again, placed his hands on ’s delicate cheeks, his thumbs caressing her hair line.
“Yes, I love you, I waited so long, I was afraid to tell you in case you didn’t feel the same but I can’t hide my love any longer”
was speechless.
No matter how hard she tried no words could describe the sensational feeling inside of her. She replied to the love of her life by cushioning his lips with her own.
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