Fighting For Love
By Erin

lay in bed watching the girl of his dreams sleeping peacefully next to him. She was beautiful and amazing; he couldn’t imagine himself with anyone else but her. But their relationship had been hard to come by, it was an uphill battle to be together, but so worth it in the end.
They came from different worlds, she was an uptown girl and he was a backstreet guy. But their love for each other was undeniable and no one was going to stand in the way of them being together and was going to make sure of that today.

They were best friends all through elementary school and junior high, but once high school started and they became teenagers things had changed, their feelings for each other turned to love and the young friends were soon young lovers.
came from a rich family, her father being a prominent business man who owned a large chain of hotels and restaurants. He was a well known and respected man in the community. His only downfall was he couldn’t see past his own nose some days especially when it came to his daughter’s happiness.
came from a big middle class family. His parents were known for having big hearts, helping those in need, ready to give you their last dollar if need be.
’s father had not been happy with her friendship with , he thought it was a phase that she would eventually grow out of, but she never did. He was furious when they became a couple, but sat back and watched hoping she’d eventually come to her senses and break things off with him. He did his best to introduce her to boys her age that were from upper class families, but she turned her nose up at them, stating that she wasn’t interested and that her heart belonged to someone else.

Leaning over he placed a soft kiss on her shoulder as he gently stroked her arm, slowly waking her from her slumber. “Wake up Sleeping Beauty” he whispered in her ear.
stirred, rolling onto her back, her eyes slowly opening. “Morning” she smiled seeing his smiling face and gorgeous eyes twinkling at her. “You ready for tonight?” she asked, running her fingers along his arm as she cuddled up to him, her head resting on his chest as he played with the ends of her hair.
“It’s going to be a great day” he smiled. “We’re back in our hometown, performing a show for the town that supported us from the start. Our families and friends will be there to celebrate it with us…but most of all you’ll be there as well.” He said as he looked down at her, his heart beating with pride for her. “Like you always are and have been since the beginning.”
“You’ll be great” she smiled turning her head to face him. “I’m looking forward to it myself” she giggled “Can’t wait to watch you shake that arse.”
“I can give you your own private viewing if you like” he winked.
“Oi !” she laughed “What am I going to do with you?”
“I can think of something” he chuckled as he began to tickle her causing her to squeal.
stop…we’ve got to meet up with everyone soon.” She giggled gasping for breath.
nodded as he stared into her eyes. “Ok…but I’ll finish this later.” He grinned.
“I don’t doubt it.” giggled leaning in for a passionate, deep kiss.
It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot, the perfect temperature with the sun shinning, clear skies and a light breeze as and arrived at evitz Park.
They walked hand in hand to the tent that had been set up for family and friends to gather in as they waited for the events of the day to start. Anyone who saw the couple together could tell they shared something special, that they were truly in love with the other.
Stepping into the tent was surprised to see her parents sitting at one of the tables chatting to ’s. She looked at , a questioning look on her face. “I invited them” he smiled as he led her towards them, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.
“Mum, dad” said still shocked as she stood by the table, by her side. “What…”
invited us” said her father. “So we accepted.” nodded her head, trying to wrap her mind around how their attitudes about her relationship with had changed.
She listened as her parents and exchanged polite greetings, before drifting off to the day where everything had been blown out of proportion and the family bond had been strained and broken…

“There is no way you are dating !” exclaimed her father. “He is just after your name and money!”
“No he’s not!” protested . “I love him dad and you can’t stop me being with him!”
“Oh I can do plenty” he stated looking angrily at her. “If you want to be with him then fine, pack your bags and leave. The money is gone too, as long as you are with him; you’re not my daughter anymore.”
“Fine!” shouted as she left the room. She made her way to her bedroom, packing all she needed and could into her bags. As she descended the steps she saw her father waiting for her. “I’ll come get the rest of my stuff later” she replied as she walked to the door, slamming it behind her. As her tears fell from her eyes, she made her way across town to ’s house, where his family welcomed her with open arms.

Six months later, Westlife was formed and signed to a contract. spent her time helping out at the household as her way of saying thank you to them for giving her a place to live and once Westlife was big enough she and had found a place together. The bigger Westlife got the more was seen with and becoming apart of his world right along with them, their love blossoming more and more everyday.

“Lads I need you on stage for sound check” bellowed Louis from the front of the tent.
gave a quick kiss before walking off with the lads. looked at her parents, still unsure as to what to say to them. “Let’s go for a walk” suggested her mother as she stood from the table. could only nod and followed her out of the tent; they walked until they were out of sight of the stage before her mother spoke.
“Surprised to see us then?” she asked looking at her daughter. nodded still unable to find her voice. “Figured you would be” she smiled.
“I know invited you…but why are you really here?” asked . “If you’re here to lecture me about being with him you can save your breath. I love him and nothing is going to change that. These last three years have been the best of my life. I’ve never been happier.”
“That’s not why I’m here” replied her mum. “I know that myself and your father hurt you by pushing you away for choosing to be with him…we were wrong. I see the love you two share in every magazine article I read, every picture, every interview. I can’t stand in the way of that…I’m just sorry it took me so long to see past my nose. I missed out on so much with you and your relationship with .”
“You mean that?” asked close to tears.
“I do” smiled her mother. “And everything will make perfect sense tonight during the show” revealed her mum.
Once and her mum were out of sight, her father followed the guys towards the stage to watch the rehearsal. His daughter was about to get the biggest surprise of her life tonight, and he was happy that he was going to be there to witness it. He admired for his honesty and commitment to his daughter.
He had always been worried that was only with her because of her money and namesake, but had proved him wrong, he had made a name for himself, was famous in his own right, with money of his own. If was the one to make his daughter happy for the rest of her life…then that was fine with him, all he wanted was for her to be happy and who was he to stand in the way of that?
As and her mum made the walk back towards the tent, they heard a faint shout in the distance. Looking to where the voice had come from smiled as she saw a young girl approaching them. “Hi” said as the young girl, around the age of twelve stood before her.
“Hi” she smiled shyly.
“What’s your name?” asked
“Meghan” smiled the brown haired girl with braided pigtails.
“It’s nice to meet you Meghan?” smiled “You coming to the show tonight?”
“Yeah I am” she smiled. “Can I get a picture with you?”
“Sure” smiled . “Mum, can you take a picture of us?” she asked handing the camera to her mum. “Smile big” giggled as she wrapped her arm around the young girl’s shoulders.
“Thanks so much” smiled the girl.
“You’re very welcome sweetie” said as she hugged the young girl. “Enjoy the show tonight.”
“You’re the nicest girlfriend of all the band” said the girl as she looked up at , who blushed slightly. “And the prettiest.”
“Thank you” said nodding her head, she couldn’t believe the compliment she had just received, none of the fans had said that to her in the four years Westlife had been around and it meant so much to her, especially with it coming from someone so young.
That evening as everyone was preparing for the show, went looking for . “Babe what are you doing back here, you should be in your seat” he said as their hair stylist was spritzing his hair with hairspray.
“I just needed to see you quick” she replied. could hear concern in her voice, almost like she was unsure of something.
“What’s wrong?” he asked approaching her. “What’s bothg you?”
“I don’t understand my parent’s sudden change in their opinions about us…it’s been three years and now they decide to come to a show…to talk to me.”
smiled as he embraced her in a hug, feeling her body slump against his. “Trust me, everything will be fine.” He assured. “Now you need to get to your seat” he smiled as he kissed her. “Dave can you escort my beautiful lady to her seat” he called towards their body guard. “I’ll see you soon” said .
As everyone was taking their seats, went over his plan one last time with the guys, wanting things to go as smoothly as possible. “It’s going to be fine ” assured . “Stop stressing, we’ve got your back.”
“I really appreciate this guys.” He smiled nervously, he’d never been this nervous about a show in his life.
“No problem mate” smiled patting him on the back. “You’re doing the right thing and she’s going to love it.”
“Best part is... you got her family here” said . “For that she’ll be truly thankful.”

sat in her seat in the front row, her parent’s sitting on one side of her as ’s family sat on the other, there was a different vibe around the two families, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Hearing the music start, she jumped to her feet with the rest of the crowd, eagerly waiting for the guys to appear on stage.

Her father watched her dancing and singing along. He watched how looked over every few seconds stealing a glance of her and sending her a wink, every song he sang a particular line to her and only her, like it said something about their relationship and only they knew what it meant.
He realized just how much of her life he had missed out on the last three plus years and he was to blame for that. He looked back up at , a smile spreading across his face as he remembered their chat just a few weeks ago; he was a determined young man wanting to do right by the girl he loved so dearly.

“What did you want to see me about?” asked her father as sat in the office of the massive house.
“It’s about ” he said nervously.
“What about her?”
“Mr. , I know you don’t approve of me being with your daughter. I know you don’t think I’m good enough for her, but I love with all my heart and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her by my side.” He spoke honestly.
“Where is this going ?” her father asked, getting a feeling he knew what was coming. Over the years he had come to accept and together, even though he hadn’t spoken to her properly in that time, but knew that one day this conversation would present itself.
“I want to make an honest woman out of her…but I wanted to ask your permission to marry her.” Said , looking up at the aging man. “I’m asking for her hand in marriage sir.”
The two men sat silent, ’s father thinking over ’s words. “Look if you don’t approve that’s fine too” said “But no matter what I will marry your daughter, I just thought I’d go this route first…out of respect” he said as he stood from his seat.
“Sit down ” ordered Mr. . did as he was told. “I think you’re a very brave man to come here and ask for my daughter’s hand in marriage, especially after all that has happened in the past. In my eyes that’s honorable.” He smiled.
“I see how happy my daughter is and I can’t believe that I once tried to deny her of that. So you have my permission to ask to marry you. I have all faith that she’ll say yes.”
“Thank you sir” smiled as he stood and offered his hand. “I promise she’ll be well taken care of.”
“I have no doubts” smiled her father shaking ’s hand. “You’ve already done a fantastic job of that.”

“Alright everyone…we’ve got a bit of a surprise for you tonight” announced to the crowd of screaming fans. “The next song we’re going to sing requires a young lady up on stage with us…”
“So one of us will be exiting the stage soon in search of someone to join us” said giving a wink. “So here’s a fun up tempo for you all.”

Uptown girl She's been living in her uptown world
I bet she never had a backstreet guy
I bet her mama never told her why

I'm gonna try for an uptown girl
She's been living in her white bread world
As long as anyone with hot blood can
And now she's looking for a downtown man
That's what I am

squealed in excitement as the song began.
It had always been one of her favorite covers, she had always thought they had sung it better, but it also was a song about her. She had gotten sick of her boring life and gone looking for someone to change her world, she didn’t have to look far though, as had always been apart of her life from their first day at private school.
appeared before her holding his hand out for her to take. blushed and shook her head no tying to get to move on, but grabbed her arm instead, dragging her towards the stage as the screams grew louder.

And when she knows what
She wants from her time
And when she wakes up
And makes up her mind
She'll see I'm not so tough
Just because
I'm in love with an uptown girl

escorted to the middle of the stage, leaving her speechless before them and the large crowd. So she did what anyone would do, she danced and sang along, after all she knew the moves oh so well after watching the guys perform them for three months or more!

You know I've seen her in her uptown world
She's getting tired of her high class toys

appeared before her, grinning as he held a black velvet box before her. gave him a curious look thinking it was a new prop thrown into the show, she reached for it…
And all her presents from her uptown boys
She's got a choice…
The music stopped as dropped to one knee, the lads looking on as the crowd caught on, their screams even louder than before, almost deafening. gasped as her hand flew to her mouth, tears threatening to fall as she saw down on his knee, the box open revealing a beautiful, sparkling diamond ring.
“I have four simple words to ask you” said as he looked into her eyes, the microphone on his shirt picking up their conversation, broadcasting it to the crowd that had gone quiet. “Will you marry me?” he asked as he held her gaze. All could do was nod her head as she dropped down to her knees hugging him tightly, her tears falling down her cheeks, as the crowd erupted into excited screams.
“What’d she say?” asked having not heard a response.
looked at smiling. “What’s your answer babe…I need to hear it.”
“Yes!” she shouted as she kissed him, which cued the band to start the music up where they had left off.
Uptown girl
You know I can't afford to buy her pearls
But maybe someday when my ship comes in
She'll understand what kind of guy I've been
And then I'll win
And when she's walking
She's looking so fine
And when she's talking
She'll say that she's mine
slipped the ring on her finger, before pulling her up from the floor. Taking her hand he led her towards the front of the stage as he sang to her…
She'll say I'm not so tough
Just because
I'm in love
Leaving her in between and , moved further down the stage, prepared for her to take the cue and do the dance moves.
With an uptown girl
She's been living in her white bread world
As long as anyone with hot blood can
And now she's looking for a downtown man
That's what I am

turned and looked at , giving him a wink as she pointed her finger at him, motioning for him to come to her.
gave her a cheeky smile as he pretended to look around for another person, before he pointed at himself, giving her a look that said “who me?” nodded once again her smile growing wider as made his way back towards her, wrapping an arm around her waist as they finished the song.
Uptown girl
She's my uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl
My uptown girl
You know I'm in love
With an uptown girl
She's my uptown girl
returned to her seat receiving hugs from ’s family before she came to her own. “Congratulations honey” smiled her father as he hugged her. “You know…he came to me a few weeks back…asking for my permission” he smiled.
“Thank you daddy” she cried as she hugged him tighter.
“You’re welcome darling…he’s deserving of you…he’s proved that.”
Once the show was done, and were congratulated by family and friends all over again. approached ’s father before they left that night. “Thank you once again” he said extending his hand out.
“You’re welcome and congratulations, I know you two will be very happy together.”
nodded before returning to , who was being mobbed by his family still, everyone drooling over her engagement ring. She looked up catching his eyes, she smiled warmly at him seeing him making his way to her, pushing his family members out of the way.
“Oi back off the lady!” he chuckled “Not like you’ve never seen her before.” He embraced her in a hug as everyone continued to fuss over the newly engaged couple.
“Let’s go home” suggested taking her hand, leading her out to the car.
couldn’t wipe the smile off his face that night as he cuddled up to her in bed. “Are you happy?” he asked as he held her in his arms. “Happy with our life together?”
looked up at him, placing her hand against his cheek as she looked into his eyes. “I’ve always been happy with you and our life together, my life has only ever been great because you were a part of it.” She smiled, meaning every word of what she had said.
“Babe, I really don’t think I’d be the person I am without you and your families’ influence.” She confessed. “I’d probably be some stuck up rich girl who couldn’t see past her own nose just like my parents…and I’d be extremely lonely and unhappy.”
smiled as he heard what she had told him. “Well now you’ll never be lonely and unhappy…because I’m with you forever and our kids will never have to go through what you did…because we’ll support their decisions in love and life.”
“I love you ” she whispered as she leaned in to kiss him.
“And I love you sweetheart” he mumbled against her lips as he held her close, the new chapter in their life beginning.

The End

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