By Erin

There he stood in the middle of the stage at the O2 London Arena, the opening bars of the song playing, the song that he had written for her, the song she had inspired, causing him to pour his thoughts, feelings and heart out onto paper, the pen gliding over the sheets.

“I’d like to dedicate this song to my special someone, where ever you are tonight.” He said addressing the audience.

He looked towards the family box, searching for her, hoping beyond hope that she had changed her mind and showed up for the show, scanning the faces his heart sank, she wasn’t there. Taking a deep breath he held back the tears as he began to sing…

Never thought that I'd be so inspired
Never thought that I would find the higher truth
I believed that love was overrated
'Till the moment I found you

As he sang he remembered the moment he laid eyes on her. She had taken his breath away with just a smile; his heart had skipped a beat and increased in speed as his hands began to sweat. She was a beautiful woman inside and out, he had learned that more and more with every day that passed and was spent with her.

Now baby I know I don't deserve
The love you give me
But now I understand that

He had been foolish, he let one stupid argument ruin everything…she had walked away from him throwing the engagement ring he had placed on her hand three months before back in his face.

“Do you even care ! Do you even love me?” she asked glaring at him.
“Of course I do!” he shouted back. “You know I love you!”
“You have a funny way of showing it” she snapped, her tears threatening to fall, but she refused to let him see them, refused to allow him to comfort her. He had hurt her.
“Please talk to me” he begged.
“You want me to talk to you!” she shouted “Ok, where shall I begin? Hmm?! Where!?”
“The beginning” he whispered.
“Let’s see…I’ve been your girlfriend for three years now, we’ve been engaged for a month and nothing gets easier! I can’t take it any more ! I can’t handle the press writing stories about me…filled with lies! I’m not the person they make me out to be.”
“What do you want me to do about it?” he asked.
“I want you for once to stand up to them and defend me” she said looking into his eyes the hurt evident. “You know the real me…you know the person I am inside and out…I didn’t ask to be famous it came as a part of you…a package deal.”
“I can’t change that” he said “What do you want me to do? Quit the band?”
“No” she said shaking her head “I want you to speak for yourself and think for yourself, don’t let management do it for you. They don’t even try to address the hurtful things the press says about me…they don’t care.”
“I can’t stop everything that is printed in the papers” he said.
“But you could issue a statement every now and then…stating the truth.”
“If that’s what you want…then ok” he said stepping closer to her, reaching out for her hands.

She looked up at him, she could see the hurt in his eyes, the fear of losing her. “It’s not enough , you need to do it because you feel the need, not because I ask you to do it” she whispered. “Until you can show me that I really do matter to you…I’m…”

“You’re what?” he asked worried now.

“I have to go , I need time away and space.” She said slipping the ring off her finger. “I think this belongs to you” she said as she placed it in his hand, wrapping his fingers around it. “I love you” she said as she placed a last kiss on his lips. “I’m sorry” she whispered, before turning and walking away.

That was three months ago. He was miserable without her; all he could do was mope around, feeling his heart break a little more each day. He had set aside a ticket to every show for her, hoping that she’d choose to come back. He had given her the space she needed, issued a statement to the press and even given an interview, now he was waiting…

If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it's all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing
Doing something right

walked along the tunnel towards the stage entrance, she could hear him singing, the words speaking right to her heart. She felt the warm feeling creeping up in her stomach as the butterflies began to flutter. She was here to be apart of him and his life again., the interview had confirmed what she already knew, that he was all she ever needed no matter what the situation she could handle being with him, through the good, the bad and the ugly. It didn’t matter what the press said about her, because she knew that he loved her for who she was, he knew the real her.

“You ready Miss ?” asked their tour manager Megan.
“Yes” smiled straightening her clothing out for the fiftieth time that night.

With the help of , and , she was going to surprise him, put the smile back on his face and the beat back in his heart.

followed Megan to the side of the stage, hiding in the shadows, waiting for her cue.

It's because of you I feel so lifted
I've been looking at my life from higher ground
Never thought I'd be so elated
You're the one that turned it all around
Now baby, I didn't know myself
Until you changed me
And made me understand that

It was because of her that he felt different about life; she had given him a brighter outlook on it. She had shown him what he was missing in life, helped him change his ways from the man who dated woman after woman, appearing on every magazine cover to being a committed man…one who could love unconditionally. He really didn’t deserve the amazing woman he had fallen for.

If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it's all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing
Doing something right

Receiving a nod from , stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight, receiving a roar from the crowd as camera flashes went off. Those were the people that mattered, the fans that supported her and him together, not the press who tried to destroy them.

Smiling she waved at the crowd as she walked towards him, eager to take him in her arms, tell him how much she loved him.

Hearing the roar of the crowd turned in the direction of the commotion a smile spreading across his face as his heart skipped a beat, she was as beautiful as ever and standing right before him, she was real and not a dream.

He quickly made his way towards her, taking her hand in his as he stared into her gorgeous eyes, singing to her…

And baby I know I don't deserve the love you give me
But I don't really care, cause
If you want me I must be doing something right
I got nothing left to prove
And it's all because of you
So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing (I know I must be doing)
Doing something right (Doing something right)

As their hands joined together he felt that familiar spark, he was alive again all because of her.

“I’m sorry” she whispered looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

“It’s ok” he smiled “I understand everything now…I promise everything will be ok.”

“As long as I’ve got you I have no doubt” she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck, as his hand moved to her waist, pulling her gently against him as they swayed in time to the music.

So if you need me
And baby I make you feel alive
I know I must be doing (I know I must be doing)
Must be doing something right

As the final bars of the song played, approached the happily reunited couple. “I think it’s time you did something with this” said handing a small item.

smiled as he took the item from , looking back at Erin he took her hand, dropping to one knee. “Will you marry me?” he asked holding the ring before her, proposing to her again, for everyone to see.

“Yes!” shouted as he slipped the ring on her finger, returning it to its rightful place.

Grinning from ear to ear, stood, coming face to face with her once again. “I love you” he said as he crashed his lips on hers, the whole arena erupting in screams and applause.

“Well, that’s a great moment for DVD night” chuckled as he pointed at the video camera positioned a few feet away, focused on the kissing couple.

“DVD NIGHT!” shrieked pulling away from their kiss, her eyes darting around the arena as she blushed profusely. “No one told me and I look horrible!”

“Look at it this way” smiled “Now you’ve got the proposal on video.”

“You look beautiful” said “She’s looks beautiful doesn’t she everyone” said addressing the crowd, the biggest smile possible on his face.

heard the roars of the crowd again as the other three lads whistled at her, causing her to blush even more than she already was.

“Once again, I’d like to introduce you all to my fiancée” grinned . “The love of my life, my heart, soul and inspiration…the person who makes my life complete and worth while… soon to be .” He beamed kissing her cheek.

That night stood looking out the window, over looking the London city. smiled as he approached her, slipping his arms around her waist, feeling her cuddle up against him. “I have a confession” he whispered in her ear.

“What would that be?” she smiled turning to face him.

“That song…Something Right…was inspired by you.” He confessed squeezing her tightly. “I really don’t deserve the love you give me babe…”

“But I don’t really care” said finishing his sentence “Because babe, you make me feel alive.”

“So I must be doing something right” he chuckled as he kissed her. “Love you” he whispered.

“I love you too.” mumbled against his lips before capturing them once more in a loving kiss.


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