I'm living to love you
By Mehrnaz

Chapter 1

The sound of the birds singing woke her up, slowly opened her eyes, the sun had lightened up the room.
yawned and got up. She went to window, opening it a light breeze touched her skin softly, made her shiver a bit. In front of her was her garden, dressed in the orange and gold colours of autumn. The sun was shining and you could see how the golden rays made the leaves shining. Little birds were flying from a tree to another one while singing beautifully. In fact, it was such a lovely scene which was able to touch everybody's heart, fill them with an indescribable warm feeling and bring a smile on their faces, if some things hadn't happened a while ago, might have enjoyed this like everyone else, maybe even more, but since 2 months ago, her life had became meaningless, there was nothing which could make her feel fresh, no one who could cheer her up, no goals which worth living for, she was dying inside...
She took a deep sigh and turned to face her bed, one side of it was made perfectly, like it had been from the last three weeks, since the one sleeping on it had left this house and never came back. walked toward the bed and softly touched the pillow, it still had his scent, everything in this house still felt like him, but he wasn't here anymore, he didn't belong here, he didn't belong to her anymore…
Hearing the doorbell ring, made her jump, walked downstairs while quickly wiping away her tears, she took a one last look in the mirror and opened the door with a weak smile upon her lips.
"Hey hun, how are you?" stepped aside, hugging her best friend tight, "Hi . Thanks, how are you doing?" said as they pulled away. "Great" and with that followed her to the kitchen.
"Sit here, I'll make us some coffee" nodded and placed herself on one of the stools while observing her best friend. How much was trying to pretend that she was fine and everything was normal, she couldn't fool her. knew how broken she was. went to coffee machine while talking to her friend, unaware of the fact that was looking at every move she made, wondering how much she had lost weight since the last time they met.
sighed, she hated seeing her friend like that, she hated to see those beautiful eyes losing their sparkle, she hated that sad hint in her voice that was obvious for her although was trying hard to hide it, she hated to see her friend's pain, although she pretended there was nothing wrong.
She knew better than anyone that her best friend was suffering from hurt and pain, she knew her heart was broken in million pieces, she knew as the more days passed, her friend was losing her will to live more and more and she couldn't stand it.
tried to push this thoughts aside so she looked other way, but it didn't help that much as the picture of and him caught her eyes, the anger started to float in her veins, making her heart beat faster, gosh, how much she hated him! He was the only reason for her friend's condition, if he wasn't too stupid to notice what a treasure was, he'd never do this to her, he didn't deserve all this pain was suffering from because of him, he didn't deserve her at all.
"Here you are. Oh my god! What is it?" 's excited voice brought her back to reality, looking confused at her, she saw pointing excitedly to her left hand, seeing the glow of the diamond ring in her third finger, cursed herself for not leaving it at home, this definitely wasn't the perfect moment for to hear the news but it also was way too late to hide it from her.
"Oh, well… erm…" smiled softly. "Well… asked me to marry him." "Wow! Congratulations!" hugged her tight smiling happily, maybe this was the first real smile after a long time, she loved , she loved , they were meant to be and she loved to see them happy. "So, when you're gonna throw your engagement party?" looked at her "We haven't planned a party..." "Come on, hey, you only get engaged once in your lifetime!" "But if I wanna throw a party then…" "Forget about it! One night doesn't do any harms. Besides I can cope with it, you should celebrate your happiness. I'm sure wants this too!" "But , then…" "No buts! I survive I promise!" put on her bravest face and persuaded to celebrate her engagement. She knew that her friend cared about her and she was thankful for that but, she had to think about herself and her relationship with , it wasn't fair if something happened to their relationship because of her own failed one, she didn't want to see her friends sad.
After left, went upstairs to check on her clothes and see whether she needed new ones for party or not, her closet were full of colourful dresses which were mostly his presents, and so many ones she hadn't found a chance to wear yet.
Her hands trailed on the various dresses and grabbed one, she took it and brought it in front of her eyes, that was a black knee length dress, classy but sexy and the moment she smelled the perfume on it, her eyes closed and she drifted into a sweet memory…


looked at the mirror for the final time, everything was perfect, her hair was made up into curly strains and she had wore a light make up, her eyes trailed down, stopped on the dress she was wearing and started to admire it, he sure had a great taste, she smiled to herself.
Looking at their picture on the wall behind her through the mirror, her eyes caught a glimpse of him, leaning on the door frame, dressing in a black suit, a white shirt and a light blue tie which matched his lovely eyes, his hair was spikey and a loving smile was curving his lovely lips as his eyes were checking out his beautiful lady, as their eyes met, he grinned and walked to her, "You look so beautiful…" he whispered huskily in her ear while starting to put soft butterfly kisses on her neck.
"Look at you too! You look so handsome" "Thank you…" he mumbled between kisses.
His lips were travelling to her face searching something and as soon as they found her lips he started to kiss her with so much hunger " … no…" she moaned, "We'll be late…"
"But I can't help… mmm… you are too irresistible…" She giggled and spun around to face him.
"Just wait a few hours then I'll be yours I promise!"
"Aw, that would be a great idea, but… I need something to help me survive these hours…" He came closer to her and their foreheads touched "You know… you can…"
"You are a cheeky man !" and with that she kissed him with all the passion inside of her. He responded the kiss immediately with the same passion and when his tongue demanded to access she pulled away.
"We really are running late." said with a smile. "Ok, ok, I give up… I have to wait…" said with pouted lips, giggled and gave him a quick kiss and they both headed downstairs.
*End of the Flashback*

Tear drops fell on the dress, wetting it. She hugged the dress sobbing hard "Why did you do this to me ? Why did you do this to me?" **********************

Chapter 2
"Hey guys!" entered the studio where four lads were recording a new album.
"Hey honey." jumped and walked to her, hugging her tightly he kissed her with so much passion.
"How are you ?" hugged her. "I’m great, thank you." "Where were you? This boy here missed you so much!" Kian said while placing a kiss on her cheek, giggled as she saw how Kian earned a kick from .
"Ouch , what are you doing man?" Kian shouted in pain" "Ignore them, they are idiots" said with a laugh.
"Hey " the anger started welling up inside of her as 's voice filled her ears "Hey " she said coldly.
She couldn't forgive him for what he had done to her best friend and she couldn't help it but wanting to punch him hard on the face. could sense her feelings toward him and he always tried hard not to get too close to her.
and him used to be good friends but when he ended everything with , all the love had for him turned into anger and hatred.
She never talked to him much and gave him short cold answers, although it annoyed him so much but he was always trying to ignore it and play cool.

"Sooo, where have you been love?" asked as they all sat on the sofas in the studio, took a deep breath and shot a glare, he knew too well where she was and what she had been doing before she came here.
"I was at 's…" she looked back at .
"How was she?" asked her.
"She was…" stopped mid sentence to find the good words. "ok" and shot another glare.
Suddenly 's phone started ringing and he excused himself to answer it.
"Hey babe, how are you?" They all heard his voice as he got out of the room. sighed deeply. held her tight.
"There is no sign of life in her and that's all because of this bastard and his tart" her tears fell down to her cheeks. No one said a word, they all knew what was through, she didn't deserve all the pain she was suffering from, what had done to her was so cruel, they all had showed him that with their actions and words but he was too stubborn to accept that.

woke up with a terrible headache, she had no clue how much she had cried till she fell asleep. She didn't know what time was it now, all she knew was that she had so many dreams, so many sweet and bitter memories played in her mind in her sleep.
From the loving touches and kisses to bitter and cold words of , he had left her life but had never left her mind, the wound was still as painful as it was the time she saw him making love to that girl, when he said that he didn't love her anymore, that was all he wanted… sighed, maybe this wasn't a good idea to make throw a party, she didn't know whether she could face him again or not, sure she didn't want to let him see how bad and hurt she was but she didn't know if she could control herself.
Maybe she would call tomorrow and tell her that she's sorry and she can't make it to the party. 'Yes' she thought to herself.
Then something at the back of her mind screamed that 'You know how much she'll be upset if you don't go? You are her best friend…' right, she had to go, was so dear to her, it wasn't fair to her… took a deep breath and got up. Her head pounded with so much pain and suddenly all the world started to sink in deep darkness. closed her eyes held onto the first thing her hands found to stop herself from falling on the ground, when the pounding went away she slowly opened her eyes.
Looking at her hands she noticed she was still holding the dress. She looked at it with a heavy heart, a big lump was in her throat, but her tears didn't fall down, she felt too tired and too weak to be able to cry.

Chapter 3
"Here we are Miss" the voice of taxi driver disturbed her from her thoughts.
looked at the big posh hotel in front of her, this was it, she knew it would come sooner or later and she had to get used to it, get used to being around him after what had happened between them, she was a big girl, she had to handle it.

Taking a deep breath she slowly walked toward the building, her hair and dress danced with the soft breeze that was blowing. When she said her name to the doorman, he smiled and led her to a big salon.
"Here Miss" he said before he left. nodded thankfully and walked slowly around the place.
The room was full of people, dancing and drinking. All over the place there were smiling faces. It was obvious that everyone were enjoying their time.
She kept on walking till she spotted familiar faces she was looking for.
"Oh hey honey!" waved excitedly to her and walked to her.
"Wow, look at you" said to her, she sure was the most beautiful person at the party.
blushed and held her tight "How's you?" She asked when they broke apart.
"Fine, how are you?" smiled to her.
"Better than ever!" and with that led her toward the others.
"Look who we've got here!" said before he wrapped his arms around and held her tight. "Happy to see you ! Congratulations!" said as she placed a soft kiss on his cheek.
"Thanks, I'm a lucky man!' he said while he put his arms proudly around .
blushed again and smiled lovingly to him. "Sure you are." said with a soft smile. She was so pleased to see them love birds, they were so cute together.
"Missed you so much, where have you been missy?" hugged her "Me too . I'm happy that you are here tonight."
"Gorgeous like always" stated as he took his turn hugging and kissing her. "Thank you , you don't look too bad yourself." said with a smile after they broke apart.
looked at her friends, she really missed being around them, she was really happy to see them and to her relief he wasn't here among them, she knew he'll be soon but now, she shouldn't be worried about it, she should enjoy her time with her beloved one, she should be happy with them, something she was forgetting how to do…

They drank and talked about everything, asked to dance with him a couple of times.
and made sure wouldn't be left alone and still no sign of .
watched as and danced with slow music, the way looked in her eyes, the way he held her tight and the way he kissed her, all reminded of his touches, his kisses, his love…
closed her eyes. She could see and herself dancing slowly to the music.
His hands on her back, stroking her hair, his eyes only fixed on her, like there was nothing else in the world worthy enough to look at, the fire of love burning in those orbs whenever they met her ones, his lovely kisses, caressing her lips with his soft irresistible lips, and his lovely voice could be heard when he said 'I love you' to her with that cute Irish accent…
felt her heartbeat quicken, still the same effect, even by only thinking of him. And a smile unwillingly appeared on her lips.

"…" 's voice snapped her back to the reality, "Are you ok babe?" she opened her eyes, she felt how a tear fell down on her cheeks, she quickly wiped it away, praying he hadn't noticed.
"I'm fine, just been thinking" She smiled softly at him. His face still showing signs of worry. held his hand and stroked it softly.
'I'm fine , I promise. Don't worry, ok?" nodded but she could read in his eyes that he wasn't sure about her mood.
smiled him reassuringly and hugged him. "Don't worry about me , I'm a big girl." She could sense his smile. She closed her eyes and tried to prevent her tears from falling…

was looking at them from the distance, she took a deep sigh which made turn around and look at her worriedly "Are you ok sweetie?" he asked worriedly, just nodded and took another deep sigh.
"What's wrong love?" took hold of her hands and looked directly in her eyes, waiting for an answer, didn't say a word, just pointed to somewhere. He turned his gaze to the place she was pointing for and immediately got his answer. He could see wrapping her arms around and closing her eyes, she looked so fragile, so weak…
"I just hate to see her in this state…" sighed again and continued "She tries so hard to keep it from us, tries to show us that she's able to handle it, but she can't hide the hurt and pain she feels… I'm so worried about her , she's my best friend and I'm so worried about her…"
her voice trailed off and replaced by another heart breaking sigh.
"Me too sweetie, me too…" pulled his fiancée close and tried to calm her…

opened her eyes slowly, she shouldn't worry , she had to act normal, she had to show him that she could handle it. She pulled away slowly and smiled sweetly at him. "Wanna dance?" he nodded slowly, she took his hands and guided him to the dance floor.
As soon as they stepped on it, Do's 'We're In Heaven' started to play, gave her a worried glance "You sure you wanna…" put her fingers on his lips to silent him and whispered "I can handle it…"
She looked around and found him standing near the bar taking a sip of his beer while listening to something was telling him.
His lovely eyes were sparkling, a smile curved up his lovely lips showing off his gorgeous dimples, he sure was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen.
He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of jeans which were causing him to look even more gorgeous.
felt her heartbeat quickened and a smile unwillingly appeared on her lips, she couldn't take her eyes off of that man, he had no clue that he'd captured her heart, all she could see and hear was him, he made her forget the world around her…
"Ok I'm here!" 's cheery voice distracted her thoughts; turned around and found her friend standing beside her. She smiled at her.
"Where are they?" asked looking around the room, trying to get a glimpse of her boyfriend and his mates. "There" said softly.
's face lit up as she spotted them near the bar, she grabbed her friend's hands "Let's go." nodded slowly and both girls headed toward the lads.

was talking to when he felt a painful nudge in his arm, he looked aside and saw pointing somewhere, he looked at that direction and spotted two familiar figures walking toward them, he found it hard to breathe when his eyes captured the taller girl walking beside his friend's girlfriend.
She looked so beautiful like always, she was wearing a white skirt which stood above her knees giving him a perfect view of her long lovely legs and a red top.
Her long hair was covering her bare shoulders, a wavy strand was on her face. was unable to look anywhere else but her, she was all he could see, from the very first time they had met, she hadn't left his mind, he had fallen for her from the start…
Another painful nudge from made him understand that he was staring "Don't!" whispered in his ear, he nodded and got up like others to greet the girls.
They drunk and talked about everything, and left them a little while after the girls had arrived, after a short time and headed to the dance floor to have some fun, "Take your time mate" winked before he follow .
looked at him shyly, smiled at her nervously, she felt her cheeks getting warm and turned her head to other direction so that he couldn't see her blush.
looked at the girl he loved secretly, he wanted to say something but his mouth was too dry to let him talk, he could feel his heart beat faster and his palms become clammy, he looked across the dance floor finding who was gesturing for him to ask her to dance.
took a deep breath and started "…"
She turned and looked at him "Yes?"
's heart melted with her gorgeous smile, he felt his mouth dry again, he licked his lips nervously and tried to find back his voice "Would you like to…. dance?"
felt her heart skip a bit. Was she dreaming or did he really ask her to dance? Seeing him waiting nervously for her reply, she understood that she was awake;
she could manage to say a soft "Ok".
took her hand and guided her to the dance floor. Do's 'We're In Heaven' filled the room.
smiled nervously "I love that song" she said softly and put her hands around his neck, while he placed his around her waist, they started to dance with the music, both could feel their hearts beat over-speed.
stared down at her, finally she was in his arms and he wasn't willing to let go. caught him string at her and she held his gaze with hers, nervously biting her bottom lip. They both couldn't take their eyes off of each other; they could see nothing else but each other's eyes… found himself leaning in, before he close his eyes he saw her face coming closer and her eyes slowly closed.
When his lips found hers a rush of electricity ran through both their bodies, held her tighter and in response she pulled him closer, kissing him back with all the passion she felt for him.
Their lips kissing and caressing each other felt the rightest thing to do.
They didn't need the words, their kiss was telling everything, after what seemed like an eternity they pulled apart slowly, " I'm in love with you…" said out of breath, looking straight into her eyes, smiled shyly, her cheeks flushed..
"I love you too…" he leant in again, he could feel her still smiling against his lips before he let them touch hers once more…

closed her eyes, the scene from the past was playing in her mind, so live… like it was happening now, she tried to push back the thoughts, she had to forget the memories, she had to move on, she had to get over him.
Struggling with a tear drop, trying to prevent it from falling, took a deep breath, she didn't want to upset her friends, she had to be brave…
Taking another deep breath, she slowly opened her eyes, trying to push back the memory when something caught her eyes.
blinked a few times to see whether it was a dream or not, but no change, the figure standing a few meters away from her didn't fade…
felt her heart skip a beat as she studied him more carefully. He was gorgeous like always, a black suit, a dark shirt and a black tie.
His smile never leaving his luscious lips, showing off his cute dimples like always, and his gorgeous eyes didn't stop smiling, felt something inside of her started to shine as she laid her eyes on him, her heartbeat went crazily fast making it hard for her to breath.
sensed something was wrong and pulled away quickly looking carefully at . Seeing her face starting to drain colours and it was like she would fall on the ground every time. "You ok babes?" he asked worriedly.
"Yeah… fine" tried her best to not let her voice shake.
"I think I better go to ladies room…" she released herself from his grip and walked as quick as she could, praying that wouldn't see her.
All she needed at the moment was a place to hide, she felt her knees giving in but she didn't care and ran as fast as she was able to, till she reached the ladies room, locking herself in a toilet she gave in to her knees and fell on the floor, it took all her strength to run away and she had no energy left anymore.
Her heart ached, she was hurt, seeing him was taking all of her and she couldn't help but start to cry. She closed her eyes while she let the silent tears run down her soft cheeks.
"Where is ?" asked when came to them, "I don't know, we were dancing and suddenly she ran away, saying she needs to go to the ladies room"
and shared confused looks, she looked fine, what was wrong? "Guys, I think I just found the reason" nodded toward a figure coming closer.
The others turned around and they met . "Hey guys" he said as he approached them.

Chapter 4

After a half an hour locking herself in the toilet, decided to pull herself together and go to the lads, they definitely were beginning to feel worried about her. She tried to get up but the weakness in her prevented her to do so. She tried once more and came out of the toilet, checking her look in the big mirror she splash some cold water to her face, redid her makeup and put a fake smile on.

was looking everywhere hoping to get a glimpse of her best friend. Finally she was able to see her. "Here she is!" She said out loudly without noticing, causing everyone to look at her way, 's eyes met a tall thin girl in a knee length dark blue dress, the curls fell on her bare shoulders, letting her light skin show itself more perfectly, looking up into her eyes, he could say she was struggling so hard to fight the pain she was feeling inside. He watched as approached slowly, smiling at her, he felt how 's hands grip tightened around his arms.

noticed the smile group watching her, she looked up at them faking a smile, finally her eyes saw something she didn't expect to see, standing there smiling at her with a blond girl by his side, felt the world spinning around her head, she felt her knees giving in and the last thing she saw was 4 pairs of feet running toward her before darkness filled her eyes.

"!!!" shouted scared running to her, when she reached her, she kneeled down, shaking her, trying to wake her up but she wasn't successful.
"She doesn't respond" She panicked; put a protective arm around her, trying to calm her down.
"It's all your fucking fault!" shouted to , didn't know what to say, he was shocked seeing fainting in front of his eyes, he felt something cold filling his heart.
grabbed his phone calling the Emergency. kneeled down beside her, " wake up please." He begged but still no response. People started to gather around them.
"She needs some air" said, his feet uncontrollably led him to her, a strange force made him bent down, take to carry her outside.
"Don't touch her!" shouted to him, looked at her and saw her eyes burning with hatred, grabbed his hand, pulling him back and sending glares to 's direction who ignored her, lifted up, carried her outside, he was followed by , and .
wanted to follow them too but didn't let him, she took his hand more firmly."Let go of me" he looked at her "No! What does it have to do with you?" She asked with an angry hint in her voice.
silenced for a moment, yeah, she was her ex girlfriend, they weren't even friends, he was sure he didn’t love her any more… but… he wanted to follow her so badly, he was so worried about her and didn't know why. Looking at once more he realised that she was right, he nodded and they both headed to his car.

Pacing the room, wasn't able to calm down, others were the same, was sitting on a chair taking his head in his hands and was trying his hardest to calm a crying in his arms, he was worried too, what did exactly happen to ? She was doing fine.

As the door opened all their head turned to the doctor entering the room. "How is she?" asked walking to him.
got up and joined him, "She's ok. Just needs to rest and relax more, she's a bit weak and it's not healthy for the baby" Everyone stepped dead in track. "Ba… baby?" managed to ask.
"I take it as you didn't know about it!" Doctor smiled warmly. "Yeas, she is pregnant for about 14 weeks, though the baby's too weak considering the mother's condition. So who is the father?" 's eyes filled with hatred. "It has no father" she said trough gritted teeth; the doctor looked confusingly at her but didn't say a thing "Can we see her?" asked worriedly, "Sure" he smiled and went out of the room.

woke up for what seemed like tenth time at night, his eyes tired and sore but his mind too awake, full of pictures of her on the floor. She looked so weak, so fragile, but yet she looked beautiful, so innocent, and suddenly he had felt an urge deep inside to go to her and touch her, hold her tight… got up; he tried to block the thoughts, they were confusing him. He took a look at fast sleep beside him, was history, he shouldn't think about her anymore, was his girlfriend now and he loved her so much. Yes he loved her so much she and no one else. laid down on the bed holding her from behind nuzzling his face in her hair, "I love you baby" he assured himself once more, his eyes slowly closed and he drifted into sleep dreaming about another girl who was once in his arms…


Chapter 5

"?" said softly, opened her eyes slowly seeing four pair of eyes staring down on her.

"Hey…" she said softly, giving them a weak smile, , and nodded relieved to see her opening her eyes. took her hand stroking it soft and lovingly.

"You ok hunnie? What happened?" "Sorry for worrying you guys…" she was ashamed of herself.
"No problems sweetie, knowing you're ok calms us" smiled reassuringly.
looked at , guilt playing all over her face "Sorry for ruining your party…"
"No probs hun, the important thing is that you feel better." said with a smile, "It was a total mistake, I should've thought about it more." said with a lump in her throat,
"No, I shouldn't have come, I'm so sorry…" 's tears started to roll down on her cheeks.
"Don't." said trying to control herself. She squeezed her hands and stroked her hair, placing a loving kiss on her forehead.
The three men looked at this scene, all feeling heavy hearted and sad for the girl lying in a bed in front of them. "You didn't tell us about the little one" smiled trying to lighten the mood a bit. "I didn't know about it either" whispered trying to stop crying.
"Hard to notice when you had lost this much weight." smiled squeezing her hand trying to calm her. Nobody said a word for some times.
"What are you gonna do about it?" asked out of the blue. didn't answer, gestured for to be quiet. Silence filled the room, no one knew what to say or do next.
The door opened and a nurse came in "I think you better leave, she needs some rest" she smiled softly watching as everyone gather around 's bed to say goodbye to her.
held her tight, "May I spend the night here?" she asked the nurse, she nodded but shook her head, "No hunnie, go home, you are tired as well." "Yeah, she's right, go home with , I'll stay the night" said quickly, wanted to protest but he didn't let her
"You can't stay here on your own. We're not gonna leave you alone anymore"
"I'm fine , I promise"
"No missy, let him stay, this way we wouldn't be that worry."
said as he held her, giving her a peck on the cheek. nodded silently. approached for a hug and kiss "Don't worry about anything, just rest" he whispered in her ear, looked at him seeing him smiling reassuringly at her. She nodded and gave him a little smile.
"I'll be back in a minute" said before he followed the others out of the room.
As soon as the door closed behind them burst "That bastard…" "Shh... calm down sweetie" held her tight "I hate him! He makes her miserable!" 's tears were rolling down.
"Should we tell ?" asked as a matter of factly. "Dunno." said shrugging.
"He has right to know…" started but was interrupted with an angry "He has no right! He just left her, he broke her heart and went and left her with a baby! He's a total jerk!"
"Ok, we talk about it later." said gesturing for and to drop it.
They nodded "Yeah, now is not a good time, we are all shocked from the news" said softly "You better go get some rest. We'll find a good time to talk about this"

So many things filled her head, closed her eyes trying to take in what she was just told. She was having a baby, 's baby. She was now responsible of another creature growing inside of her, something that and her had made together.
She felt the tears fill her eyes, it wasn't the right time for this, she never thought about becoming a mother in such situation. She never thought of becoming a single mum. Was she able to take care of it? To support it? Let it grow? Would she become a good mother for her child?
put her hand on her tummy stroking it softly, "Hey little one, dunno if I would be able to make a good mum…" her tears didn't let her continue, sobbed and let the tears come freely, never in her life she felt empty and broken hearted. All she needed now was him to be here, help her get through all this, assuring her that no matter what happens he'll stand by her and their baby and that he loves them both so much…

was about to take hold of the handle when he heard the heart breaking sobs of , he felt how his heart sank, she didn't deserve all this pain, all this hurt that had put her through, she was miserable enough without him and now carrying his baby was an extra burden on her shoulders.
didn't know whether she's able to handle it or not, can she take care of another person, is she capable of raising a child who'll look like ? … oh God how much he wanted to punch , let him notice what had he done to , make him feel sorry for being a jerk toward her. sighed, he couldn't just let find out about the baby this easily, had to make the decision and all he could do was just standing by her through everything.


Chapter 6

"I'm fine , really! No need to do this" protested, had planned to pay the hospital to take care of her for a week. "Please don't do this! I wanna go home, I hate hospitals, they make me sick!" "But honey you need professional help, I just can't leave you be!" "But I'm able to take care of myself!" tried once more, looking at him with pleading eyes. ", please…" finally gave up. "Ok but…" "Thank you!" jumped and hugged him tight before he could find a chance to say another thing to her.

Letting the hot water pour down on her, she tried to clear her mind from everything, wash away her tiredness and worry, she stood there with her eyes closed, silently listening to water coming from the shower and enjoyed the soft touch of water drops on her bare skin...

stretched herself as much as she could, the water drops touching and tickling her naked body giving her a feeling of freshment, she closed her eyes and the pictures of the night before came in front of her eyes, his touches always send goosebumps to her body, he was perfect, his kisses full of emotion, his hands doing magic turning her on like only he could, his body on her, he inside of her… oh God how much she loved him. He was all she needed, all she wanted, he was the one…

Feeling a pair of hands holding her waist startled her, suddenly felt how two soft lips put a lovely kiss on her shoulder, she smiled to herself, typical , he always spent as much as time he could in her company when he was at home. turned around to meet the most beautiful sparkling eyes in the world, the eyes of her lover.
"Morning sweetheart, woke up in an empty bed, couldn't find my lovely lady to get my good morning kiss from her!" "Oh sorry, didn't want to wake you up." said before she leant in to give him a little kiss. "Morning y" she smiled as they pulled away, "Morning gorgeous" he smiled at her lovingly and held her to him "Now you got your kiss, so what are you gonna do next?" her eyes wandered down on his body, admiring all the lovely features, he was so handsome, the little water drops on his bare skin made him even more sexier, it all was turning her on.
's gaze travelled from his gorgeous manly chest to further below just to find him enjoying the sight in front of him as well. She moved her gaze up and looked at those luscious lips she never got tired of kissing.
looked at the beauty in his arms, a naughty smile on his lips. He grabbed her chin making her look at him in the eye and moved his face a bit closer to hers, "This…" he whispered before letting his lips meet hers, it was soft kiss at first but after tightened his grip around her, it became more passionate.
"Mmmm" whispered while she put her hands around his neck pulling him to her. The water drops were falling and touching the young lovers, blessing them. and lost themselves in each other, enjoying their kiss. Slowly 's hands let go of her waist and started to travel all over her body, taking in every inch of it and touching her the way that drove her insane.
"I love you …" he whispered slowly in her ear.
"Me too , me too" smiled softly against his lips before letting them capture hers once again…
*End of the Flashback*

got out of the shower after an hour, during the shower he had been drifted into memories from the past, memories from her. His mind was full of thoughts that he didn't hear say Good morning. looked at him with question in her eyes; he looked so distracted, so lost in thoughts. She shrugged her shoulders before heading to the bathroom.

While putting on his clothes a thought crossed from 's head, as soon as he finished his dressing he grabbed his coat and car keys and went out of the house.


Chapter 7

Non stopping sound of the buzzer woke up, he opened his eyes and looked at the clock only to find out it was 8 am.
"Shit! Who the hell can be in this hour?" his eyes shot open, what if something bad had happened to and it was or ? They were supposed to stay with her.
He reached the door and opened it, seeing who it was made him sigh in relief.
"Hey mate" said in a low voice.
"Hey , what are you doing here out of your bed in this hour?"
"I need to talk to you" his voice was cold.
nodded "Come in then" he opened the door further to let him in. followed him into the kitchen.
gestured for him to sit in one of the stools "Coffee?" he asked.
nodded and watched as made coffee.
"So?" turned to look at him "What's wrong ?"
"I came to see what happened for that day. You guys avoided my calls and texts from that night." 's expecting look fixed on him.
"Well as you know we were busy with . We didn't have time to answer our phone calls or texts." said trying to convince him that this was the only reason they avoided him.
didn't say a thing obviously not buying his words, "So, what had happened to her that kept you this busy?" he tried once again.
"Nothing serious, she's fine now."
"Well, fainting in the middle of a party is not a thing that happens every time and sure if it wasn't serious it wouldn't keep you busy for two weeks" was losing his temper, it was obvious that was hiding something from him, something he felt that was important.
"She's fine mate, just a bit …"
"Filan, don't lie to me! What is wrong wi…" the sound of the doorbell didn't let continue.
went to the door before could say anything else.

"Hey" found out it was and .
"Come to the living room, 's here too!" whispered to them.
waited till led them to the living room; he followed them silently without letting them notice his presence.
"So how was she?" he heard ask, "She says she's fine but we all know she's not!" sighed deeply.
"She didn't let me stay with her" said sadly "How the hell am I supposed to leave her alone? She needs to be taken care of" she added.
"I told her the exact same thing but she refused to stay at hospital too and sent me home right after I drove her home. Anyway, did you talk to her about her decision?" heard say.
"Well she says she hasn't decided yet but I think she's gonna keep it, it was always a dream for her to become a mother" said.
felt something hit him hard.
becoming a mother? Were they really talking about ? Did he hear correctly? A thousand thoughts filled his mind but as he heard talk he tried to focus on their conversation "But taking care of a baby is not what she's capable of in this situation and it's his baby we're talking about, it makes the situation even harder for her!"
"Yeah, but I know my friend very well to say she'll keep the baby and unfortunately she's still in love with her baby's father! She can't get over that jerk!"
The reality hit like a lightening, he couldn't believe his ears, he had heard right, so that's what was wrong with her! That was the reason they avoided him, because she was pregnant with his child and they didn't want to let him know.

felt anger building up inside of him. Who they thought they were to keep such an important thing hidden from him? She was pregnant with HIS baby, being a parent was his wish too. He had the right to know it!

"Why didn't you tell me about it?" he burst out walking toward them.
All of them turned to face him, he looked at every each of them with anger, finding all of them shocked to see him here.
"Who the hell you think you are to keep that hidden from me? Why didn't you tell me what's the matter with her?"
"Funny!" answered with the same anger in her voice.
looked at her and saw the fire of anger and hatred burning in them "What would you do about it when we told you?" she asked with sarcasm in her voice .
"It's my baby, she's having my baby, I have to take care of them! I'm responsible for them!"
laughed sarcastically, "Since when do you care about her and what she's through? You were the one who put her in such situation!"
"Shut it! It's my baby we're talking about!"
"Your baby?" walked to him and poked him with her finger on his chest
"Your baby? You have no right to call it your baby!"
"Who you think you are to tell me which right I have and which I don't?" shrugged her hands away.
"Well you don't deserve her and her baby! You better go have fun with that bitch of yours! Leave her alone , you do nothing but hurt her!"
didn't say a thing, he just headed for door.
"Where are you going?" finally spoke.
"She's the only one who says whether I have the right to be her baby's father or not!"
ran to him but took hold of her. she couldn't release herself from him.
"I swear to God if only you go to her I…" the door slammed shot loudly interrupting .
"Let go of me"
"Baby wait, you can't stop him" tried.
"I said let go of me!" shouted finally releasing herself from his embrace.
She ran to the door opening it only to find out had already left.

Chapter 8

stirred, the sun had lightened her room, she rolled on her side putting her hands on his side.
The cold empty place made her open her eyes, she sighed as she found out she was just dreaming. All those hugs, kisses touches and sweet talking weren't real.
She had to accept the fact that he wasn't going to come back to her. She got up from the bed and walked to the window, opening it a bit she shivered from the cold breeze.
wrapped her arms around herself but still feeling cold "Hey little one, you feeling cold too?" she asked while she stroked her tummy.
Not wanting to close the window went back to the bed and grabbed a sheet putting it on, "Better" she said to herself, she looked out of the window while letting the fresh air touch her skin and wake her up.
The fall had already came and was doing what it wants to the nature, saw how the gold and orange leafs are falling down from the big tree behind her window by wind, like it was clearing the tree from lifeless leafs let it rest during the winter so the new lives would grow on it all over again in the spring. though how similar it all was to her situation, maybe she had to let go of his memories, let the time blow like a wind and take this finished chapter of her life with it, preparing her for new things in the life, new people.
"What do you think little one? Should we let go of him and live our life?" she said to her baby. 'Yeah' she heard something in her head say that, 'He's not gonna come back to you, he's just a memory' she closed her eyes to stop the tears from falling, yeah, she had to do this, she wasn't alone now, she was responsible of another person who needed her attention, her love and her support. She had to let go of him and move on with her life for the sake of the baby. Yes, that's what she was going to do.
"I love you so much little one and I promise to take care of you…" squeezed her baby bump, tears running down on her cheeks like the rain drops falling on the window…

stopped the car and put his hand on the steering wheel, he couldn't bring himself to go to her and ask her what he wanted to. He just couldn't. Sighing deeply, he started the car and started driving, he didn't follow the path home, he just drove pointless.

"So, let's find something to eat!" said and stepped into the kitchen, she opened the cabinet doors to make a proper breakfast for herself and her baby. When she wanted to pour coffee in her mug the doorbell rang.
"Hey…" she smiled as she found 3 familiar figures standing on her doorstep.
"Hi…" answered quickly, she looked lost and it seemed like her eyes were searching something. "…you ok?" she asked while observing her friend carefully.
"He's not here, act normal babes" whispered slowly in her ear and gave her a slight nudge. nodded slowly and smiled to .
"Yeah…you are alone?" asked without paying attention to and frowning. Confusion played all over 's face "I mean, isn't Kian here" quickly added.
"Haha no. It was only me and my baby" smiled and put her hand on her belly "Don't you want to invite us in?" asked out of the blue.
"Oh yeah, come in please" nodded and stepped away for them to enter the house but she still looked at them confused.
"So, what you were up to?" asked as he smelled the fresh made coffee in the house, "I was about to have breakfast" smiled "Do you want too?" The look in their eyes showed how surprised they became about her statement.
blushed, knowing full well what they were thinking of but she didn't say a word and headed to the kitchen to bring them some coffee.
"I'll come with you" said before she followed her "Were my ears mistaking or did she really mention the word breakfast?" asked as he and comforted themselves on a sofa.
"No, I heard that too" nodded, "I feel good about it, she talks about the food, so that means she…" "Yeah" said before could finish her sentence.

"So how are you?" asked while she was pouring coffee in mugs.
"I'm fine, thanks, how are you?" looked at her and saw some sparkles in her eyes which amazed her "I feel a lot more better than last night" said with a smile, studied her carefully without letting her suspect, she looked different from yesterday when they left her, her smiles were real and her eyes were sparkly. She looked happier and willing to live. Was it because of the baby?
"You're done?" 's voice brought back to reality, "Yeah, let's go" grabbed the biscuits and followed to the living room.


Chapter 9

stopped the car and got out of it, a cold breeze was blowing and it made him shiver a bit. He ignored it and started walking. Finding a bench, he sat down and looked at the lake in front of him, he had no idea how he'd ended up there, he didn't even know what should do, all he knew was that he couldn't stop thinking of her. Two kids came playing and laughing together. "Lucy. Look at that butterfly" the little boy said to the girl "It's sooo beautiful" she said with amazement. They started chasing the butterfly laughing.

looked at the sun, setting, like it was sinking in the lake and was trying to give as much as light and warmth it could, to the world, before the darkness come and swallow everything in. she took a deep sigh.
"What's wrong love?" asked putting a small loving kiss on her hair. smiled and leaned more closely into him, he in response held her tighter. "Was just thinking…" "Thinking of what?" stroked her soft hair. looked up at him with a loving smile on her beautiful face. Her big brown eyes were sparkly and when looked deep into them, he couldn't help but sink in the emotions they showed to him.
"I was thinking that…" looked deep in 's eyes "thinking that, I can't be more happier than I am right now, in the loving arms of my beloved man watching the most beautiful scene ever…"
smiled and looked at her deeply, could see the fire of love burning in those deep blue oceans, her heart skipped a beat and she felt how a warm fuzzy feeling ran through her body.
opened his mouth to say something when suddenly some sounds startled them.
"Give it to me Troy"
"Come and take it if you can" They saw a little boy teasing a younger girl with the doll in his hand.
She was trying hard to reach him and get it back. They were so happy playing together.
Suddenly something crossed 's head. "But I bet this happiness now, won't compare with the one in future you'll feel when you see our five children playing like these two…"
's expressions changed into a frightened one "five kids? you…" laughed naughtily and started running when he sensed the danger.
"Wait…" shouted and ran after him, they kept on running and laughing till their breath failed them, slowed down trying to regain breath, used this chance to jump on his back.
"Got you..." she said with a happy voice.
"Enjoying ey?"
"Yep" she nodded happily suddenly started running and it made her scream
"Put me down.." she panicked, he didn't seem to care and kept on running till a stone on the ground made them both fall down.
They screamed in horror and managed to fall on him.
"Ouch, it hurt" She opened her eyes.
"You ok…" she stooped midsentence as she met his eyes, still a twinkle in them, it made her cheeks flush red. looked at the beauty on top ofs him, her rosy cheeks was making her more irresistible and he couldn't help it but leaning in and capturing her lips with his own.
"I love you so much" he said out of breath. felt her cheeks getting warmer and she smiled at him shyly "I love you so much too…"

*end of the flashback*

The sound of his phone ringing startled him, saw the screen flashing 's name. "Hey babes" he started talking while he got up and headed to his car.

"Baby you look distracted" said at dinner, didn't say a thing, just continued eating his dinner, "May I ask what is it?" 's voice could be heard.
again didn't respond, he didn't know what he should tell her, sure it wasn't a good idea to just say 'Yeah, you know something, I just can't stop thinking about my ex girlfriend and I just found out she's pregnant with my child.'
"Baby, please say something, I'm worried about you." tried again. sighed. "I'm fine, just a bit stressed… about the new album" he lied quickly hoping she'd buy it. Looking at her, seeing a soft smile on her lips he realised she'd believed him. "It's gonna be just perfect, I'm sure" and with that
got up and went to , she took his hand in hers and squeezed it while she was looking at his face.
"Let me relax you" She said seductively before leaning in and starting kissing him softly, after a while the kiss became more passionate and found himself kissing her back with lots of hunger, the world around him started to fade and his mind went blank.
led him upstairs to the bed without breaking the kiss, closed his eyes enjoying every little touch of those sweet lips on his own, broke the kiss slowly and looked at him with twinkles in her eyes, she smiled before she let her hands wander all over 's body, finding his chest, she slowly started opening his buttons.
moaned slowly and ran his hands on her body, he pulled down the straps of her dress and made it fall on the ground, looked at her shyly and stepped out of the dress only wearing her under wears, looked at her adoringly, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on and he was so proud to have her only for himself.
He stepped closer, taking off his shirt. smiled before letting him capture her lips with his own once more, her hands travelled further below and started to take off his belt while he unclasped her bra…
They kept on kissing and touching, moaning and crying out each other's name when they became one. "I love you " said out of breath.
's eyes shut open, this wasn't what she expected to hear
"You son of a…" she shouted while she got out of the bed.
Grabbing her clothes she left the room as quick as she could. The banging of the front door made startle, his thoughts scattered around and he realised what had just happened.


Chapter 10

took a look at the big room in front of her "I think I need to remove some things from here" she said while thinking what the room would look like when she put some baby stuff in it.
"It's gonna be just great!" said with an excited tone. smiled warmly and hugged her best friend tight. As much as she was trying to be happy she couldn't deny the fact that how much she longed for him to be here and share this moments together, though the lads and were trying hard to be there for her and never leave her side, they were never him…

She startled by the ringing tone of 's mobile. They broke apart.
"It's … hi babes…" said with a loving smile on her face.
left the room to give her the privacy she needed.

The door bell rang as she was walking down the stairs.
"Coming" she said and quickened her pace to the door. Smiling slightly she opened it, thinking it might be or .
"Hiya…" Her smile faded as she recognised the figure on her doorstep. It wasn't or , it was someone she least expected to see.
was unable to speak as he studied her closely, she had changed a lot, her clothes looked oversized, she had lost so much weight and her eyes were less shiny that they were used to be. looked so different from who he used to call his girl.
Was that because of him? Was he the reason of all this pain? He felt how his heart sank at the sight in front of him, the urge of holding her tight came to him again but he tried hard to keep himself, his emotions were still under his mind's control.
"Hey, how are you?" finally he managed to say with a weak voice.
tried to take herself back together. "What are you doing here?" Was all she managed to say, her voice was weak just like his.
"Well…" swallowed hard, sure she would be surprised to see him as he had left the house and had made it clear that he'll never come back. "I thought maybe it's good to come and pay you a visit." He said quickly.
"Oh" was all could say, "Come in" she added and let him in.
"Want something to drink?" she asked as they reached the living room, "Erm… yeah. A coffee would be fine" nodded and disappeared into the kitchen, her mind full of thoughts, why did he decide to come and visit her? Was it just to show they can still be friends? Did he still care about her? Had he found out about the baby? She was confused unable to figure out the reason why he was here. Pouring coffee into the two mugs decided to keep herself together and leave it.

walked around the room. Nothing had changed, it was all the same, except for something was missing, he tried his hardest to find out what it was, he studied everywhere carefully and then he found his answer on a table next to the wall, he approached it and a cold feeling crept over his stomach as he looked at the pictures of them been removed from the walls.
took one of the frames in his hand and looked at it, the memories from the past ran into his mind, he could see a very much in love and himself in each other's arms smiling to the camera, they looked so happy, both had sparkles in their eyes. felt his heart beat faster as he studied in the picture, she was so happy, full of life and so beautiful. Her hair was loosen on her shoulders, her eyes smile with her and her soft hands were on his, all the pictures of them kissing and hugging came in front of his eyes, oh god kissing her always felt the rightest thing in the world, every little thing she did always made him fall even more for her.
And he knew too well that despite what had happened between them he had never stopped loving her 'And you're not willing to stop loving her either' a voice in his head told him so, sighed as the truth hit him, yeah, the only reason for him to come here was asking her to forgive him and giving him a second chance. He had made a big mistake and he couldn't deny it anymore…

"Here" put the mug on the table in front of him and sat on a chair.
"Thank you" softly said to her, she nodded in answer.
He looked at her, he didn't know how to start what he was gonna tell her, all of a sudden his mind went blank and he felt his throat dry. He took a sip of coffee still looking at her.
felt his eyes on her but she kept staring at her coffee in her hands, she felt uncomfortable with the situation, she knew the silence needed to be broken but she didn't know how to do it, what to say. She took a sip of her coffee in silence.

"So…" tried to start something, looked at him and it made him lose his courage to say a word.
God, she didn't know what effect she had on him, took a deep breath and tried to pull himself back together, he needed to be strong. "How are you?" He said softly. uncontrollably put a hand on her belly.
"I'm fine thanks" she said merely as a whisper. felt his heart skip a beat from the scene in front of him.
"You've changed a lot" he nearly kicked himself for what he had just said.
felt her heart ache, anger started to build up inside of her, so that was the reason why he had came here? See her weakness? "Yeah you know I thought maybe losing some weight would be a good idea…" she answered sharply "No no, I didn't mean that…" he started to talk, angry with himself for his foolish words "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…"
" said he's gonna be here in a few minutes…" broke off by the scene in front of her, the expression of her face changed "What the hell are you doing here?" She said through gritted teeth.
"I came here to talk to her" answered with bitterness in his voice, the last thing he needed now was an angry to start fighting with.
"Didn't you hear me telling not to come and bother her?" she took a step closer to
"And I said what I'm gonna do is none of your business, it's all between me and her…" got up from his seat.
"You jerk, just get out of here right now"
"No, I won't" turned to "Look I knew I was wrong, I'm so sorry…"
"I said leave her alone…" ran to him trying to hit him but she failed as was way too stronger, he grabbed her hands "I said it's none of your fucking business" he said close to her face and then pushed her away and went to .
"Babes, listen to me please..." he started pleading with her. felt a sharp pain in her tummy "Don't listen to this jerk!" screamed
"Stop it guys" shouted, the three of them looked at him on the door step, "Can you stop shouting and screaming?"
"But this jerk…" felt the pain increasing "Babes it's all between them!" didn't let her continue.
looked shocked "What did you just say?" this surely wasn't the kind of answer she expected from her fiancé. "Didn't you hear him?" snapped at her.
glared at him and opened her mouth to answer.
raised his hand to stop them "I said it's all between them and none of our business" smirked. "But I won't let him hurt her again!" She shouted to him "And I thought you're on my side!" She put her finger on 's chest. He grabbed her hand in his. "Baby knows …" pushed his hands away.
"Don't you dare calling me baby…" felt another sharp pain and she felt how her feet start to give in, she grabbed the chair.
The world started to spin around her head. She felt her chest tighten and wasn't able to hear them anymore. All she knew she needed now was fresh air, she tried to walk to window with the strength left in her. Another one, it made her scream.
, and noticed it and turned her heads to her.
"Baby you ok?" panicked. and ran to her, was faster, he took her in his arms, took a deep breath and tried to talk. "Air… I need air…" She whispered.
"Open the window" said to , who nodded quickly and ran to the window, carried her to the window, another pain. The tears started to run down 's cheeks. "Ssshhh, you're gonna be ok."
tried to soothe her, he put her on a chair next to the window and started to stroke her hair, a cold breeze made her shiver but she felt like a new life has been given to her. She took a deep breath, she felt the world start to reappear, another deep breath, her stomach still ached, she put a hand on her tummy and started to stroke it softly.
She breathed again, "Ssshhh, No one's gonna hurt you hunnie…" she said softly to her baby, it was like the baby sensed her as she felt more calm and the pain was fading. She kept on breathing and whispering to her tummy, her face was showing a more relaxed expression, she was feeling better with every breath. No one said a word, all of them just stared at her with worry.
felt the aching in his heart, he hated himself for what he had done and he knew he shouldn't stay here any longer, he was not needed… he sighed and went to the door, noticed it and looked at him "Never come back again" she mouthed when their eyes met. didn't say a word but got out of the house.
got up from her chair and slowly went to the garden "Babes where are you going?" said worried. "I need to be alone for a while" She softly whispered, "But…" "Shhh, let her go, she's gonna be fine." said softly to her, just nodded and snuggled up in 's chest.
started the car, his mind full of things and his heart aching from what had happened in her house, he wasn't able to think of something else but her, her picture was all over his mind... sitting by the window, stroking her tummy while the wind was playing with her hair, making it dance in the air. She looked angelic and every time he laid eyes on her his breath failed him, his heart skipped a beat and he found himself unable to look at somewhere else. He could feel a great urge to run to her, hold her in his arms never let go and kiss her with so much passion.
His heartbeat quickened… but suddenly a cold feeling crept over, filling him with disappointment and sadness, he wasn't needed anymore, she was better off without him…

The ringing tone of his phone startled , he looked at the display and saw 's name flashing on the screen. He stopped in a one side and took the phone in his hand. Deeply in thoughts he stared at the phone in his hand. A voice deep down started to shout something, 'Don't give up this easily….'
sighed and kept on walking, all she could hear was the sound of the leaves beneath her feet. Her mind full of things, what happened today was confusing her, she didn't know what to do… the cold wind made her shudder and she pulled her sweater closer to her body, there was something about him, something in his eyes, in his voice… she could sense the pain… and his arms when he held her, when he caressed her… she could feel the pain decreasing… a voice deep down told her what she didn't dare to say. 'You both need him…'
knew it was right, she couldn't deny it but she still couldn't forgive him, forget everything that easily "What should I do now?" she whispered to herself, "What should I do?" she said a little louder, her voice was shaking, she felt lost, she felt helpless, she felt miserable. "What should I do now?" She shouted, a single teardrop fell on her cold cheek.
"I'd be honored if you just let me try…" didn't move, just closed her eyes, " I know I was jerk all this times, I know what pain I put you through, I know I don't deserve your love and forgiveness…"
stood in front of her "And I know very well if you don't want me to be part of your life, or this baby's anymore…" his desperate look fell on her face, feeling a sharp pain in his heart, "But…" he took a deep breath "But if you just give me a second chance…" he said unsure of her reaction. Still no answer, grabbed her hands. They were so cold, he started to stroke them "Please…" he whispered.

"I don't love you anymore… just give me a second chance… bye … I think I'm in love with her… will you dance with me… I love you… Goodbye forever…" her head was full of his voice, from all this times, what he had said to her, what they had done together, all of their memories came in front of her eyes. looking at her, kissing her, adoring her, singing to her, holding her, leaving her…

"I was wrong , I never stopped loving you. Please give me a second chance" his pleading voice float in her head, making her heart go crazy and her blood rush through her veins.
"Hunnie…" she felt how anger started to build up in her, he was a jerk!
"Don't hunnie me you…" As opened her eyes, she was unable to continue. She just stayed there, looking at him, her mind stopped working as she saw the hurt in those beautiful eyes, she felt how her heart started aching, her hands lost sense and she dropped them.
felt another warm teardrop falling on her cheek and it followed with another one and another… she felt how two familiar arms held her and how she put her head on that strong chest, she could feel a double paced heart beating inside.
The wind blew and moved the lifeless trees, making some birds fly around the couple standing in the garden holding each other and crying.


"You ready hun?" saw her dad popped his head in the room, through the full length mirror, she took one last look at her reflection, pulled the veil over her face and slowly walked to her dad.
"Yeah" she said softly. Her father looked at her "You look beautiful" he smiled and let her step out.
noticed how a pair of eyes stared at her with amazement "You look fantastic mummy" Rosie said adoringly.
smiled at the 3 years old and bent down to give her a kiss, "You too little princess" she straightened her daughter's clothes and stroked her long brown hair, "Come on hunnie, it's your turn" reached out for Rosie and winked at .
"See you sweetie" watched as Rosie disappeared into the big church.

The big wooden doors opened and everyone's heads turned to look at the little girl in light pink dress holding a bunch of white roses. When Rosie's eyes caught a glimpse of her dad, a smile appeared on her lips, which made her gorgeous dimples noticeable on her cute face. She walked down the isle to him.
When she approached, bent down to kiss her "You look lovely princess" "You have to see mummy" she whispered with a twinkle in her eyes, smiled and winked at her "Can't wait."

When he stood straight, the big doors opened once more just to let enter with her father, inhaled deeply from the vision in front of him, she looked like an angel in that white dress.
His heart skipped a beat from the thought that she was his. smiled shyly and took his hand that had reached out for her. Staring into each other's eyes, smiling lovingly they promised to love and cherish each other, stand together through the hard times, share the pain and laughter, till death do them apart.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride"
's eyes caught a glimpse of Rosie sitting on 's lap staring at them with a big smile on her face, she saw , and smiling and wiping her happy tears.
She then turned to face , just to see the fire of love burning in his eyes and he smiled lovingly at her.
"I love you Mrs. , forever…" smiled happily as he lent in to kiss her.

The End

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