Never ever let me go
By Mehrnaz

"Nicky mate, you sang out of tune again, lads, we take this verse one more time" their producer said, sort of angry.
"Dammit!" Nicky cursed under his breath.
It was the third time already he had made a mistake during the recording. He wasn't able to concentrate on it. All he could think of was her. Her soft voice sounded in his ears calling his name, telling him that she loved him, that she would never leave him. Every time he closed his eyes he could see her. Her long dark brown hair danced with the wind. Her brown eyes were shining. He could see the fire of love burning in them. He shook his head, trying to stop his thoughts.

didn't belong to him now. He, like an idiot had let her go. Now it was too late for him to make it up to her. She was gone and it was his fault! If he just didn't become this obsessed with his job, if he never took her for granted, if he listened to her carefully instead of shouting at her, she was now with him, in his arms.

took a look at Nicky. He was so different after breaking up with . So sad and disturbed. He knew how his best mate's life had been changed after that fight. He could remember how after all that shouts and screams went out from their hotel room, with her eyes full of tears and without saying anything she left. At first Nicky was too stubborn to admit that he missed her but after some days you could see the effects of her leaving in him. He had become more quiet and disturbed.

"Nicky, we need to talk buddy" said after the song had finished.

Nicky just nodded and followed his mate to the other room. shot the door behind them and turned to face him. "Nicky, mate, you look quite different. So disturbed. You know how many times we had to repeat that song recording? What's wrong with you?" Nicky looked down, was right; he was messing with the band. "I'm so sorry. I promise that would never happen again."

"Nicky, it’s not what I want to tell you. I'm so concerned about you. You're not the same Nicky anymore. You've changed and it's worrying me!" Nicky didn't look up. "I know its ." Nicky was silent.
looked at him. "Nicky…"
"I'm such a fool! I just let her slip away from me! I let her go! She was the best thing that ever happened to me and what did I do? I just upset her, hurt her and let her go!"
Nicky broke down, he started crying, something he had never done before. was so sad for his friend, he hate it to see him this way.
"Nicky… Nicky look at me." Nicky looked at him.
could see the pain in his blue eyes. He looked at his heart broken friend "If you're this sad, so … why you don't try?" Nicky sighed. "She definitely hates me by now."
"But she still loves you. I never seen a couple this loved up. She's hurt, yes. But she loves you deep inside."
"I can't . I don't have the guts to go to her and ask her to take me back."
"But Nicky… answer me, do you still love her?" Nicky was crying in silent.
"Nicky, Come on, Do you still love her or not?"
"She hates me…"
"NICKY! Just answer me! DO YOU LOVE OR NOT?"
"Yes" Nicky softly said.
"So fight for her, mate. Fight for your love. Go to her and ask her to forgive you."
"She hadn't answer my phone calls and texts!"
"Try again!"
"No buts! Do what I said. If you love her, if you're truly sorry for what you've done, just go her and ask her to give you a second chance. You can't live the rest of your life like this!" Nicky didn't say anything. He knew that his mate was right. He had to fight for her, he had to let know how sorry he was hurting her, for letting her go.

"You're right ." smiled and without saying anything he hugged him tight.
"Good luck Nico."
"Thanks ." And with that Nicky ran to his car.

looked at the calendar and sighed. She couldn't be more heart broken than she was right now. She missed him so bad. She missed those deep blue ocean eyes, she missed that cute smile, she missed those soft lovely kissable lips. She missed Nicky. He was her love, he was her life. But he wasn't hers anymore. He had changed a lot and wasn't the same person.

He didn't love her anymore. She thought about that fight in their hotel room. It was such a nightmare, the worst nightmare ever. She had just asked for his attention and then the response was Nicky getting angry with her and asking her to go. She wiped the tears coming down from her eyes. He had broken her heart. Yes, he was sorry later and called her so many times, which she didn't answer.

Deep inside she wanted to run straight into his arms, hug him tight and never let him go. She sighed deeply, he had torn her heart apart, hurt her badly. But she still loved him so much and… he was sorry... thought again. Maybe she should… she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when she opened them she had made her decision.

Nicky parked his car near her house. He was so nervous, what if she wouldn't forgive him? What if she didn't want him anymore? What if she was seeing someone else? Of course she had the right. She was a free woman; she wasn't his girl any more. But the thought of being in someone else's arms, being kissed by them and being loved by them scared Nicky. He wouldn't let this happen. She was his life and he would fight for her.

Nicky took a deep breath and went to the door. He rang and waited, but there was no answer. He rang again, still no answer. Maybe she wasn't at home. He dialed her number; all he could hear was her voicemail…

looked at the clock. Why was he this late?

Nicky entered the empty house. He was depressed. She hadn't answered him and even her best friend, Mehrnaz had no clue where she was. He looked around the dark room. The only light came from his answering machine which showed his messages. He pressed the bottom. His mom's voice filled the room: "Happy Birthday love…"

Oh, he had forgotten. Today was his 33rd birthday. If was here they would celebrate it together. Without her he couldn't be happy even on his own birthday. He sighed deeply.

" I'm so sorry babe!" he said out loud and with that tears began to stream down his eyes.

"I know you are." Nicky shot opened his eyes shocked. It was her! It was . Her voice was soft and loving. "?" He called and tried to find her. "I'm here" She smiled to herself.
Nicky turned his head and saw a shimmering light coming from kitchen, he made his way towards where the light was coming from, reaching there, he saw her. Standing in the frame of kitchen door with a beautiful white dress, a cake in her hands, her smiling face enlighten by the candle light, she looked like an angel. Her eyes were glistering. He ran to her, she put the cake on the kitchen table, and without saying any word, accepted his open embrace.

"Honey I'm so sorry. I was a fool..." He whispered in her ear. pulled away and looked at him. She could see the pain and sorrow all over his gorgeous face.

"Promise me never let me go again?" Nicky nodded and said "I love you ." She smiled.
"I love you too Nico." Nicky smiled, it was like a miracle.

He looked deep in her beautiful brown eyes, then leaned in closer and locked her juicy lips in a long passionate kiss. She smiled against his lips and kissed him back. Her hands find their way to his neck and she dragged him closer to her. Nicky put his hands on her waist and pulled her even closer. He was deep in her touch, suddenly she pulled away. Nicky looked at her confused.

She smiled lovingly at him "By the way, Happy Birthday babe! I made you a cake…" Nicky sighed with relief and laughed a little
"Thanks love. You gave me the best birthday present ever by coming back to me!" She smiled and leaned for another passionate kiss. Nicky held her tighter and they got lost in their touch.

His birthday wish had came true even before him blowing the candles.. His life was complete once again.

The End
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