"A ball?" Mark asked shocked.
"Yes, what's the problem mate?" Nicky answered nonchalantly.
"Well, it sounds kinda weird, what's the problem with a normal party?" Mark tried again "Come on Mark, it'd be so much fun!" Nicky pushed further, Mark didn't know what was all the fuss about, the lads had decided to threw a ball for his birthday party saying it's good to be different once, but he wasn't sure that'll be a good idea, though he didn't mind having a change once.
"What's your idea?" Mark asked who seemed to be a bit lost in her own world, he knew she had something in her mind, "Well, I think…" she pressed her lips together showing signs of thinking. "…I think that's a great idea" she nodded in excitement.
"Great! So we're in!" Kian clapped his hands, Mark turned his face to him and didn't see the sparkle in 's shiny eyes and that mischievous grin upon her lips.
"What's in your mind again?" asked as she spotted standing alone in the side of Mark's garden. She was watching the lads swimming in the pool and looked oblivious to the world around her .
"What?" asked after 's words had scattered her thoughts.
"You were thinking of something and I can tell it was a naughty one as there was that smile on your mouth again!" said with a suspicious look.
"No, I don't" used her best innocent face.
"Come on, you know you can't lie to me, so spill it" poked her slightly.
They both laughed, "Ok, ok, I tell you, but you should promise that you won't tell anyone" gave her a warning look.
"You know I'm too well in keeping secrets, see, no one knows you have this big crush on Mar…" she couldn't finish her sentence as 's hands covered her mouth and stopped her from talking.
she looked at her with wide eyes. "What?" giggled.
"You were just about to say it aloud!" whispered.
"Don't worry, they won't hear us, I was careful" she winked at her, shook her head "I see!" she folded her arms.
"Come on, I was careful! Now tell me what you had in your mind?" tried again but just shook her head, "You have to" she playfully hit her.
"Not in a life time" she saw how the corners of her mouth turning up a bit. "But you have to" "No" refused again. "I don't accept 'No'" and with that she started to chase her around the yard.

The loud laughter of the girls made Mark look up everywhere to find them, seeing chasing after while them both were laughing so loud made him smile, they were always like this, so happy with no actual reason and always joking and he always enjoyed spending time with them.
His gaze kept following the taller girl, her long hair was flying in the air as she was running, her eyes were shining and her laugh was so cute, he felt a slight spring in his heart watching the scene, and him was close friends and they loved each other so much.
Though for Mark this feeling had changed long ago, it was a while now that he felt new things for her, like that warm fuzzy feeling he had when she was near or he got chills on his spine whenever she touched him, or like now that her laugh made his heart jump and he knew what they all meant, that he was in love with her.
But he hadn't really found a chance to tell her about his feelings.
Truth be told, he was also a bit afraid of her reaction; he didn't want to lose her at all.
So he had kept his feelings for her in his chest, though Shane had found out once he caught him staring at her in a club and he had insisted so much on Mark telling her how he feels but no matter how much Shane assured him that she loves him just as much, the fear of rejection always took the control and prevented him from stepping forward, though these days Mark was gathering courage to go and talk to her, he knew he had to do something before it gets too late…
The sound of water splashing all over him got him out of his thoughts and he realised someone was thrown in the water right next to him. He started to laugh as 's wet head came out of water.
"Bitch" she threw a hand full of water in 's direction, she poked out her tongue and laughed even harder, started to laugh too.

Hearing her favorite laughter in the whole world made her aware of Mark's presence next to her, she turned her face to him and her heart melted as their eyes met, "Hi" she smiled at him. "Hey" he answered with the same loving smile.
"You're sure you're gonna do this?" asked for like the thousandth time that day.
"Yes , I'm sure!" she put down the postiche she was trying on and grabbed a one.
"How do I look?" she tried on the short straight hair. "Look like a slut actually" said with a smug on her face. threw the nearest cushion to her which she managed to catch in the air before it hit her.
giggled "No really, I still don't know why you're doing this to him, you know he'll be sooooo sad if you don't show up on his birthday!"
felt her cheeks reddened a bit, which wasn't hidden from , a naughty thought formed in her head and she started to tease her more "Yes you know, he can't stand any party without your presence in it, seems like he has a spot for you…"
"Shut up!" threw another cushion which exactly hit 's head "Ouch!" she pretended to be hurt.
ignored her.
"You know, it'd be just for a bit" she made herself busy with the postiche.
"Yes sure, he'll recognise you anyway" glared at her and she responded to it with a big grin on her face and a cheeky wink.
"We both know he's not interested in me in that way, so end of the conversation!" took another glance at the postiche and then looked at questionably "If I were you, I'd pick the one unless you want Mark to kiss a slut instead of his best friend" and with that she got up and quickly ran away before another cushion hit her head.

Mark took another look at his appearance in the full length mirror, he was satisfied with what he saw, as it was his birthday the lads insisted on him choosing 'Prince Charming' outfit, he had picked a long tailed black unbuttoned jacket with high vest cream pants and a pair of black leather boots that came to his knees.
would deffo love it, … he adored everything about her, thinking of those shiny eyes, a smile crept over his lips, tonight was the time, tonight he'd let her know how much she meant to him, how he wanted her in his life as his girlfriend, how much he wanted her to let him be her lover. He looked at her bright smile on the framed picture of them taken on one of their summer adventures together. "You're in it for a big surprise tonight " he kissed her picture and headed out for the party.

finished the final touches of her makeup, she looked so different with hair, though it also made her beautiful, "I really should dry my hair once"
She smiled at her reflection, her long curls covered her bare shoulders, still showing off the flesh of her skin, the dress was bright turquoise and strapless, the bodice was full of tiny diamonds in some parts and the skirt was long tailed with also diamonds on it.
"You're not gonna be able to recognise me tonight Feehily" she said to the picture of Mark hanging on her mirror, she put on the mask and got out of the house.
Mark looked around himself, the room was already full of people, but he couldn't spot her anywhere, he looked at his watch, 8:30 pm. wasn't it a bit late for her to show up?
"Waiting for someone to arrive?" Kian patted his shoulder which startled Mark.
He turned to look at them "What are you now? The 3 Musketeers?" he gasped as his gaze fell on his mates.
Nicky laughed loudly "Yes you know as you were going to be the Prince Charming we thought why not being his highness's royal guards" Shane said with a big grin.
Everyone started to laugh. "Yeah right" Mark nodded still in laughter "I can see Nicky picking them up right?" Kian frowned, "Yes, though I don't like the colour" "Chill mate, it's the greatest one! Aren't I just the best designer?" Nicky poked out his tongue and all of them laughed again.
"May I ask what are you gentlemen laughing at?" they all turned to face the new comer, Mark's heart sank as he saw was alone and no by her side, where was she now?
"Wow baby, you look sooooo lovely" Nicky whistled as he held 's hand and made her spin around for him, Nicky's eyes adored the cherry coloured lacy short dress she was wearing, she blushed slightly "Thanks you look good too"
Mark couldn't stop himself from asking the question he was burning to ask " , have you seen ?" Shane looked at him meaningfully but he ignored him.
smiled, "Yes Mark, we came together, she's somewhere around here, look around you'll see her" she winked at him. Mark looked around once more, if she was here then why he couldn't spot her?
"May the lady give me the honor of dancing with me?" Nicky bowed at her "Sure" she giggled and put her hand in his and he led her to dance floor.
watched him from distance, it was obvious he was looking for someone and that someone was her, she laughed silently.. he could never recognise her in this costume. "You're genius " she punched the air. A naughty twinkle shone in her eyes.
She called out one of the girls who were holding a tray and with the tray in her own hand, she headed toward Mark.
Mark was feeling so helpless, he was tired of playing this game, he looked at every girl carefully to see whether any of them is but it looks like she was disappeared into air. "Where are you girl?" he said softly to himself.
"Here sir" a tray full of Champaign was held in front of his face, Mark grabbed one without taking a look at the person holding them. "Thanks"
giggled, she didn't know her fake voice could mislead him again, she put down the tray somewhere and looked at Mark who was taking a sip of his glass, he looked like a true Prince and OhMyGod what a hot one…
Her heart skipped a bit, seeing Mark looking around and obviously still searching she smiled to herself.
"Maybe you need to look up a bit better Mister Feehily" she whispered with her own voice this time, loud enough for him to hear and then ran outside.
It was like someone just poured a big barrel of icy cold water down him, he could recognise that voice anywhere, he turned around but she wasn't there anymore, he looked around just to find a girl grabbing her skirt and walking fast toward the doors.
" " Mark started following her. " " he called out again but she didn't respond, she just laughed and ran toward the garden.
was laughing so hard that she didn't see the stairs in front of her, suddenly she felt the ground under her feet disappeared and she was about to fall down when two strong arms grabbed a firm hold of her, she turned her head to see her savoir and then she met the most amazing pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.
"Hi" she said softly and watched how the luscious lips of her hero curled up in a lovely smile "Hey" Mark said satisfied with the position they had, "See I found you" Mark stated cheekily as he slowly carried her down the stairs toward the lake.
"After I showed myself to you?" poked out her tongue.
Mark slowly put her down "You know, you were nearly giving me a heart attack there" he pointed toward the room "I was scared you never show up" Mark brought his hands to her face and pulled the mask, felt her cheeks redden "And you need to be punished for that, young lady" .
He threw away the mask and caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and slowly leant in while looking directly in her eyes. felt her heart beating so fast in her chest, she wasn't able to move, it was like them deep blue oceans had enchanted her, made her lose the will to move.
"Like this" he said before he slowly closed his eyes and brushed his lips upon hers, felt like a thousand fireworks exploded inside of her, was this for real? He started to kiss her shyly then….
The sound of a ringtone made both of them jump, "Shit" Mark cursed under his breath and answered his phone "Yes?"
"Where are you mate? Time to cut your cake" Kian said with a cheery voice.
"OK!" and with that he hung up, he hated Kian right now coz he had ruined his magic moment!
"Who was it?" asked softly "Kian, he said it's 'birthday' time" Mark answered shortly
"Ok, let's go then, you found me now it's time to celebrate your birthday" patted his shoulder and smiled.
"Let's go" Mark held out his hand for her which she took and they both walked to the building.
"Thanks for saving me by the way" she smiled at him.
God she was soooo beautiful, Mark thought to himself, he couldn't take it anymore, he had to tell her or he'd explode, screw Kian for calling in the most inappropriate moment! He was always like this! Mark was angry with him right now.
looked at Mark, his face was expressionless at the moment and she couldn't read anything from it, her mind wasn't working properly, she didn't know whether he really wanted to kiss her or he was just punishing her and it was some sort of joke, she didn't know anything, her heart was still racing as she remembered how soft his lips were, she was burning with the crave of his lips on hers once more.
They kept on walking in silence till they reached their friends.
"Look who he found finally" Shane patted Mark's shoulder with a laugh, Mark just smiled and looked at , she smiled back.
"So the mysterious lady finally got unmasked, wow girl it looks like you put so much effort in your costume" Kian pointed toward her curly hair, grinned "Yes, I wanted to drive him insane, how do I look?" she looked at Mark
"Truth be told, you look stunning though I preferred your natural hair colour" Mark smiled at her, felt her hear skip a beat; she didn't say anything and they all waited for the cake to arrive.
"Make a wish and blow the candles" Shane called out, Mark looked around himself, seeing all his friends and family were gathered around him, he looked at who was smiling and singing 'Happy birthday' with others, God how much he wanted her his…
He closed his eyes, made his wish and blew all the candles at once, everyone clapped; his mother kissed him and gave him the knife to cut the cake.
Mark got the knife and cut it in the middle, when he pulled it, a dirty knife came out.
"Haha now you have to kiss a girl! Come on Marky! Kiss the nearest one!" Nicky said with a naughty grin.
Mark looked around just to find the nearest girl to him was ! God, could it get better? Their gazes met and 's cheeks flashed red.
Mark smiled at her, took her hand and pulled her to him, he slowly whispered "I love you" before they lips met, smiled and kissed him back with all the passion she had held inside of her.
Everyone gasped and clapped as they broke apart "I love you too Marky, happy birthday baby" .


 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ 

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