by Christine, Mehrnaz and Shirin
Part 1

‘I am gonna kill when I get home, this is the worst date I have ever been on. Can’t believe he set me up with such a weirdo, I’d rather sit at home alone than being on this date. Argh, he is going to pay me back for this.’ sat there, in one of her nicest dresses, being bored to death on a blind date set up by her best friend.
“What do you think sweetie? Should we get going? I have something special planned for us tonight.” Harrison, her date for tonight, brought her back to reality. Sure, he was quite ok looking and had a steady job. But hated men that would brag about their job and how much money they were earning, or which celebrity they knew and all that. Being ’s oldest friend, she knew so many celebrities herself and she never dared bragging about it. The only ones she would gossip with, was and his now wife .
“Sure, I just need the ladies rom first. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She smiled faintly at him, and hurried to the toilet where she picked up her phone and called for help. She needed him to call her and let her know there was something important she needed to help him with.
, I need your help!”
“Wow , never thought I’d hear those words from you. What can I do for you then?”
“I need you to call me in 10 minutes and tell me there is an emergency you need help with. This date is a disaster, and I am pissed off at for setting me up with this guy.”
“Aw, but Harrison is a nice lad isn’t he?”
“Yes, if you like to be sat listening to which celebs he has met and flirted with. I’d like someone who isn’t happy to brag about celebrities they meet, and someone who’s interested in my stories as well as telling their own ones.”
“Ok love, I’ll call you in 10 minutes. I’ll be your knight in shining armour and rescue you from this dull date, I’ll pick you up somewhere as well if you want to!?”
“That would be grand ; I’ll let you know where we are when you call me. I have to go now, or else Harrison is gonna wonder where I am. I owe you big time for this mate; just let me know when to return you a favour. Gonna hung up now, love ya babe.”
And with that she hung up and hurried back out to the restaurant, where Harrison was waiting for her with her coat. She smiled briefly at him, and let him help her putting her coat on. He took that as an invite and put his arm around her and guided her outside. The cold November air hit them straight in the face, and shivered causing Harrison to pull her closer to warm her. They quickly found a taxi, and were on their way to the next destination. Their ride was made in silent, with Harrisons arm still around her, his fingers playing with her hair. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, and tried to look outside to try and find out where they were heading. In silent, she begged to call her soon. As if he read her mind, her phone started ring and her insides were jumping with joy. Excusing herself, she answered the phone and told her he had a problem he needed her help with. She asked if it was important and told him she was on a date, just to show Harrison that this wasn’t planned, and then agreed to help him out. Turning towards Harrison, she smiled apologetic towards him.
“I’m so sorry, but our date has to end here. Something has come up, that can’t wait until tomorrow, and I’m the only one available in the nearby area.” She saw his eyes studying her, wonder if she really meant it or not. Realising he had stared at her for a long time; he coughed and smiled back at her.
“Let me drive you where you need to be then, to make sure that you get there safely.”
“You don’t have to do that, I’m getting picked up. I just have to let them know where to pick me up, and thought I might drive with you to the next destination.”
“I really think its best you just jump out here then, ‘cause it’s gonna be awkward taking you to the next destination. I’d rather save it for a later date for us; I want to surprise you then.”
“Ok, I’ll just jump out here, and I’ll see you later.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, gave him five pounds for the taxi and got out. Turning around, she gave him a soft smile before she picked up her phone and called to let her know where she was.
drove his car fast, as he didn’t want to wait that long. Something deep inside of him was happy that she had decided to ditch Harrison; he did not deserve such a great girl like her. She needed someone who could give her all his attention and who wasn’t only interested in making money and showing it off. She needed someone like himself, someone who would love her with all of his body. He had realised, over the last six months; that he had started to get strong feelings for her. He saw her beauty, how her kindness made her shine that extra bit more than others. And he loved how she never seemed to get affected by meeting new celebrities; she was still the same from that tagged along when the band first started out. Stopping outside Trafalgar Square, he saw the woman his heart desired. She was dressed in a sea green dress, her hair was loose and she was holding her shoes in her hands.
“God , you didn’t have to dress up like that for me. You know I much more prefer you in torn jeans and a nice little vest top.” turned around and jumped in to his arms.
, thank God you’re here! You’ve saved me from boring myself to death on this date, and you know I hate dressing up and looking all glam. I’m a girl, and I have always been more comfortable in scruffy clothes. Now let’s get outta here and do something fun together, I need to have some fun after this boring date. Let’s get drunk in the park and just have a laugh, let’s compare all the crappy dates that and has put us on. And let’s find the perfect punishment for them for this.” gave out a small laugh, and pulled her in for a hug. God how he loved her, but he wasn’t ready to let her know yet. He wasn’t sure she would ever feel the same for him.
“Let’s drive to your place then, so you can get changed in to something scruffy and we can head to the park across the road. I’ll just leave my car at your place for the night.”
“Yes, let’s do that.” smiled from pure happiness, and giggled like a little child. She was already a bit tipsy from the drinks she had downed, but she didn’t care. She had with her, and she felt safe. was her safe place in the world now, with them being the only two single people in their group, he was the only one who knew her pain when and set her up on a date. She now felt closer to than she did to , especially after he got married and started a family.
The two friends got in to the car and drove off; they got to ’s apartment after driving for twenty-five minutes. They rushed in, and ran straight to her bedroom to get changed.
went to her kitchen, gathering all the alcohol he could find. It was mainly vodka and Guinness there, as that was her favourite drinks. He grabbed a few bottles of Guinness, and mixed up some vodka-Redbull. Putting it in a bag, he went to the living room and waited for to appear. Turning when he heard her steps, he saw her walking down the stairs wearing his favourite outfit of hers.
“Well well, the princess has gone back to the girl. Can’t say I’m complaining, as you look so good being all natural like this.”
“Thank you , I’m feeling so much better now. Have you found the alcohol yet?” lifted the bag and smiled.
“It’s in here babe, let’s go and get drunk!” He grabbed her hand and together they walked across the road to the park. They sat down in the grass and started drinking; talking about everything they had gone through so far. As already had had a few drinks, she soon became drunk. But wasn’t far behind her, and they started making an evil plan on how to get back at their friends.
“How about we ‘kidnap’ them, and leave them somewhere dessert in their underwear.” suggested.
“Nah, they have kids and stuff. That would just be too cruel to them. Maybe we can ‘kidnap’ them, and dress them up in funny outfits. Like putting in a pink fairytale dress or something, that would have been hilarious as he hates pink.”
“YES!” shouted, making jump up scared. They both started giggling, and soon they were rolling around in the grass laughing their asses off. Hearing complaints from the neighbours close by, they laughed even more but soon hurried back to the flat. Once inside the flat, they both fell on the sofa all tired from the laughing and running. Catching her breath, realised she was starting to get a bit tired.
“God , thish has been the best night I’ve had in a loooooong time. But now I feel really tired and need my bed. Feel free to crash here, I so looooveeee to have you around. And I’m a tiny bit drunk right now, but you know I love you” looked at her; she was so adorable when she was drunk. And yes, he was drunk himself, but not as drunk as her. Hearing her saying she loved him made his heart beat faster, but he soon realised that it was probably just the alcohol talking. He decided to stay, just in case she needed his help during the night.
“Thanx babe, I think I’m gonna take you up on that offer. Let’s turn off our phones and leave the world outside for a short time, so we can get a good night’s sleep. I know I could use some of that, so what do you say?”
“Yesh, that shounds juuust perfect. I’m gonna schleep now, so I will see you in the morning.” With that, stumbled up the stairs and in to her room. She fell onto her bed and snuggled up to her pillow. Rolling on her side, her eyes caught the picture of and her smiling. She took the frame from her bedside table, while a little smile crept over her face. The memories of the night flashed in her mind, she had so much fun with tonight, like they always had. Her thoughts went to her set up date and she felt pity for Harrison who've got ditched, 'Wasn't a good date' she thought to herself and wondered what it would be like if had taken her out on a date… too tired to get surprised by her thoughts, closed her eyes and drifted into the magical world of dreams.
The next morning, felt the urge to throw up all her drunkenness from last night. She rushed into the bathroom without even thinking, and was welcomed by a completely naked . Shocked and lost for words, they both stood there like two idiots. started blushing and looked away, whilst ’s eyes were stuck on ’s member for a while. started coughing to get her attention, only causing to turn and run off back to her room. She locked the door, turned on some music and threw herself onto the bed again. Shocked at her own behaviour, she felt dizzy and saw the room spin round and round.
rushed to get his clothes on, and went to knock on her door. He heard the music, and he was sure he could her sobbing as well. God, he never wanted this to happen, although he liked how she had been looking at his member. It had reacted the way it always did and grew bigger the longer she was staring; he could feel how it was working right now as well.
, you ok?” He knocked softly, to let her know that he wasn’t blaming her for anything. When she didn’t respond, he knocked a little harder. He became worried for her and for their friendship as well. Yes, he was in love with her, but he would rather have her as a friend than to lose her completely.
, open up please. It’s just me, let’s talk about this.”
“What is there to talk about ? I saw your fucking dick, what more is there to say?”
had to smile at the childish answer he got, it was clear that she felt embarrassed by the whole thing. He was as well, but what was done was done and he couldn’t do much more about.
“Come on babe, this isn’t the end of the world you know. Things like this happen all the time, let’s just talk it through and then leave it behind after that. Let’s work something out.”
“Why don’t I just show you my naked body, so that we’re even? Hah, that sounds like a good idea to you ? Just leave me alone!” Holding back a laugh, thought about what she had said. ‘She can get naked in front of me any day she’ll like!’ he thought, feeling his trousers getting tighter and tighter at the thought of it.
“Why is it you that are reacting like this? It was me that was naked ok; I should be the one embarrassed.”
“JUST LEAVE , LEAVE ME ALONE!” she screamed at him, throwing something at the door at the same time.
“Ok, I’ll leave if that is what you want. You know where to find me though, if you change your mind.” He grabbed his things from her guest room, and walked past her door again. He put his hand on the door, and sighed.
“I love you so much baby, I really don’t want to lose you because of this.” He whispered before he left her flat, a few tears falling down his face. Why was it so hard for him to tell her, why did she react the way she did? So many questions went through his head, and the stress caused him to break down in his car. He pulled out his phone and called , knowing he couldn’t go to with this problem. would kill him for this; he hated it when was hurt and crying. God, felt like that himself. He hated seeing her cry, and always wanted to punch the bastards hurting her.
came 30 minutes later, seeing still crying.
“What’s wrong mate, what are you doing sat outside ’ place crying? Has anything happened to her, is she ok? Should I call ?”
“No, please don’t call . He can’t know about this, this has to stay between you and me.”
“Sure mate, but what is going on?” started to get a bit scared; he knew how protective was of and when didn’t want him involved it had to be something big.
“I love her ; I’m in love with . God, my body is aching for her and after today she will never speak to me again.”
“Why, what happened this morning?”

“We got drunk last night, in the park, and she let me stay in the guest room. And this morning, I was in the bathroom when she bursted in clearly not feeling well. And we just stood there, me naked and her just frozen to the ground. She couldn’t take her eyes off my dick, and only reacted when I coughed. Then she just locked herself in her bedroom and told me to leave her alone, she was screaming at me and throwing things at the door.” laughed when told his story, finding the whole naked thing hilarious.
“Don’t laugh , this is serious. She might never talk to me again.”


“But I thought she went out on a date with Harrison yesterday, why were you two even drinking together?”

“She called me, asking me to save her from the boring date. She hated it and she hated him, it was a date from hell for her. So we decided to get drunk and plan our revenge on and , for all the crap dates they have put us on.”

“Well, you just sit here and get yourself together and I will go up there and try talking to her. I will not mention your feelings towards her, but you need to do that soon. I know are planning on letting Harrison take her to the release of our new album, he’s hoping they will settle down and start a family together. He really sees them as the perfect couple, and he’s not gonna give up that easily.”

With that, left the car and headed for ’s flat. He had known her for such a long time, yet he never got as close to her as and . All he knew was that she was fun to be around, and he could really see why had fallen for her. As he thought about it, he realised he never thought Harrison was the right man for her, and as her friend he’d rather see her with . They were perfect for each other; they loved and hated the same things, and they would definitely have great looking babies if they ever got had babies together. Knocking on her door, took a deep breath and hoped she would listen to him.

Hearing the knocking on her door, assumed it would be and choose to ignore it. But the knocking kept coming, and after a while she heard calling for her. She opened the door and smiled softly at him.

, what are you doing here?” She gave him a hug; just realising she hadn’t seen him in a while now.

called me, he’s still sitting outside in his car. So I thought I’d come up here and see how you are doing, don’t want you sad and upset before the CD launch tomorrow. Especially not when is planning on taking you out shopping for the perfect dress in the morning.”

“God, I can’t be bothered with going tomorrow. Not without a date and when and I aren’t speaking.”

“I know has planned for Harrison to take you there tomorrow, so for the date part you are safe. The part, I really can’t help you with. This is something you two must figure out and talk through yourselves. I love the both of you, and I don’t want you two to argue to long.”

“Argh, I HATE for setting me up with Harrison! How on earth does he think that we belong together? Can’t he see that it’s a match made in hell? Do you think we fit together?”

“No, I really can’t see why he thinks you two would be perfect together. I know he’s even given Harrison his blessing for him to marry you, he wants you two settled down with a family together.”

looked at with shock written all over her face. What the hell was thinking? Giving Harrison his blessing for marriage with her, that wasn’t up to him to decide. She decided it was time for her to have a talk with her best friend, to let him know how she really felt.

“Call for me, and get him back in here. We need to make a plan for the CD launch, and how to stop from setting us up with people. It’s time for us to start rebelling against what they are doing to us, will you help us?”

“Of course babe, you get yourself changed and fixed up, and will be in here in no time.” was happy she took to her senses, and couldn’t wait to see react to their plans. He called , who ran up the stairs all excited that wanted to talk to him again. Walking in the door of the flat, he found and on the sofa talking and laughing together. He walked straight up to and gave her a hug, whispering his apology in her ear. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek, letting him know that everything was ok.
During their chat, it was decided that would go as ’s date for CD launch. They would be getting ready at his place, and she would be staying there for the night. Therefore, she hurried and packed her bag with enough things for her over stay and for the party. She had picked another sea green dress, one from the Victoria Beckham collection, as she knew loved that colour on her. The threesome locked up the apartment, and headed down the stairs. headed home to his wife, , and the other two headed for ’s flat. Smiling, promised himself to let know his feelings for her.
Once at ’s place, they got installed in the guestroom and went to the living room to relax a bit. They sat talking for a while, and even managed to laugh about the situation that happened in the morning, when decided to make them some dinner. Her speciality was homemade pizza, and that was something both of them craved tonight. As didn’t have all the ingredients, she sent him out shopping for the rest of what she needed. At the shop, he bumped into and . They wanted to set him up with another friend, but he turned them down politely.
“I don’t need a date to make me happy; I have friends who keep me company.”

“But now that is taken as well, we just want you to find someone.”

“Who says that is taken? One date doesn’t make her that, one horrible date that is. Some friend you are, setting her up on such a stupid date.”

“What you mean? Harrison told me the date went fantastic, and they agreed to take it up another night.”

“She called me from the restaurant, begging me to help her get out of the date. She hated it and found him boring and full of himself. So stop setting us up with others, we are fine the way we are. And just drop the whole shopping trip and her date for tomorrow, she can fix it herself if she wants to. Now, I have to head home as I am starving. See you guys tomorrow, yeah!?” And with that, left the shop, leaving a stunned and behind, and hurried home. He rushed to the kitchen, where had finished the dough and cut the few ingredients she had found.

“I met and on my way out of the shop, I told them about yesterday and that they can stop setting us up on dates. They seemed shocked, as they had been told that your date went well. I just told them that you and Harrison was a bad match, and that we would date whoever we want to date.”

“Aw, thank you . You are such a great guy, and I don’t know what I’ll do the day you get taken. You are the only one who really sees me as the real person I am.” Hugging her, felt his heart beat faster and faster, now was the time to tell her everything.

“Listen, let’s sit down until everything is ready for the pizza to be made” took ’s hand, and guided her towards the sofa.

“Look, what I’m about to say might shock you a bit. And I don’t want you to respond to it straight away. Just think about it, and we’ll talk about it when you’re ready for it. But I have to tell you this tonight, as I can’t hold it back anymore.”

“Ok, you are scaring me a little now”

“I am in love with you ! I know it’s a shock for you, but I have been in love with you for a while now. And when you called me for help last night, you made me really happy. The fact that you thought of me first, made my heart beat really fast. Hearing you saying you needed my help, it was like a dream come true.”

“Wow , that is…”

“Don’t say anything, just forget I said anything.” got on his feet and went over to the kitchen, checking on the pizza dough. “Looks like it’s time to make that pizza, I’m starving now.”

, you can’t just drop this on me now and expect me to just forget it. It’s not like we’re drunk and might forget it tomorrow, we have to talk this through tonight. If not, it will be very awkward for us tomorrow at the launch.”

“I’ve said all I need to say , I can’t keep it to myself anymore. and doesn’t know, but I told this morning when he came to help us out. But he won’t tell anyone, not even .”

“But I haven’t told you everything, have I? You haven’t given me a chance to reply to this news that you gave me. How about you listening to me for a change, sit down again.” sat down, and took his hands.

“What is it you want to say ?”

“I have very recently discovered that these feelings you have for me, are the same I have for you. You have been a massive support for me, when Shane have failed and pushed me in to dating guys I’m not interested in. And when my mum got ill, and I had to go back to to help the family out, you called me every day to let me know you were thinking of us. You have just been amazing to me, and recently I have been thinking how I’m gonna handle it when you settle down and don’t have that much time for me. I need you , I’m scared of losing you and I don’t know what I’m to do without you.” Tears were now flowing freely down both their faces, and lifted his hand to dry some from her cheek. He pulled her close and held her tightly, not wanting to let go of her. Her sobs were softening, and he kissed her head softly.

“Ssshhh, sweetheart. Everything will be ok now, we have each other.”


“I know baby, I never thought it would happen either. I was so scared of you falling for one of the guys you were set up with; I had to tell you now before it were too late.”


“Yes babe.”

“Can you kiss me now, so that I know that this is real?!”

“Oh baby, that’s all I have wanted to do for six months now.”

“Then do it, I want to feel your lips on mine.” brushed his lips softly over hers, not wanting to rush anything. Smiling at him, took over and pushed her lips harder on his. She touched his hair softly, licking her tongue over his lips to make him open up. Groaning, he opened his lips and she hurried slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Their kiss got hotter and hotter, and laid on the sofa carefully lying on top of her. He didn’t want to hurt her, or pressure her to do something she didn’t want to, so he touched her hair and face softly whilst still kissing her.

“I don’t want us to further tonight baby, or else it will be hard for us not to show it tomorrow. I want tomorrow to seem like us two just being friends, and then we can come back here after the launch and talk more about what we are to do next.”

“Yeah, that’s probably best. We have quite a lot of new information to go through now, and I do think its best that we don’t ruin our plan for tomorrow. How about we make that pizza now handsome, I think I’m getting quite hungry as well now.”

“Yeah , that’s a good idea. What do you want me to do?”

“If you just cut the mushroom, the red pepper and the bacon, it would help me a lot. Then I will work on the dough.”

“Ok baby, let’s get the food going then!”

The pizza tasted good, and and laughed and talked all evening. They were having so much fun that they forgot the time completely, going to bed at 3.am. Knowing he had to be up at 7.am, fell asleep quickly. He was tired due to the events the day had brought him, but he was also happy he had the girl of his dreams. He knew he couldn’t have gotten a better girl, and he knew that this was the one he was meant to be spending his life with. couldn’t do anything to stop him now, belonged with him and he was going to take care of her.

In the guest room, struggled with her sleep. She was tired from all the events the last two days and her lack of sleep, but she was excited about everything that happened after came back from the shop. She couldn’t believe he loved HER, out of all the women he could get, he choose her. The average looking girl from was the one he had fallen for, and she was so happy about it. She knew that would know it before the launch, as he would see it as soon as joined him for the interviews they had scheduled. She was glad she didn’t have to do them, as it was dead early in the morning. And the lack of sleep she had was starting to worry her. She had to look her best for tomorrow, but her body wouldn’t settle down and let her relax. Getting out of bed, she got to kitchen and drank a glass of water. On her way back to her room, she passed ’s and noticed his door wasn’t properly shut. Standing in the doorway, she watched the man she loved while he was sleeping. He was smiling that gorgeous smile of his, so she figured he was dreaming of something good. Letting her feelings take over, she closed the door and walked over to the bed he was sleeping in. She lifted up the duvet and laid herself carefully in the bed, putting her arm softly around and soon fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, felt a body next to him in bed. He turned around slowly, and found there sleeping peacefully. Smiling to himself, he felt the butterflies in his stomach and he knew he would struggle to hide it from the others. would know straight away who the girl is, but he knew that and would nag on about it until they found out. They would eventually, hopefully tonight that was. He stroked ’ beautiful hair, kissed her lips softly and went to the bathroom. Life was starting to become great now, success with his band and his favourite girl in love with him. He got himself ready, wrote a little note for and headed off to meet the lads.

The minute walked in to the room, could see that something good happened last night. and noticed as well, and soon the banter started.

mate, what’s the name of the girl bringing this smile to your face?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about , you must imagine things.” tried to get away from it; he didn’t want to know quite yet.

“I can see it as well, it’s not just . So who is she mate, anyone we might know?”

, I have no clue what you and are talking about. You must read something that isn’t there; you guys need to stop this thing. I’m happy with the life I have now, that’s why I’m smiling.” Looking at , he pleaded for support in this conversation.

“Come on , don’t give us this crap. , you agree with us right. You know he’s seeing someone, help us out here.”

“Actually , I have no idea what you two are on about. Now leave alone will ye, not all of us wants the family thing yet.” And with that, the discussion came to an end as Louis came in for the pre-interview pep-talk. The guys knew the drill by now, but still it was good having their manager personally involved in situations like this. The interviews went well, and was soon on his way out to his car. He couldn’t wait to get back and see his girl, but he got stopped by before he left.

“Meet me at the café halfway between our houses, we need to talk .” And so he did, still smiling from ear to ear.

In the meantime, had woken up and made it to the kitchen. Feeling hungry, she grabbed some fruit and made a lovely salad. Sitting down to eat, she noticed the note had left her. She picked it up and started to read it.

‘Hey babe! What a lovely feeling waking up next to you this morning, this is something I can get used to quite quickly. And what a nice surprise it was, I thought we agreed on taking it slowly in the beginning. I’m not complaining babe, just caught me by surprise. When you read this note, I will have met the other guys and gotten the “ is in love” banter. I know will figure it out, but I will do my best not to let and know. They will know tonight, when you and me show up together, but we know they can’t make a big deal out of it. I love you baby, and I know it might be too soon to tell you, but I can’t wait for people to find us out. You are the reason I am happy and smiling, and I just wanna shout it out loud for everyone to hear. This is the beginning of something great, and I can’t wait for us to grow old together. I’ll miss you during the interviews, can’t wait to get home to you again.


Your ¨xoxo’

Smiling and crying at the same time, put the note down and continued eating. She hoped would hurry up, as she couldn’t wait for him to get home either. Oh how she loved him, this was the first guy she ever could see her future with. He was the one she felt safe and loved with. There had been other men who she had wanted this with, but she now knew why things never happened with them. They were not meant to be for her, but was. He was her soul mate, and she knew that now. Looking at the time, she finished her breakfast in a hurry and rushed to the bathroom. She wanted to be dressed and all nice for the man of her dreams; she wanted to make him feel like he had been missed. Smiling to herself, she knew exactly how she would do it.


Back at the café, and had ordered some coffee and started talking.

“So, you told her last night didn’t you?! And from the looks of it, you got the reply you most certainly hoped for.”

“I did ; she’s in love with me. She’s in love with little old from , and I can’t wait to see and ’s faces when we show up together tonight. I’m the happiest and luckiest man in the world at the moment; I’ve got the girl of my dreams.” Smiling from ear to ear, couldn’t hide his feelings from .

“I’m dead chuffed for ye, you two make a really great couple you know. I thought about it yesterday, and I can’t believe no one has ever seen it until now. told me last night as well, she wanted me to set you and up on a date.”

“Well, your wife seems to have a good eye for this then. I’m grateful for the support you two have given us in all this; it’s great having friends like you.”

“That’s what friends are for mate, and besides I think has confessed her feelings towards you to . I know likes more than and , as they are the same kind of girls. None of them are that into dressing up; they are Sligo girls through and through.” And on that cue, called . The two mates split up and headed home to their ladies, and couldn’t wait to kiss and hold her close. He rushed to his car, and hurried back to his girlfriend. His girlfriend, he would never get tired of calling her that. She belonged to him now, and it was the best feeling in the world. She was his girl, and he was her man. He would love and honour her for the rest of his life, and he knew that one day they would start the family they both longed for.

Opening the door to his house, rushed inside to find making some food in the kitchen. He put his arms around her, and took in the sweet scent of her hair. She smelled like berries, and the smell turned him on straight away. noticed his erection, and giggled softly knowing she had managed to turn him on. She turned in his arms, and kissed him softly on his lips. Those gorgeously kissable lips of his, that made her weak in her knees every time they formed that sexy smile of his.

“I’ve missed you , what took you so long?”

wanted to talk to me after the interviews, so we headed for a coffee and just talked through what happened with us. He told me that he and are pleased for us, as they both see us as the perfect couple. And he also told me that you are ’s favourite to hang out with, as you two are so much alike when it comes to the glamour and how you behave. I’m so proud of you babe, and I’m so pleased that you are my girlfriend now.” They sat and ate the sandwiches had finished, and just looked each other in the eyes the whole time. Smiling, they quickly finished and looked at his watch.

“We have four hours until the car arrives, how long do you take to get ready?”

“Not more than two hours, depends on what I’m doing with my hair. Why do you ask?”

“I thought we’d go to our bedroom and just relax in each other’s arms for an hour or so; it felt so good waking up next to you this morning. And now I want to feel what it’s like holding you in bed.” Grinning towards him, she let him take her hand and guide her up and into bed. There they cuddled up to each other and kissed softly, soon falling asleep. They woke up three hours later, only having an hour to get ready for the launch.

“Shit babe, we have to hurry! Can you manage to get ready in an hour?”

“Yeah, I’ll manage that. I had a shower whilst waiting for you, so I only need to get dressed and do my hair and makeup.” kissed softly, before heading in to the guest room to get her stuff. Deciding to go for a simple braid in her hair, she quickly put on some soft makeup and dressed herself. Walking downstairs to a waiting , she smiled at him and let him take her hand to help her down the last few steps.

“Wow , you look more amazing now than when I rescued you from that crap date. I’m gonna have the best looking girl on my arm tonight, and ’s gonna go mental when he sees us together.”

“I know baby, it’s gonna be so much fun seeing him tonight. I’m ready to shock him and the rest of the world, as long as you are here next to me.”

“I’ll be by your side through thick and thin! You are my woman now, and us Byrne lads knows how to treat our ladies.” He pulled her in, and kissed her gorgeous lips softly. Feeling her kissing him back, he could not stop a moan escaping his mouth. took advantage of the situation, and stuck her tongue in his mouth. They both felt how ’s member reacted to the kiss, and they had to stop themselves to not take it any further at the moment. There was a buzz from the gate, and they knew it was the driver picking them up. Taking a shawl with her, followed outside and saw the car driving up to the door. They hurried to get in, and put his arm protective around his girlfriend. She rested her head on his shoulder, and her right hand was placed softly on his knee.

“I can’t believe I’m such a nerve wreck right now, I’ve been going to your launches all the time. It’s not the first time you and me have been going together either, but this time I’m petrified to make a mistake and make you look bad.” sighed, and hugged her even closer.

“Don’t you ever doubt yourself babe, you are the most amazing woman I know. You will NEVER disappoint me and make me look bad; don’t even start thinking that thought. I know this comes a bit early, but I love you with every bone in my body. This relationship is meant to last forever in my eyes, I just hope you see it that way as well.” Pulling ’s face closer to him, he kissed her lips softly and gently wiped away the few tears escaping her eyes. felt loved, she felt she had someone seeing the real her and loving every piece of it. She stroked ’s hair, and kissed him back softly.

“You are the most amazing and loving man I’ve ever known, you put your own happiness and pleasure last. But guess what?! From now on, you are my number one priority and I’m gonna make you happy in every way possible.” smiled and kissed her hands, and he now knew he never had to worry about finding his perfect one. She had been there since the start of the band, and she would be his till his time on earth was over. The car suddenly stopped, and looking outside realised that they were there already. He could see the three others standing there with their partners, so he kissed ’s lips softly and got ready to get out. ‘Here we go, let’s show our love for each other!’ they both thought as the door opened.

The minute got out, the fans around them started to scream. He smiled at them and waved happily, all a part of the pop star version of him. Turning towards the car again, he held his hand out for and wrapped his arm around her when she got out. She smiled at the fans and the press, who all were lost for words at the sight of her on ’s arm. Yes, they had gone to launches and premiers together before, but never had they looked this close and loved up. Turning towards the other six, they earned smiles and winks from and . and looked a bit shocked, and looked pissed off. They walked up and joined them for some group pictures, whispering sweet words in her ear and her responding with small giggles. Shane faked a smile at them, not showing how angry he was at the situation they created. When the girls walked inside, he made sure he was stood next to to let him know how he felt.

“I’m gonna kill you, you know! I’m not gonna forgive you for doing this, taking advantage of my best friend like that.” laughed, pretending said something funny. Well, to him it was funny. If knew everything, he wouldn’t be this angry.

“I’ll never take advantage of her, and you know that. You are just pissed off because I’m not one of the guys you set her up with. I’m in love with her , and have been for six months. And she’s in love with me, have been for a long time as well. Haven’t you wondered why we never had anything serious going on with the dates you and set us up on? Now let’s get inside, the girls are waiting.”

walked in and smiled when he saw and laughing and talking together. He noticed that had given his girlfriend a cold shoulder, and it looked like was starting to warm towards the thought of him and dating. He walked towards his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her, giving her butterfly kisses on her neck. Hearing her giggle, he felt her head leaning backwards resting on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about and , they will come around eventually. They’ll realise how much we care for and love each other, and then they will apologise. At least we have and on our side, and I think and might come around soon as well. As long as we have each other, we will get through anything.”

“I know , I don’t want anyone else than you and will realise that eventually. I fear will be the one making all the problems, as I don’t think she liked me from the start. I think she wants me out of the group, that’s why you’ve been set up with her close friends. She wants someone she can control, and we both know that that’s not me.”

“Too late for her to do anything now though, as I’ve chosen you as my girl. You are the Queen of my heart, and our love is unbreakable.”

“Ha-ha, Mr Cheesy Westlife! Can’t believe you just said that, that’s the worst chat-up line I’ve ever heard.” Laughing loudly, had to turn away from to try and stop herself. She met the eyes of , and saw the upset look on his face. She smiled at him, but got upset when he didn’t return the favour. Turning back towards , she kissed him softly on the lips and held him close to her body.

“What was that for babe? Do I get a kiss every time I make you laugh?”

“No, but you get it every time behaves like an arsehole!”

“So you’re gonna kiss me all night, is that what you’re saying?” Smiling at ’s comment, leaned in for another soft kiss.

“Something like that yeah. I just wish he would see that WE are happy, and not the problems he’s creating in that tiny mind of his. I hate it when he acts like this, he doesn’t have the right to control my life the way he wants to. And I just fear that he and, especially, will try everything to break us up. They’re gonna find girls to sell ‘kiss-and-tell’ stories about you, and they’re gonna do something to make you leave me as well. is gonna ruin mine and ’s friendship, with the help of himself.”

“And I’ll be here next to you, like I have from the moment we met. Nothing they say can tear us apart, you know the real me by now. And I know the real you, we know not to react at the press stories. We will be fine babe, if I have to leave this band to be with you I will.”

At that time, Louis had started to gather people inside the theatre they were in. kissed and told her he had to get ready to perform, and soon and was standing talking and laughing again. also came over, and realised she also found it great that there was a new couple in the group. As the lights in the theatre went down, felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, whilst signalising for to do the same, and was met by the cold stare of .

“You and will NEVER work, and I will personally make sure of that. You are nothing but a slag, and you don’t deserve like my friends do. Don’t forget that I do know who you are and what you were before all this happened, and I will use everything in my power to make sure you’re not liked by the fans and the press. You will have NOTHING when I’m done with you, you pathetic little attention seeking bitch.” Looking at her, started to laugh REALLY LOUD. This ‘woman’ was unbelievable; she had some nerves saying things like that.

my dear, do you remember who you are talking to? You know the one who’s had to clean up after all the mess you’ve made by sleeping around behind ’s back, and I still have all the proof of it. Did you really think I got rid of all that evidence, when I knew it would come in handy one day? You are calling me a slag, but I’m not the one who slept with my brother-in law, got pregnant with his child and then told the fiancé it was his child. I’ve been quiet for so long about it, for the sake of ’s happiness. But if you want war, Miss Sligo-fake, then war you will get. Just remember not to start something you know you can’t finish.” And with that, turned around and started watching the show. and held her hands to show their support, both having heard the whole conversation. They were surprised by what had revealed, but knew her well enough to know she wouldn’t lie about something like this.

also knew her biggest support was in Nicky, as he had heard every story about . He had heard the voicemails and read the letters, and he had even tried to persuade not to marry her. But the only thing he got through was the paragraph about infidelity in the marriage contract. had signed it without reading it carefully, she was just happy she had lured in to marry her.

When the lads came on the stage and started singing, noticed the tension that laid around his girlfriend. She looked really happy, but from the look on ’s face he knew there would have been a confrontation. He knew straight away that had tried something, but, from the look of her pout, it seemed like had won the debate. also noted his wife’s bad mood, and that she was standing far away from the other girls. He looked at his best friend, who was busy looking at , and thought about everything that had happened so far tonight. He knew they had been close for years now, and a part of him had always feared that would take away from him. He had always had feelings for , but he knew that she always had seen him as her best friend. That was why he had started dating in the first place, she was his second best. He never really loved her, and he knew she only married him for the money and the fame, he found that out when they signed the pre nups and she didn’t even bother to read them. But they had kids now, and he didn’t really want to split the family if he didn’t have to. He just hoped that hadn’t done anything stupid that would come back to hurt them, because he didn’t want to end up alone and in love with his best friend. The best friend who now was clearly in love with his great friend and colleague, the best friend that would never be more than a best friend. Looking at , he smiled a hurt but yet friendly smile. Knowing fully that he had lost the heart of his one true love to the man next to him, and all he could do was to watch their lives become one with each other.


Walking off the stage after the show was done; grabbed by his shoulders and dragged him to the side, earning a concerned look from both and . He just smiled and nodded at them, seeing the confused look in ’s eyes.

“I just need to talk to you properly, without anyone disturbing us.” said when they were alone.

“What do you wanna talk about?”

“You know what I wanna talk about; you’ve known my feelings for since the band started. Why have you gone behind my back and started seeing her?”

mate, you are married and have children. You have no right to be angry at us for this; we can date whoever we want. made it very clear to you that you were nothing more than a friend in her eyes, and I can’t help that she has got feelings for me. It wasn’t exactly planned to happen like this, but after that date with Harrison we felt it was time to unite against what you were doing. I knew I loved her, but I was only hoping that she would have the feelings for me.”

“I know, but I still feel hurt. You never told me about these feelings for her; you and never talk to me anymore.“

“We all know the reason for that, don’t we?! Ever since you and got together, she has pulled you further and further away from and you haven’t done anything about it. Where were you when ’ mum was in hospital barely surviving from a heart attack? You never called her to talk to her; you just gave her messages through me. It nearly broke her heart , the fact that her best friend didn’t care enough to call her and talk about it. The minute you started dating , you choose to lose the friendship you once had with . And I was there to pick up the pieces, first as a friend and now as her boyfriend.” couldn’t hold his tears back, as he heard what told him. He knew he was right, but still it hurt like hell. He had betrayed her trust, all for someone he couldn’t stand the face of. He was sick and tired of his wife; she was only married to him for the fame and the money. He only stayed with her because of the kids, or at least the one he knew was his. He had had this feeling for a while now, that his eldest kid was fathered by someone else. Who that could be, he didn’t know. But he knew he would find out soon, he had a feeling that someone else than knew about the situation. Feeling ’s hand on his shoulder, he got back to reality again.

“Ok, I’m sorry for being this jerk when it comes to this situation. As long as you make her happy, that is all I care about. If you hurt her, you know I will kill you mate.”

“I know, and I will never do anything to hurt her. I just hope you can control your wife in this situation, you know she will do anything in her power to stop this.”

“I’ll talk to her about it; I don’t want her to hurt more than she has done. Let’s go and join the others now, before they worry too much about us. Take care of her , treat her like a queen.”

“I will, she the most precious girl I’ve ever dated! I really love her mate; she’s got me weak in my whole body.”

“She’s there waiting for you now mate, just go over to her and show her off. She’s looking hot tonight; I can tell she’s in love by the way she’s glowing.”

hugged before he headed over to where his beautiful girlfriend stood talking to and . He smiled at them and pulled close, kissing her head softly. looked up at him, her eyes searching for an answer to why he had been so long. He just smiled and kissed her lips, feeling her kissing him softly back.

“He’s sorry you know, and he just wants you to be happy. You know why he’s upset hun, but he just told me to look after you and treat you right. He’s happy for us now, it just took some talking to make him realise it.”

“Thank you , for talking to him and sorting this out. I’m grateful for everything you’ve done so far, so thank you very much.”

“I love you , I’ll do anything for you to be happy and safe. We’re together now, and you can always count on me being here for you.”

“I love you to , and I’ll help you out if you ever need it as well.” Seeing the new couple, and smiled to each other knowingly. They were happy that their friends were happy together, and also that had decided to be happy for them. They knew the battle with would be hard, but they would support and all the way. Love was meant to win, and they would make sure it did.

“So, there’s a new couple in the group now I can see. When did this happen, and why haven’t I been informed until tonight?” Louis asked, placing himself between and .

“It just happened last night, but we’ve had feelings for each other for a few months without letting the other part know about it. It just felt natural to act on these emotions right now, we are both in a place and time where we knew a relationship would be great. And the fact that we know each other so well makes it easier as we don’t have to get to know the other one.”

“Well , I’m happy for the both of you. I know you two have become closer over the years, and after married everyone noticed you took his place as the friend needed. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you, like if a certain person tries to ruin this relationship.” He blinked at and left to do some more mingling, leaving the two couples speechless. Receiving a hug from and , got back to reality and knew she had to talk to .

“I’ll be right back baby; I just need to do something. There’s someone I need to talk things through with, and I know it has to be done right now.”

“I know hun; just give me nod if you need me to come over for some help.” kissed her hair and saw her walking towards their friend. He knew she had to talk things through with him, hoping wouldn’t confess to still having feelings for her. Sighing, he noticed the looks their friends gave him.

“What’s on your mind ; why do you seem bothered about talking to ? They’ve been friends for a long time, nothing’s gonna happen.”

“You know how he was in love with her for a long time, and only married because only wanted a friendship?!”

“Yeah, what’s that got to do with it?”

“He’s still in love with her , he told me only a few moments ago. And I just hope he doesn’t ruin this night by telling her, because right now that’s too much for her to handle. She loves him as her friend, but if he had his way they would be more than friends. And I guess it scares me to think about, knowing that my friend and band mate wants my girlfriend. I’m scared of what happens when there is no more him and , I’m scared he’s gonna try and get with her again.”

“You don’t need to be scared of that mate; he would never take your girl away from you. No matter how much in love with her he is, she’s your girl and we don’t share girls anymore do we?! Just marry her quickly, and he will definitely stay away from her.” Hearing say all this, knew his worries were misplaced. He knew he was insecure with her, because she was everything he had ever dreamed of. She could melt him by just looking at him, and every time their eyes met he felt his soul open up to her. It scared him, but he knew that there were no other places he wanted to be but in her life.

Walking up towards , felt really nervous. She had a feeling that he still loved her, and that that was mostly the problem why he wasn’t keen on her and dating. To her, it came as a shock when first told her he loved her. According to the others, she had been the only person he had talked about and they all knew his feelings. But to her, it was not something she was prepared to hear. She had always had feelings for him, but to her wouldn’t be more than a great friend. He wasn’t the kind of guy she was looking for, and at first she didn’t even want a famous boyfriend. Now he was married to the “Witch of ”, and it broke her heart to see him being treated like this. started to look forward to that day when all the dirt on would come out, it would be tough for and his family but in the end it would be worth it. She knew that ’s brother didn’t know the kid was his, and it had for him only been a one off drunken night. She had been there herself, and she knew he had been too drunk to know who or where he was. And had taken advantage of that, and gotten pregnant on the way. Seeing smile at her, brought her back to reality. She needed to talk now, before she lost her courage and ran away.

“We need to talk ; can we go somewhere more private?” She whispered in his ear and noticed him nodding; he took her elbow and guided her to a more private place.

“What do you want to talk about hun?”

“I just want us to clean up the bad air that’s been between us tonight and for a while now. I can’t stand the hurt and frustration we’ve put each other through, you’re my oldest and best friend and I don’t wanna lose that. I know we have grown a bit away from each other, but I don’t want us to lose anymore contact from now on. I know you have doubts about me and , but I need you to know that this is what both of us want. I’ve never wanted a relationship with a guy, the way I want it with him. I just need you to respect that this is important to me; is the one I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know it might hurt you to hear this, but you need to understand where I come from in this. And you will never lose me, and our friendship with you; we will always be here for you. We care so much for you; you should know that by now.”

“I know hun, and I’m sorry for all the trouble and pain I’ve put you through. I’ve been scared of losing you, but all I’ve done lately is pushing you further away from me. When you told me you never would see me as anything else than a friend, you hurt my feelings. And seeing you this happy with tonight, it’s hurting me just as much. I wish it was me you were this happy with, and I know you knew that the minute you saw me today. I’ve never gotten over the feelings I have for you, and I feel by controlling who you date I’ve been close to you. But I can see now that it has hurt you more than I’ve been hurting. And lately, with you and getting closer, I’ve realised this day would come. I knew he would fall for you, how could he not. You’re the most amazing woman I know, and he would be crazy not to fall for you. But I feel hurt that you developed feelings for him, when you never did that towards me. That’s what’s been hurting, and that’s why I got upset and angry earlier.”

Tears were now falling from both and ’s eyes, as they hugged each other closely taking their friendship closer to where it once was. They knew they were close, but they also knew that one person would still try and break their friendship.

“I’m sorry for hurting you like this , but know that you will always have a special place in my heart and in my life. You are like a brother to me, I feel closer to you than to my own brother.”

“I know sweetheart, I know. Now tell me, what do you have on my wife?“

“What do you mean ?”

“The confrontation before we came on stage tonight, what was it about? I know she said something to you, but you obviously have something on her that I need to know about. So please tell me, I need to know what she’s hiding from me.”

“This is not the time or place to do this . Yes, I have something on her, but I don’t want to tell you here and now. We need to deal with this when the whole thing around and I are quiet. You will know in time, and I have the evidence so she will not get away with it.”

“Ok, I’ll just have to wait then. But it has to be big, since this isn’t the right place or time. I trust you ; I always have been and always will be. And I know trying to get me out of the relationship has something to do with you knowing her secrets. Come on hun; let’s go back to the others.”

“Yeah, I’ll just pop to the toilets to freshen up my make-up. Can’t let people see I’ve been crying you know, I can fix the black circles you got under your eyes.”

“Ok, hurry up then. will get suspicious you know, and she will make a drama out of this.” quickly put some powder under ’s eyes, and hurried off to the toilets. When walked back to the others, looked at him and noticed he had cried. As a close friend, he could always see when he had cried. And he figured the talk had been emotional, he just hoped his girlfriend wasn’t in a terrible state. Looking around for her, he noticed nodding towards the toilets. Excusing himself, walked towards the toilets and waited for his girl to come out. Two seconds after he got there, she came out smiling.

“Hey , what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be out there mingling?”

“Yeah, but I just wanted to see how you were doing, after the talk. gave me a nod towards here, and I decided to see how you are before you came to me.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate it.”

“I love you baby, are you sure you’re ok?”

“Yeah, I am. I think and I are getting our friendship back; it was just a bit emotional when we talked. But I’m fine, and the secrets will be out soon as well. He wants to know everything we know, which we will tell him when the time is right.”

“Good, now come here and let me kiss you.”

“There’s nothing else I want you to do handsome. I love you , although we’ve just started this I know that I love you. And I told that I’ve never wanted to be with someone, the way I wanna be with you.” Pulling her close, kissed ’s lips in a soft yet demanding way. God, he loved her and wanted to make all her dreams come true. He wanted to marry her and start a family; he wanted to grow old with her and love her for the rest of their lives. But right now, he wanted to get her out of this place and make love to her. He felt his trousers getting tighter, and from her gasping he figured also noticed it. Slipping his tongue inside her mouth, he could feel how his needs were starting to take control over the situation.

“Let’s get outta here baby, I need you so much right now.” He mumbled against her mouth.

, we can’t. We can’t just leave this party when it’s your launch, and we just came here two hours ago.”

“If I don’t have you soon, I’m gonna burst baby. You’re turning me on just by looking at me, and I don’t care about this party anymore. I just care about you and me, and the fact that I love you with all of my heart.”

With that, he grabbed ’s hand and led her out of the building. Hurrying to the car, he got them inside and told the driver to get them home to his place. He started kissing his girlfriend passionately, touching her and making her moan into his mouth. She pulled him closer to her, starting to unbutton his shirt. felt his body was about to explode; and he knew that if they didn’t stop now, he would have to take her right here in the car.

“Baby, we need to stop now. I’m so close to taking you right here and now, but I want to wait until we get home. I want our first time to be special, not a quick one in the car.” Just as he said that, the driver announced they had arrived at the house. thanked him, opened the door and quickly took his girlfriend out of the car.

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